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Philips GC4711 Azur

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    1 Review
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      03.10.2010 11:33
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      I definitely recommend this iron!

      I've got a new iron and I am so happy! Well, I guess I am easily pleased but this iron is making my life so much easier and it's made me realise just how awful my old iron was. I used to work very hard at the ironing and yet I never seemed to be able to get rid of the creases entirely - but not any more! Not since taking delivery of my Philips GC4711/02 Azur steam iron. Now my husband and children leave the house actually looking cared for as this iron is so brilliant. That is why I am so happy!

      I bought the iron from Amazon for £44.99 although this was a reduced price and it normally sells for £60. This is probably the most money I have ever paid for an iron but I have slowly started to realise as I get older (and hopefully wiser) that you get what you pay for! My previous iron probably cost half that price but was probably half as effective too! Also, as I really wanted to make sure I was going to get good value I read the reviews on Amazon and they were really very positive. That was good enough for me so I bought it.

      On the box it states that the iron removes creases easily and it really does. I could not believe how easy it was too and I found that I was ironing with the minimum of effort. It has what is described as a SteamGlide soleplate. This is ceramic and makes the iron glide over material very smoothly. It also has a steam tip which makes it easier to get the steam to difficult parts such as the edges of pockets and buttons etc. I honestly can't believe how well it works and how good all our ironed clothes look as a result.

      One aspect that might not suit everyone is the size of the iron - it is pretty huge. When my daughters first saw it their first comments were 'Wow! What a big iron!' Because of this it is also pretty heavy and I am definitely aware of this fact whilst I am ironing. It will probably be too heavy for some people especially if they have problems lifting things. Apart from being on the heavy side though, it is easy to handle and it really glides across clothes.

      The amount of steam that the iron generates is amazing and as it has an extra large water tank you don't need to be continuously filling it up. You have plenty of water in order to either use the spray or steam functions. Also one of the things that I hated about my old iron was the way the water leaked on to the clothes. This doesn't happen with this iron as it has a drip stop system and it really seems to work. I have had no drips at all and I'm very pleased.

      The iron has the usual heat settings that you would expect and these are changed simply by turning a dial. You can also boost the steam or use it vertically on hanging clothes (I haven't actually tried this yet).

      Another very useful feature is the extra long power lead. The cord is actually 3 metres long which gives greater options about where you can position your ironing board.

      The iron is very easy to use but it does have an instruction booklet for anything that you can't work out. It also comes with a two year warranty just in case anything goes wrong (which hopefully it won't!)

      The iron is still available on Amazon for the discounted price of £44.99 (October 2010) but I'm sure that lots of other places sell it too. I would definitely recommend it for lovely ironed clothes and an easier life!


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    • Product Details

      Enjoy smooth effortless ironing with this SteamGlide soleplate / Its powerful steam and easy gliding make it the ideal combination to remove creases and get great results / The SteamGlide Plus soleplate gives you the perfect balance between gliding and stretching / for an excellent finish / A continuous steam output of 40g per minute will efficiently remove creases while a steam shot of up to 160g per minute will get rid of even the toughest creases / Reach tricky areas with the steam tip that's perfect for / Short name: Philips GC4711

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