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Philips GC3126 Iron

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    1 Review
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      01.10.2005 13:02
      Very helpful


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      Pleasurable ironing, quick and easy, no difficult cleaning required.

      I bought myself this Phillips steam iron after my old one kept blowing the electric to the house. Slightly serious I thought it's time I got a new iron, pronto!!!

      I will also basically describe the problems I had with my old heavy iron and I'm sure some of you will recognise similar problems. The opening for the filler was very small and it always spilt over resulting in a puff of steam and once filled, always leaked down the handle. I had to iron at full temperature all the time and you couldn't turn the steam off once you had filled the reservoir. Apart from blowing the electrics, nothing else!!!

      However, my new iron is amazing.

      UPDATE:- It appears I have missed out the cost so currently this iron can be found on Tesco's website at a cost of £36.95

      ***It features***

      The opening for filling the reservoir is nice and large and has a good fitting plug so there is no leakage by filling too quickly or otherwise.

      UNIQUE DRIP-STOP SYSTEM which basically stops the water dripping out of the sole plate should the temperature become too low. Great for ironing more delicate fabrics.

      Large reservoir tank holds 300 ml of water and included is an excellent little jug which shows the maximum amount with a spout for easier pouring.

      There is 4 settings on the steam from 0 (off) to 4 but I can usually manage most fabrics on setting 2 or 3 using 4 mainly for jeans and linens.

      There is an option for a VERTICAL SHOT OF STEAM if you wish to dampen fabrics first or a SHOT OF STEAM which can be used on temperatures between the 2 hotest for a quick puff of steam. This is good when there is a crease that is a bit stubborn or you have ironed in a crease like I often do!!!

      To clean the iron, there is an AUTOMATIC ANTI-CALC which is very simple to use. All you have to do is fill the reservoir to full, plug in the iron and set the temperature to maximum. When the iron reaches full temperature, unplug and hold down the CALC-CLEAN button shaking gently. Steam and boiling water including impurities and flakes will be flushed out. When the water has all been flushed through, release the CALC-CLEAN button and you're done. Easy.

      TEMPERATURES. There are four main settings for the temperature although they are not rigid, you can still set the temperature anywhere inbetween. Synthetic fabrics is the coolest, Silk, Wool, Cotton and Linen at the hotest.

      The FLEX which is a useful 2 metres in length, moves around through 360 degrees to allow for maximum manoeuvrability which is great when trying to get into awkward corners.

      The ANTI-SLIP HEEL DESIGN is also very useful as the iron can be stood on its end safely which is especially useful when ironing with steam as it temporarily stops the steam whilst stood on its end.

      I find this iron extremely easy to use and it is very fast. It is without doubt the best iron I have had to date.
      The sole plate has in all 63 jet holes for the steam and is very effiecient. It is a coated plate and moves very easily over fabrics. The irons I have had previously have always been stainless steel ones and I was unsure about the coated plates. Having tried one, they are just as good if not better at ironing.

      This iron the Phillips GC3126 is an excellent iron and is very comfortable to use. It weighs just 1.3 kg which is a lot lighter than my old iron. It almost and I stress almost, makes ironing a pleasure.

      Highly recommended, as to date, I can't think of anything to say to it's disadvantage except my constantly full washing basket.

      Ignore some of the star ratings below, as they simply don't fit for an iron.

      First written on Ciao using my other name Craggsy23


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