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Polti Steam Press 2000

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    1 Review
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      06.10.2010 23:39
      Very helpful
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      Well worth buying if like me you have a lot of ironing

      There is a lot of ironing in our house! When I say a lot, I mean a lot. On average I would say I get anywhere between 4 and 6 hours of ironing a week. If I can find anything to make this job quicker or easier (or even both) then I will certainly give it a go.

      I first noticed steam presses when I saw one on a TV shopping channel. It looked really good and I could see how it might make my ironing a little easier. The only object was the price, as they don't come cheap. At the time when I brought it, it cost me just under £200.

      When I first got it home I had a bit of a practice and was looking forward to skimming some time off of my ironing each week. To start it up you just plug in to and make sure you've filled up the water tank. This is quite easy to do, its just a little draw that you pull out, fill up and then slide back in.

      Once its heated up and ready to go you just arrange the item on the bottom plate, pull down the lever at the front and wait for a few seconds.

      Another reason for me buying this is because I do suffer from back pain and ironing for over 4 hours can cause me to be in more pain. With a steam press you sit down for most of the time, so it was bound to be easier on my back.

      After using it for a couple of years now I have to say it is very good and does cut down the amount of time I have to iron for but quite a bit. On average I would say I now iron for more like 3-4 hours per week, which is a lot better.

      My only problems with this product are that you do have to replace the filters fairly regularly (whichn aren't exactley cheap) and the other thing I noticed is that I found it very very hard to press things like shirts as well as I could iron them.

      There are some items of clothing that I find impossible to press and have to iron them instead, so if you are thinking of buying a steam press, don't throw your iron away!

      It's very good for items such as bedding, towels and trousers. Basically anything flat and squarish. Fancy tops and things with pleats in are not so easy, so I do prefer to iron them. However I would not want to be without a steam press now and think they are absolutely worth every penny.


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