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Russell Hobbs 14733 Steamglide Pro

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    3 Reviews
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      16.06.2014 12:14
      Very helpful



      Too heavy

      I bought the Russell Hobbs Steamglide Pro a while ago. I'd been looking at it in Tesco but 45 pounds was more than I wanted to spend, so seeing it in B&M for 20 pounds I got one. I did look at it in store but getting it home I was surprised and disappointed with how big and heavy it was.

      The iron has all fancy features:

      (taken off the website)

      Ceramic soleplate,
      Dry / steam / spray & burst,
      Powerful vertical steam,
      Self cleaning function,
      Easy fill large 350ml transparent water tank,
      Variable steam,
      Vertical steam,
      2m power cord,
      Soft touch handle & dial,
      Anti-calcium function,
      40g continuous steam,
      95g shot of steam,
      2400 watts.

      The only feature that interested me was the ceramic plate and of course the high wattage, I figured the hotter the better.

      In use:

      There's a cover over the fill hole so it took me a minute to find where the water went....it holds a fair amount of water which is good that I don't have to keep filling it during the ironing, but bad that it makes the iron heavier than it already is. Once plugged in (with a short lead by the way) it heats up incredibly fast; it reaches it's hottest in minutes. Theres a dial to adjust the temperature but again it took me a bit of fiddling about with, it seems to turn anti clockwise but that might be just me. You can adjust the iron from steam to stream easily with a slider button on the top; there is also an extra steam button. I find the steam not constant, I have to move the iron about to make it do it- I'm not keen on the spray either. This iron says it will steam vertically which it does but it's awkward to hold up. During ironing even at it's hottest temperature, which is very hot, I find the iron spews and drips water onto the clothes, which annoys me especially as one of it's features is non drip.... During ironing the clothes smell like they're getting singed but fortunately they're not, it just smells like they are.

      It's not all bad though it is very good at getting creases out, the ceramic plate glides along with ease. One favourable thing about being large is a big surface area plate which irons a bigger area making it quicker to iron things. The self cleaning feature is handy as is the anti calcium.

      In conclusion I don't like this iron, it's too large I've never used such a big iron and it's taken a bit of getting used to. It''s heavy too, if I had problems with my wrists or something I wouldn't be able to use it.

      I'd give it 5 stars for ironing out creases but 2 for the awkwardness of it so 3 stars from me.


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      18.05.2011 19:26
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A ceramic iron with steam features

      When I first moved in to my rented apartment, the iron that was already was shockingly bad. I gave it my best shot when ironing my clothes but I think using my hand would have been more effective. And so, I decided to buy my own iron as an investment that I would take with me when I left.

      Assuming that all irons that are sold will actually iron clothing and not knowing too much about what functions make an iron superior, I made my decision purely on appearance and price.

      The Russell Hobbs Steamglide Professional Iron was a beautiful and eye catching hot pink colour mixed in with white detailing. The design was very streamlined and an overall unusual shape which I liked.

      The actual heated part of the oven is made using ceramic, the same material as the plates of GHD hair straighteners. This material can get super hot which means the iron will get hot enough to remove even stubborn creases quickly.

      Anything which cuts down on my ironing time is always welcomed by me as I am one of those disorganised people who tend to irons things in the morning about five minutes before I need to leave the house.

      The water tank of the iron is also pink but it's translucent so you can still see through it easily ensuring that you don't overfill it or run out of water. The tank itself holds 350ml of water which means you don't need to keep refilling it as that's a fairly large capacity. Another time saver!

      The hole to fill the iron is at the front of the iron and it is large enough to make it easy to pour in the water. The hole is covered by a tiny 'door' which clicks open and shut. I much prefer this design to the ones that you have to push into the hole as I can never get them to fit properly and water usually ends up coming back out and splashing my clothes.

      The handle of the iron is soft and so won't make your hand ache when ironing for extended periods of time. In order to release the steam, you need to push the steam button. The hot pink button can be found in front of the handle which is simple to reach while holding the iron.

      You can change the steam setting and the temperature setting according to what material you are ironing and how creased the item of clothing is. For the really creased items, this iron can release a 100g shot of steam which makes the process so much easier.

      The cord is just about long enough for me but I think it could do with being a little bit longer as it can sometimes make life difficult when ironing large items. If you are not able to get your ironing board fairly close to a plug socket then it may not be long enough for you. It weighs around 2.5KG so it's not the lightest iron in the world either.

      As this iron can release powerful shots of steam while in a vertical position, it can be used to remove creases from curtains without having to take them down and also to decrease the fabric on your furniture although I haven't yet used mine for this purpose so I can't comment on how well that works. It can also be used to dry iron. This iron is self cleaning and prevents any build up of limescale so it'll save you an extra job.

      I bought my iron from Amazon for around £25 which is an absolute bargain when you consider that the RRP is nearer to £50. It can be bought from many stores which sell electrical appliances including Argos and also from a variety of online websites and the price seems to vary dramatically so make sure you shop around. If pinks not your colour, then the iron is also available in the same design but where the pink has been replaced by black, green, blue and purple.

      All in all, apart from the cord, I have no complaints about this iron, especially when you take the price into consideration. The switches and buttons are all self explanatory and simple to use. It gets creases out of my clothes first time and without a fuss.

      The temperature goes high enough to remove difficult creases and low enough to be gentle on delicate materials. And it looks good too. It almost makes ironing a pleasure... but let's not get carried away!


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        19.04.2011 12:35
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Makes lights work of a boring chore

        Oh dear lord, ironing is the most despicable of all my housework chores. Boring, mundane and unavoidable, unless of course you prefer to opt for the wrinkly bottom effect on your garments which I can't say is a look I favour. My last iron was finally retired to landfill after a troubled life, finally refusing to heat up and so, not wishing to spend vast sums on a task I hold off completing for as long as humanly possible I opted for a fairly cheap model in the hope it would provide me at least a couple of years service. I purchased the steamglide pro early last year from Tesco for £14.98 although the price is slightly higher now (Argos £19.99, Comet £24.99, Robert Dyas £29.99 and Sainsbury's £50.00!?!) and can happily confirm my gamble paid off.

        The first, most notable feature (if you can call it such) is the hot pink colouring. An intellectual decision by the designers at Russell Hobbs to sum up the properties of ironing through colour stimulation? Maybe. Psychologically pink promotes emotional claustraphobia and over exposure to to the hue can be phsically draining (a plausable explanation for my lack of enthusiasm) but a more likely possibility was that they simply chose a colour that would have mass appeal and make the iron somehow appear "fun". They failed on the latter, but then they were fighting a losing battle with me on that one.

        Having only viewed a picture on the packaging I was expecting the iron to be quite bulky and cumbersome. What I actually found was the steamglide to have a smart, compact design measuring 32cm long (24cm of which pertains to the plate) x 13cm wide x 27xm deep (to the top of the handle). The iron is reasonably weighty, but a managable 3lbs. Light enough to be easily handled, heavy enough to provide ample weight when in use without the need of additional pressure. Most of the weight is situated at the base rather than dispersed accross the entire bottom which aids it's stability when in a vertical position, particularly useful when perched on my wobbly, almost antique ironing board.

        Heating up to maximum temperature in under a minute the powerful 2400 watt steamglide offers the choice of either variable or continual steam (40grams per minute) or of course can be used dry, although good, in my opinion not as effective as assistance with steam. My preference is to use continual for easier ironing and just opt for a blast on heavier fabrics that harbour more stubbon creases such as denim or thick cushion covers. The transparent water chamber has a maximum 350ml capacity but realistically should only be filled three quaters (perfectly adequate to cope with at the very least a large load of ironing even when set to continual steam) otherwise the steamglide expels water from it's lower extremities.

        Now, I find it particularly hard to get enthusiastic about ironing and any way of reducing the time it takes to complete will always arouse my interest. According to Russell Hobbs, the ceramic plate helps to disperse heat evenly across the entire underside which thus speeds the process of ironing and true to their word it does seem to work. It's apparent from first use that the steamglide makes light work of even the most stubbon creases. Just a simple guiding of the iron across fabrics once or a couple of times on more stubbon areas is enough to perfectly remove creases.

        Russell Hobbs have asserted a fair amount of attention to detail with this model ensuring features contribute to a greater ease of use in comparison to other irons (by which I really mean my previous iron). Designed with a chunky, ergonomically shaped handle which feels comfortable to hold with added soft padding (pink of course) to the top which assists for a firm grip. I actually brought a duplicate of this iron for my nan (in her 80's) as she suffers from rheumatism and found the iron easy to hold and control.

        All functions (noticeable because they're, yes, pink again) including steam and spary, quick press buttons on top of iron and variable steam settings located on a flick lever at the front are conveniently located at your fingertips allowing for full access whilst in use. The circular theromstat control offers a soft padding (yep, you guessed it, in pink) to the perimeter and has a click system that keeps the dial on your prefered setting as opposed to spinning if you accidently knock it with your fingers (a frustrating problem I endured with my previous iron). The steamglide does boast a few other superior features such as an anti calcium function which is designed to prevent a calcium build up from damaging the iron. It works to a certain degree but living in a severly hard water area I have still found that I needed to de-scale a couple of times in the past year. The steamglide also offers a self cleaning function. An easy enough process of filling the water chamber and setting the lever to clean and streaming the water whilst in a vertical position, aparently it should be done regularly. I've only bothered half a dozen times and it continues to work as reliably as it did on first use. For easy storage the cord wraps neatly around the underside thanks to a purpose molded arch.

        Of course the steamglide has a few minor problems and quite frankly, for the price ones that can be over looked but (for the prupose of this review not ignored). It's more an inconvenience, but at 2 meters in length, the power cord could do with being longer, another meter or so would do it (who says size doesnt matter?) and the symbols pertaining to the lever functions need to be any shade darker than silver (which is tricky to read on white plastic). One feature this iron does not have is an automatic cut off, a feature that most basic models offer. Dispite these little hiccups, the steamglide, 14733 to be specific has proved to be incredibly reliable. Has it slashed my ironing time in half? No, but it certainly has made the tedius task easier. Would I recommend it? Yes because I feel that for any price under £30 it's a good buy and well worth the money. If Russell Hobbs could "iron out" a few design flaws in the near future this could be a great iron.


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      • Product Details

        Russell Hobbs 2400w steamglide professional iron with ceramic soleplate / can be used dry / with steam or spray and burst and features verticle steam for refreshing hanging garments / Short name: Russell Hobbs 14733

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