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Russell Hobbs 14991 Xpress

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    7 Reviews
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      28.11.2013 18:04
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Thanks for Reading :)

      The Price
      = = = = = =

      I purchased this Russell Hobbs Xpress iron from Homebase for around £20. It is available to buy from Amazon at the sale price of £16.99, from sellers on eBay for prices from £15. It is still available from many online stores, so it's worth looking around and comparing prices, as you never know what kind of bargain you can find.

      = = = = = = =

      * Automatic steam feature

      * Non-stick soleplate

      * Self clean

      * 2 m power cable

      * 250 ml water tank capacity

      = = = =

      When it comes to purchasing appliances, majority of the time I tend to go for well-known brands that are known for their quality products and Russell Hobbs was no exception. I own a few different Russell Hobb appliances and have been more than happy with them so why not add to the list and own another Russell Hobbs Iron!

      The one I own has a purple and white plastic finish, with white, coloured buttons and turning control wheel located under the handle as well as on the top of the handle. The Iron has a metal base which is also non stick. There are symbols located just above the plate that indicate some of the features the iron has, such as vertical steam, self clean, burst of steam, anti-drip, and non stick plate. The wavy colour scheme gives this a nice diagonal appearance that makes it look modern and stylish.

      = = = = = =

      The handle has a rubber cover that makes it nice and comfortable to grip onto while ironing, it is also very fairly lightweight and weighs approx 1.2kg which makes it even easier to use and glide over those creased clothes. This iron has a good size metal ironing plate which allows a larger surface area of clothing to be ironed at once, which is always a plus as means I can get the dreaded ironing done quicker. This is especially useful when ironing larger sized clothes such as my partners, as the larger iron plate is able to iron them pretty fast and well.

      The temperatures control button is located at the top and uses temperatures range from 1 to 3 which are clearly marked on the iron my three dots. The lower temperatures are for more delicate clothing, while the second option is for wool clothing and the third is for cotton and linen. This is all very handy features as you are clearly instructed by the user manual which number is best for which type of clothing etc.

      The self clean button is located at the bottom of the handle, and the steam and water dispenser buttons are positioned at the top. These are all very easy to get to and clearly labelled. The steam buttons allows the steam to either come out vertically or horizontally, which is useful depending on the item your ironing for example linen, bed sheets, dresses can all be steam iron accordingly. The water spray button works well and once triggered dispenses sprays of water on the desired clothing, it allows good control over the amount sprayed, and doesn't spray too much at a time. The anti drip feature works okay, however I do still notice water droplets dripping from the iron from time to time.

      The iron is well designed and is durable, we have been using this iron for a good few years and the metal plates hasn't got many scratches or noticeable damage despite frequent use. The iron still works great and manages to iron out creases brilliantly and quickly due to the steam options and good sized metal base.

      The water tank is easy to refill and has 250ml water tank capacity, and just requires the opening of a plastic cover and pouring in the measured water and the clearly marked levels make the job a lot more easier. Unlike my travel iron, the large capacity means I don't have to keep filling it up after every couple of irons, and instead last a good while.

      The power lead measures approx 2m long which is great length in my opinion, as it means I can be positioned a good distance from the plug mains and less restriction while ironing. If the 2 m length is a problem, then an extension plug socket should solve the issue. However I am more than happy with the length of the cord.

      = = = = = =

      Overall this is a great Iron from Russell Hobbs as it is comfortable to use, not too heavy, easy to set up and even easier to use. The price is also very reasonable, and therefore I would give this a full 5/5 rating.


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        23.11.2013 17:59
        Very helpful



        OK for short sharp blasts of ironing

        This iron retails for about £15 online, I'm pretty sure I bought it on sale in a supermarket for about £10 on offer. I was drawn to it by the brand name and bargain price. I HATE ironing, as such I have few items that need ironing. I have a bit of a cycle going where I wear something, wash it, it lives in the ironing pile for a few weeks and then I begrudgingly do a pile of ironing. I then get excited by clothes I haven't worn in a while, wear and wash them and then they live in the ironing pile for another few weeks. And repeat. I'm lucky in that I work for a charity with a casual dress code and my partner works from home, so we don't have loads of business wear to iron!

        The size and weight of this iron is fairly average, and it looks fun and sleek with the pink and white colouring. There's nothing particularly different about this iron - it has metal to the bottom and plastic detail to the rest of it. The water holder is see through so you can see how much water is in it, which is useful. I believe it had a small jug for water when I bought it but this has long since gone missing!

        The iron has a hatch for pouring water into it, an a dial to change the temperature. I've found the temperature to be perfectly adequate and I regularly change it for use between delicate items and thicker shirts. There are two buttons to the top of the iron for squirting water and using the steam function. I don't use these much but they are conveniently place and work well.

        The wire on this item is far too short for me. I've misplaced my tape measure at the moment so I can't measure it, but I find that if I iron standing up the wire just about reaches the ironing board and to the end of the board if it's plugged in right at my feet (please note - I'm 5'3"!) This means I can iron in the hallway but if I want to iron in the bedroom or living room I have to use an extension lead, which is an extra pain on top of having to iron in the first place! The wire is really flexible where it meets the iron, so it's easy to manoeuvre.

        However, my biggest issue with this iron is that after about 20 minutes of usage it starts leaking. The water seems to come out from the hatch, and I find that it drips down onto the hot iron but also across the handle and onto my hands and the electrical wire. This really worries me from a safety point of view so I end up turning it off. I have had this iron for around two years but it's done it since the beginning. I don't know if mine is faulty or if they're all like this, but it's not ideal. Even if there's only a dribble of water in the iron, it still leaks.

        This iron is ok for short sharp bursts of ironing (eg what happens in my household) but if you have lots of shirts and school uniforms to iron I wouldn't recommend it. The actual iron heats up quickly and gets to a good temperature. The gage works really well and the steam and squirt options are brilliant. There is also a 'self clean' button but I've never used this! However, the cord on this iron makes ironing difficult and uncomfortable, and the leaking is a real concern. I'd try a Russell Hobbs iron again as the bare bones are there, but I'd take it back if it leaked and I'd look for a longer cord. It does for my small amount of ironing but even I'm thinking of getting a new one soon as I'm worried about the leakage.


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        16.09.2013 11:13



        Nice to look at

        Il start it off by saying in all honesty i bought this iron because it was a well known brand, on offer in asda, and more importantly it was pink!! After my other iron stopped getting out my wrinkles i decided i needed a new one. It does just that.

        I have to go over clothes a few times to get them decent looking and takes quite a bit of effort. If i didnt use the steam button it would take me even longer. Using the steam button alot means adding more and more water which is a pain if youre in a hurry. Most of the time it has to be kept at full heat for it to do the job.

        The iron itself runs very smooth over the clothes which is great and has a lengthy cord.

        Buttons are easy to use most of the time but sometimes i find them clicking a sticking for a bit and i have to pull them back up which is obviously not supposed to happen.

        I feel this iron is not as hot as it is meant to be which means such a horrible chore takes up even more time!


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        04.04.2013 18:23
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A good, affordable iron

        We purchased the Russell Hobbs Express iron about 6 months ago after my husband broke the last one. I can't remember where we got it from, it will most likely have been a supermarket or Argos, I just had a quick Google and it's available now from Homebase for £20.

        One of the reasons I bought this iron was the colour, as sad as that is! Anything pink wins in my book. I'm not particularly knowledgeable or fussy when it comes to irons, I would usually go for a brand I've heard of and therefore trust as opposed one I haven't, I've used various Russell Hobbs products over the years and found them to be good value and reliable. Brand isn't the most important thing to me though; I would say price is so this was a good combination of all those things.

        This iron is pink and white with black parts and a dark grey plate, which is non-stick. The top of the handle is soft grip which means you've got good control of the iron when using it. It has variable temperature between 1 and 3. It has vertical and horizontal steam, which is handy for steaming curtains or dresses. It has a self-clean option and a non-drip feature but I haven't found that to work very well and I do get drips of water on things. It has two buttons on top, one for steam and one to spray water.

        The cord is 2m long which is quite handy as I like to use the iron in my right hand and my husband using his left, but because the cord is a decent length, it's not an issue and we don't need to mess about moving the ironing board around.

        The iron weighs 1.2kg which to a little weakling like me does seem a bit heavy, especially when you've just refilled the water but I guess it just means it's putting a decent amount of pressure on the clothes and I don't struggle handling it.

        My husband and I tend to iron a lot of our things on high unless very delicate and I'm surprised to see there is no marking on the base, our last iron had a silver plate and was all but burnt black by the time we had to get rid of it.

        Overall, I'm very happy with this product, it was really good value and is a good quality iron that I'm hoping will last us for many years to come (if I'm husband doesn't break it again) and let's face it, it's pretty 


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        17.10.2011 18:15
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Works extremely well for the money

        After dropping my old iron on the kitchen tiles thus rendering it inoperable i went for a basic Value Iron from Argos. Admitedly it was £3.99 and it worked.... for about a week. I decided to go to Asda and have a mooch for something of a reasonable quality and brand name for about £20.00 (i'm a bloke and these things don not come naturally). It must have been fate as this product was on offer for £17.00. I admit the snazzy pink detail was a bit off putting but for the price I jumped right in.
        Once home a tried it out on a few work shirts. The stainless base glides easily enough. It does not suffer that certain "stickiness" some non-stick coated ones get if they go too hot. Ergonomically it's very comfortable too. the cord is a reasonable length too which I find beneficial as too short could be hazarous.
        I did find when it was upright it did not seem to be too well balance. There is what can only be described as a small wing jutting out at the back to keep it steady but i didn't feel too confident at first. So far though, there have been no instances of the iron toppling. I would be wary if your ironing board is not that sturdy.
        The water reseviour is easy to fill and has a flap to stop it leaking, (the value range Argos iron was an open hole and water would slosh out when i used it).
        I have had a few irons over the years and one thing I found a little confusing at first is the steam button is on the right-hand side as you look down on it. To me it feels slightly unnatural (as a right handed person).
        I did a quick online price comparison and it should have retailed at about £39.00 (at the time of purchase mid 2010) I see it listed here sub £20.00 and for that price point I would certainly say that's fair.


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        28.05.2011 16:58
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        a great iron that makes ironing a breeze.. just make sure you're not wearing the clothes!

        I've been a bit of a walking disaster area recently. One of the older victims of my rampage was our last iron which I decided to set fire to. (don't ask, I haven't a clue how!)

        Anyway, after struggling for a little while with something that looked and claimed to be an iron but in reality I could have done it's job better with a rolling pin! I gave in and decided it was about time that I bought a new one. After seeing this Russell Hobbs iron for a reasonable price I picked it up and left with it.


        * Water tank capacity 250ml
        * Anti-drip
        * 2m power cord
        * Weight 1.1kg
        * Non-stick sole plate
        * Soft-grip handle
        * Variable steam
        * Vertical steam
        * Self-clean button
        * Rubber foot plate

        Out The Box

        In the box you get the water jug with markers to show the minimum and maximum fill, an instruction manual (why is it things fairly simple such as irons come with manuals, yet the new relatively complex smart phones rarely do?) and a rather securely fitted iron.

        I did have a bit of a problem detaching the iron from the box but with a bit of patience this shouldn't cause a problem, even for those with poor mobility.

        Aside from this there were no problems here and the box is only just big enough to fit the contents meaning no wastage.

        Using The Iron

        Now I know the most important factor to consider when using an iron is whether or not it works but I actually quite like the look of this iron. It's attractively coloured in white, pink and black without appearing overly feminine.

        On the top of the handle are the steam and water spray buttons, just to the left underneath the handle is the self-clean button and at the top of the handle is the temperature control.

        The temperature is shown by three dots. According to the instructions these indicate:

        *One dot for those materials that should have a cool iron such as nylon, acrylics and polyester.

        * Two dots for a warm iron such as wool and polyester mixes.

        * Three dots for a hot iron for materials such as cotton and linen.

        Steam is only produced in the hottest setting and there are three steam settings within this; indicated with pictures of small to large steam shots.

        The first thing I noticed when I removed the iron from the box is just how light it is. At 1.1KG it's not exactly the heaviest thing around but once water is added this increased the weight to a degree that it's heavy enough to iron the clothes without being too heavy to comfortably use.

        Adding water is also very easy. The water jug has markers which are easy to see even without my contacts in and these tell me the minimum and maximum amount of water to add. On the iron there is a plastic flap which lifts up to reveal the filling hole, the spout of the jug easily fits over this hole and the hole is large enough so that little to no water is spilt when filling. The flap can be slightly stiff to open but I actually prefer it like this as it means it's less likely to flip open itself when ironing (this has actually happened to me with a previous iron!)

        The power cord, being two metres long, is more then long enough for me as I tend to sit down and iron. However if you stand up then the cord will be on the short side and will probably either need a plug at waist height or an extension lead. The first time I plugged this in it smoked, a lot. I have to admit this did worry me as this is exactly what happened when I set fire to the other one but the instructions do say this may happen but will stop as the element cures and it did in fact stop after a couple of minutes so don't be concerned if this happens to you!

        The rubber handle makes the iron easy to grip and keep a hold of the rubber footplate designed to stop the iron slipping is a little hard for me to confirm the claims as I rarely leave the iron on its end anyway and I've never had problems with my previous irons slipping anyway; however I can confirm that the iron has never slipped or fallen over when I have left it on the end. The non-stick sole plate however does seem to work - the iron glides effortlessly over the clothes no matter what material it is and has never stuck. When moving the iron over the clothes it does appear very light, even when full with water, I'm not sure if this is due to the sole plate or the soft-grip handle but either way it makes for an easy ironing experience and it shouldn't cause a problem even for those with arthritis or poor mobility/muscle problems in their arms. The indent for buttons is also perfectly placed making ironing cuffs or between buttons on shirts extremely easy.

        As for the anti-drip feature this does appear to work well assuming you do the ironing starting with the clothes that need a cool iron and ending with those that need a hot iron - done like this I have never experienced any water dripping but if you start with a hot iron then turn the temperature down it will drip for approximately the next two clothes as the iron cools. This isn't a fault with the iron though more a problem with my organisation!

        The self-clean button is extremely useful and makes keeping the iron clean and scale free extremely easy. You simply need to fill up the water tank to the top and then turn the heat up to maximum then hold the iron over a bowl and press the self-clean button - the iron will then clean itself and work the water through its system into the bowl underneath. I do this about once a month and have so far not experienced any problems or scale build-up in the iron.

        I won't insult your intelligence by listing all the safety information given in the manual as it's pretty much self explanatory but I did find one part amusing "Do not iron clothes while they're being worn as you will burn or scald the wearer (this is not a joke - I actually saw someone doing this!)"

        Price, Availability And Recommendation

        I bought this iron from Dunelm for £19.95, it's also available from Amazon and other online stores for around the same price.

        I'm happy to give this iron the full 5 out of 5 stars and I have no problem in recommending this. It does the job it's supposed to and does it well. When I need to replace this iron I will be more then happy to replace it with the same make again.


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          17.11.2010 01:03
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Makes ironing effortless...... GREAT!

          After buying a new iron a few months back, I was less than impressed when it turned out to be possibly the worst iron I have ever bought, this was a Breville model that was awful.
          I was going to purchase this Russell Hobbs iron then but as the other was on a half price deal in Argos I went for that ....... it was £30 instead of £60 so I thought it would have been a good iron for the top price. How wrong was I!!!

          This Russell Hobbs iron however, is superb, it really is. It isn't the most heaviest iron but when the tank is filled with water it has a good weight to it then. It's really easy to use and glides across the surface of the clothes/bedding etc.. with ease. It is effortless ironing... well as effortless as it can be!

          It has an attractive look about it too and the pink colouring it has to it is pretty nice. Rather than the dial being in the usual place (underneath the handle part) it is placed on the front above the water filling bit. I quite like this as there's no risk of knocking the dial to a higher temperature and burning the clothes! It also has a good rubber foot on the bottom which stops the iron slipping when you place it down. It's a good sturdy iron with a good feel to it.

          It has two buttons on the top one for the water spray and the other for a shot of steam, both work adequetly and I have had no problem with it so far and I iron at least three times a week doing piles of laundry as I go along..... Might change it to ironing once a week and do one massive pile, but then again it could take way too long and as much as I love ironing I don't love being on my feet in one spot for four hours at a time lol!!

          It has automatic steam technology which allows the correct amount of steam to be generated depending on the temperature at which the iron is set.

          It also allows items to be ironed whilst hanging, such as curtains etc as it has a powerful vertical steam.

          Using this iron has definitely cut my ironing time down as it makes ironing easier, the way it glides effortlessly across the clothes is great.

          It has a non stick soleplate but it doesn't seem to be coated and this for me is a must as any other iron I have had that has been coated in non stick stuff has ended up getting all black and disgusting which then transfers onto the clothes which in turn ruins everything!!

          I bought this iron in Argos in a sale for about £12 but it's usual retail price is £19.99.

          The full list of features for this iron are as listed ~

          2000 watts.
          Steam output 30g/min.
          Shot of steam 90g/min.
          Capacity of water tank 250ml.
          2m power cord.
          Weight 1.1kg.
          Non-stick soleplate with button groove.
          Soft-grip handle.
          Cord storage.
          Uses tap water.
          Front fill.
          Water level indicator.
          Water spray.
          Variable steam.
          Vertical steam.
          Steam tip.

          Overall I am thrilled with this iron (yep, easily pleased me!!) not only does it look good it also works great!!
          What more do you want from an iron??!

          Compared to the pathetic excuse that was my old iron, this truly is the dogs ****!!!

          ~~~~At time of writing this (17/11/10) this iron is currently in Amazons autumn offer for just £13.74~~~~


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          Short name: Russell Hobbs 14991

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