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Russell Hobbs 14901 Steamglide

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    4 Reviews
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      07.03.2013 18:08
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      A fantastic iron which removes creases quickly and easily

      When I moved into my new flat, I needed to buy an iron of my own. I am not much of an ironer so I didn't want to spend a lot of money but I also wanted one that would do a good job when I did do the ironing. Based on price and some good reviews, I eventually chose the Russell Hobbs Steamglide Steam Iron from Argos. It was reduced to half price from £32.99 to £16.49 which seemed like a good deal to me.

      About the product (the boring bit!)
      The iron has a stainless steel base with button groves which promise to remove stubborn creases. It has a shot of steam of 90g/min and a capacity of 300ml. It has a water level indicator so you know how much water you are filling the product with. It weighs 1.1kg and has a soft grip handle so that it won't be dropped as well as having an anti drip function. It has a 2 metre cord it is self cleaning. It has a temperature ready indicator and variable and vertical steam.

      The iron is quite sleek in its design. It is white and purple and colour, and the purple part is slightly transparent in colour and it has a max marking so that you don't overfill the iron. The iron has a dial in the middle to adjust the temperature so you can change it according to what you are ironing. The top of the iron has one button to push to release steam and one to release a spritz of water. There is an iron button on the middle and a dial to twist at the top. If I am completely honest, I don't know what these buttons do because I'm not that into ironing so I just get the job done. The hole to fill the water is covered by a plastic flap and this flips open and closed. It looks lovely and expensive, and although I paid £16 for mine, it looks like it's worth much more.

      My experience
      The cord is said to be 2 metres long but it is naturally quite curly. You are going to need to be fully close to a socket when you use the iron and I could do with it being a little bit longer. The dial is simple to switch to turn up the temperature. The product glides over the clothes easily and the steam button is easy to reach and push while holding the iron. The iron is light to hold and even when you're doing a lot of ironing then it won't make your arm ache due to heaviness.

      I have used the iron for stubborn creases on my new curtains which has been folded in the packet and this iron worked a treat on them. By using the steam, the creases came out quickly and easily with minimum effort. Even when using the steam button, the water doesn't run out to quickly so you won't have to keep refilling the iron. A cute little plastic container is provided with the iron to help you fill it easily. It has a few more functions and buttons than I know how to use and with the excellent steam function, I would say that this would please even the more advancer ironer, instead of a novice like me!

      All in all, this is a fantastic iron which is light and simple to use. It removes even stubborn creases even with minimum effort and it has a very good steam function. I can't fault this iron, especially at the price at which I got it so I would happily recommend this one.


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      16.07.2012 23:44
      Very helpful



      You get what you pay for unfortunately

      This is our most recently purchased iron: The Russell Hobbs Steam Glide Iron - Model 14901. Our previous was a Tefal which we were not impressed with but the one before that was a wonderful Russell Hobbs digital Iron which prompted us to try the brand again. Not our best idea.

      Firstly, the overall look of the iron is fine in a snazzy white and purple design which we found appealing. The weight feels typical of an iron of this type. Slightly heavy on the wrists but I often think lighter irons feel flimsy.

      Controls were of the basic variety and include:

      * A Variable Steam switch (including self-clean option)
      * Shot of steam button
      * Water Spray button
      * Variable temperature dial with different heat settings.

      The water tank has a decent capacity so no need to be refilling all the time. Additionally, the power cord is of a good length which I do find important when ironing.

      Unfortunately this is really where the good points end. My main issues with this product include:

      * The steam shot feels weak even at its highest setting. Often, after pressing the steam button it can take up to a minute to build enough power to produce another shot of steam.
      * The water tank is purple making it difficult to see the water level meaning that it is easy to over or under-fill.
      * The iron's sole-plate has become blackened after only two months of use.
      I was really disappointed with the quality of the iron. We had thought we were getting a bargain as it was reduced from £50 to £25 but it feels more like a £15 iron.

      It also lacks features which we are used to having as standard on our irons including auto shut-off which turns off the iron after a period of inactivity and a temperature 'beep' that lets you know when the iron is at the correct temperature.

      Overall, not up to scratch for us.


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      04.01.2012 09:44


      • Reliability


      A good cheap iron.

      I don't understand why their is so many bad reviews for this iron. I found it to be a great product and does what any average person would want it to do. I would avoid buying anything cheap as i threw a Argos one away after a month due to its cheapness and how awful it was.

      Any Iron - what ever the price is a basic product consisting of the electric part and a hot iron plate. The only variable to consider is the wattage of the hot plate.. When my Argos iron started to throw the mains fuse i searched the shops and chatted to some sales people about the irons in the shop and i explained that i was happy to pay a higher price for a better quality iron and most of them directed me to this iron. And they said the main difference between this one and other branded ones was that your paying for the name. We checked all of the irons and they seemed similar to the Russell Hobbs one but were double the price.

      I eventually bought this iron from currys and im so far impressed. It has 2200 Watts and has a self clean part. Its non stick plate is also a very good addition to this product It really surprised me at the speed of heating up , i put the settings on maximum and within a few seconds it was ready to go. The steam function is so powerful it fogged up my glasses !

      Overall this is a great product for the price and i would recommend it over any other of these products that you pretty much just pay for the brand. It will suit the average home owner and does everything needed around the house.


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      09.03.2011 15:31
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      A good little iron from Russell Hobbs

      I have a press iron which I think is great and takes minutes to get the ironing done, but when it comes to shirts I find it a bit of a pain. So I went looking for a hand held iron for the shirts I have not used one in years so unsure what the prices would be or what type I was looking for really. It was only by chance that I saw a new model in Tesco which seemed to click all the boxes.

      Russell Hobbs Steam Glide Iron - Model 14901:

      My Findings:

      First off opening the box you get the iron, water tot with the maximum fill line so you know how much you're able to add at any one time. You also have your customer product registration/customer survey and if you complete it you're entered into a prize draw (you know your never going to win) for £20,000 and not forgetting your handy instruction guide.

      Lifting the iron from its box my first thought was this is a little heavy for an iron and when adding the water it is going to make it heavier. However as this is for just gliding over your clothes I didn't mind to much it is not like I'm going to hold it up all day long after all.

      Very easy to set up just add your water, plug your iron in and put it on the settings you require and away you go. The iron heats up rather fast so you're able to start your ironing in a matter of minutes. The power cord for this iron is not really very long but pretty much standard.


      * Vertical Steam
      * Self Clean
      * Anti-Scale
      * Anti-Drip
      * 350ml water tank
      * Power tip soleplate

      Within the few months I've had this iron I have to say I'm very pleased with my purchase; when ironing shirts I find it much easier and the iron glides like silk over your clothes. The handle is very easy to grip and doesn't slip from your grasp.

      On the iron you have two buttons along the handle one for water and one for steam; with the steam you also have a switch so you can have high steam, medium steam, low steam or no steam. When it comes to adding the water to your iron I find this a very simple process - while the iron is off fill your water tot with tap water or distilled water, flip open the water cover and pour. Once you have added your water close the flip lid and away you go.

      At the top of the handle you also have a temperature control switch which has a dot system, one dot is the lowest and three dots is the highest. If you're like me I need to follow the clothing labels as to what temperature I need and this iron gives me a handy guide to follow.

      One dot - nylon, acrylics and polyester
      Two dots - wool, polyester mixtures
      Three dots - cotton, linen, denim

      One of the features I do like with this iron is the self clean as this will help to keep my iron scale free and prolong its self (hopefully) When I use the self clean function I find its best done over a bowl or sink as the steam and water can make a little pool of water over the ironing board otherwise. Nice and easy you just fill the iron with water to its maximum turn the temperature and steam on full and when the thermostat light goes off press the self clean button of the side of the iron. You need to keep pushing down the self clean button until the water chamber is empty, once empty switch off and leave to cool once cool after about five minutes wipe any excess water that maybe on the iron. - Jobs done.

      When Ironing I find the harder parts are the sleeve cuffs, so what I do now is have the steam on medium and steam over the cuffs. The cuffs come up sharp and crease free, even around the buttons. Sometimes if there is a tough crease in a shirt (as some of Joes are a nightmare) I find it easy to press the spray water button over the crease then iron over. Now normally the crease is gone straight-away, but sometimes it may need another dose.

      As for the appearance of the iron so far I have only seen this in one colour design which is white and purple (just like the photo above) not really all that modern looking. For me I don't really mind what the iron looks like as long as it does a good job and this one certainly does.

      Price and Availability:

      This iron cost me £25.00 from Tesco's a few months back and has now even come down in price by a few pence.


      When Google'ing this for a price I found Tesco's to be the cheaper option, however there are many stores and online stores which stock this item.


      Very happy with my purchase and at £25.00 I think I had a bargain for its ease of use and handle. For me I can iron shirts much more effectively with the hand held iron more so than with the press iron. It looks nice and does a perfect job.

      Five out of five stars from me.

      Thanks for reading :o)

      Additional Information:

      * Power W 2400
      * Product Depth 30 cm
      * Product Height 16 cm
      * Product Width 14 cm


      ** Please note on the quick rating battery life doesnt apply as it doesnt use batteries **


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    • Product Details

      Short name: Russell Hobbs 14901

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