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Russell Hobbs 14722

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Brand: Russell Hobbs

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    1 Review
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      26.10.2010 18:03
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      The price reflects the product

      Ironing is one challenge I seriously hate and I know plenty of others who feel the same. I sometimes wonder why people spend a fortune on a new Iron which does very little in comparison to the cheaper alternatives.

      I went for the Russell Hobbs Steam Glide Iron and I liked the look of the item purely for the colour and price. The price I paid was £20 and this was a year ago.

      The item itself is white and aqua green type colour because the green is see through and this is throughout the Iron. You have the green in the centre which shows the volume of water you currently have inside the Iron and all the buttons are coloured green as well. The iron itself is quite good at laying flat but when you stand the item up vertical you are just asking for trouble.

      On several occasions on my very own ironing board this iron has fallen down from a vertical position when in theory it is meant to do nothing but remain there so that is one problem I have found.

      The Iron has 2400w and can store 350ml of water inside the tank. I have found the water usage pretty poor on this iron. When I am doing some of the more difficult items I use the water spray and it squirts more water then needed. I have found there is no visible way to reduce the amount of water which comes out so that is a slight issue.

      The range to which the water can reach is impressive and at times I do use it on other people as a water gun because it has such power and range. You have a good temperature control dial on the iron so if you are doing cotton or denim and you are not sure how to sort out a temperature you turn the dial to that item you are ironing and the temperature reduces or raises itself to iron that item accordingly so that is very good to have.

      When it comes to how quick the heat takes to form on the sole plate well this is around a minute once you have plugged the iron into the socket. You feel the product heating up and then 60 seconds later you have the odd hiss of steam showing up. The cord is quite short so you have to make sure you iron near a wall socket or buy an extension cable as it is extremely short.

      I think the grip on the iron is good because it makes you seem in control at all times but the cleaning on the sole plate is just pointless. I have got some black marks on my iron and not sure how this forms but it is impossible to remove this and I find this also marks some of the clothes I have got as well.

      In terms of what it can offer I feel it does iron products well but you need to be careful where you iron, how you position the product and how much water you are using, I think there is to many negatives to suggest to people this is a worthwhile investment.

      I should also point out that when you use this item and you have many creases in a product this iron does remove them but if you need water to help you out sometimes you end up soaking wet clothes which replace the creases.

      Overall for the price of £20 I paid it might be worth having if you live alone and want to use an iron quickly.


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      Short name: Russell Hobbs 14722

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