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Russell Hobbs 12379

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    1 Review
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      06.07.2009 17:59
      Very helpful



      Don't buy it, a complete waste of money.

      A year ago we were moving into our first home, so neither me or my husband had any kind of appliances, so we were on the hunt for all new stuff, but as a young couple we didn't have all that much to spend. When it came to an iron, it was something we had initially not really thought about, I'd never really ironed much, just ironing the odd top that needed it when I was about to wear it, and my husbands mum had done all of his ironing for him, so neither of us knew anything about them. So when we saw this one for £35 in Argos, we thought we'd get it as it was a reasonable price, but not so cheap you'd be worried about it not working.

      My husband wears shirt and pants for work, and so I was assigned the job of ironing lady (he had been so used to been mummied by his mum he expected it too...don't worry that changed after a good month or so!!!!!), so I started ironing all of his shirts and pants as soon as they came out of the machine.

      His shirts are "easy iron" apparently, but each shirt was taking me 20-30 minutes to do, and even then there were still small creases which wouldn't come out of the shirt even when steamed and watered and everything else under the sun. I thought it was me been a rubbish ironer, but after a while, I began to realise it wasn't me but the iron!

      No matter what you do, the iron does not iron clothes! I don't know why it is, I don't know if its that it doesn't get hot enough or if its the base of the iron or what, but it will NOT get the creases out of clothes! We were starting to think it was his shirts and pants which he got from work, until I went to my mums and used her iron which did them both perfectly. Turns out its just this rubbish iron!

      The iron is made by Russell Hobbs and so you'd think it was a good reputable make (WRONG! Lol).

      Its corded but the cord is quite long so you don't really need to worry about that.

      The iron has a steam function as well as a water squirter to "make ironing easier!", it also has a self clean function, which to be honest I don't understand!!!!

      There are 3 heat settings, 3 dots, 2 dots and 1 dot as on most irons.

      There isn't really much else I can say on this iron other than its really no good and if your looking for a cheapish iron, don't bother with this one!!! We're currently saving up to get a more expensive one as this one is absolutely terrible and my poor hubby ends up spending an hour ironing his trousers and still goes to work with creases!!!!


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      Short name: Russell Hobbs 12379

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