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Russell Hobbs 17877

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    3 Reviews
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      12.11.2011 04:31
      Very helpful



      Good iron that heats up fast and irons well

      This iron for Russell Hobbs is different from others apparently. Different because it's easier to fill. All you have to do is click open the back turn it with the tip of the iron facing the ground and you can fill from the tap. I'm not comfortable putting an electrical appliance under a tap. If some spills on the side I worry that I'm going to be electrocuted. Why can't they make the water tank removable. Anyway this iron uses 2400 watts of power this is a bit more than some of the others in this range. Although it does have a longer cord length at 3 mitres while the others are only 2 and 2.5 so you win in some ways and not others.

      The main body of the iron is silver while the handle, front power light and water tank door are purple.
      The sole plate as they call it,is ceramic. This is the part that you iron with, the part that becomes hot. In fact it becomes hot very fast, much faster than my last iron. There are temperature and steam settings so you can adjust it for what you are ironing. Cooler for delicts, hotter for denim and more hard wearing fabrics.

      I have found this to be a good iron. The fact that it heats up so fast is a bonus. And the extra cord length means you don't have to stand right by the power outlet.
      It can be bought from Amazon.co.uk for £34.69 + shipping


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      07.08.2011 20:03
      Very helpful



      A top quality Iron

      The Russell Hobbs 17877 iron is a simple to use product that looks attractive and holds a large volume of water. I purchased the Iron for £39.99 from Amazon UK about 7 months ago and Iron has been serving me well.

      The iron looks very modern and attractive. The Iron has a ceramic dark coloured soleplate to the bottom of the product that has grooves in it. The body of the product is plastic, the bottom half is white whilst the top half of the product is a shiny purple colour. There are a variety of black and white plastic dials and buttons on the handle and under the handle. There is a red LED light on the handle which is visible when it lights up, at the front of the iron, is a purple piece of plastic with a hole in it, which is where the steam comes out from. The product has a long power cord positioned to the back of the iron which is black in colour. At the very back of the iron, is a purple funnel component. The iron body is quite large and can hold up to 400ml of water which is pretty big. The product weighs maybe about 1 to 1.5kgs which is sturdy but not too heavy.

      As mentioned the product at the back is shaped in that you can wrap the power cord round it for easy storage. The product features a purple funnel which allows you to fill the iron with water very easily and without much mess. The steam buttons can be set so they can spray a fine mist, or eject a more heavier load of steam in bursts. There is a red LED on the handle which tells you when your water level is getting low and the water tank itself lights up when in use. A measuring jug was also included in the box with the iron too, this was a nice touch but I mostly just fill the iron straight from the tap.

      So far the Iron has been very durable and been in use frequently over the months I've had it. I have experienced no problems with the product in terms of build quality, as the ceramic soleplate is sturdy and the buttons are all working fine. The funnel at the back hasn't broken or morphed in shape and the plastic main body of the iron is tough and solidly built. Both the LED red warning light on the handle and the water tank which lights up against the purple plastic, are still in good working order too. I've not experienced much problem with limescale/calcium build up either which I think may have something to do with the product having anti limescale functions on it too which I must say have helped. Overall I would say the product is very durable, it also came with a 12 month warranty which I have not had to use.

      I paid £39.99 for the product which is what you come to expect from a well established brand like Russell Hobbs. I find the price reasonable since it is a powerful steam iron but it is more expensive than the RH 15002 Digital advantage Iron which I've recently seen priced at only £23 or so. The RH 17877 is simple to use with the funnel system and the steam which comes out is powerful and gets rid of most creases easily. Overall, good quality product and it gets the ironing done easily, but you will pay premium prices because Russell Hobbs is such as well established brand in the UK.

      I didn't find many problems with the iron, except maybe the steam blast button is in quite a difficult position to press when you're ironing. It could maybe be redesigned so it's in a simpler place that can be pressed easy. Another thing was that I found certain clothes types occasionally dragged along and got caught on the ceramic soleplate. This may be down to my own ironing technique (which is far from perfect) but I expect others may have this difficulty too sometimes.

      ===Conclusion ===
      Overall, I am very happy with my RH 17877 easy fill iron. I like the modern appearance of the iron, the powercord is easily wrappable around the base, the funnel system is great if you're short of time and my clothes always come out to a good non creased condition with the powerful steam system. The steam blast button is in an awkward position and clothes sometimes drag against the soleplate, but these are only minor problems. For £39.99 you get a quality iron which gets clothes ironed to a good standard and the product is itself very durable and well built. I think this has been a good worthwhile investment and I would be pleased to recommend it to other consumers. Thanks for reading my review.

      © Revo9 (2011)
      *Note, I am both a member of Ciao and Dooyoo.co.uk under the same username of Revo9*


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        17.01.2011 19:25
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Iron which removes creases easily

        It's hard to know where to start with so many different varieties of makes, models as well as colours when choosing an iron. I was offered the Russell Hobbs 17877 and comparing its specifications with our previous cheap Sainsbury's model, I wanted to see how this would compare and if it would be worth spending a little extra as at over £40, this isn't the cheapest iron around.

        The packaging makes this model look dark and mysterious with deep purple colouring although it looks a lot brighter in real life. It's bold and very study which leads me onto the first flaw - its weight. It's heavy. It's far heavier than any other iron I've used at just over 1.45kg and that's before adding any water (with a 400ml tank it can get very heavy). With continual use this isn't such a big issue as you do get used to it.

        Ceramic soleplate with steam tip
        Dry/Steam/Spray & burst
        Vertical steam
        Soft touch handle & dial
        Self clean
        Anti drip
        Anti scale
        3m cord
        Unique funnel
        Illuminated 400ml water tank
        40g continuous steam
        100g shot of steam

        The three metre cord is long enough to reach the far end of the ironing board easily with the socket at one end. It's definitely a bonus having a little extra length onto the base so the cord can wrap around below the handle and plate with clip so it's secure making storage easy. Rather than the cord coming straight from the iron with no flexibility, it's on a roller ball. When I first started using it, there wasn't much give in the strengthened part so it would get in the way but with wrapping it regularly round the base this has curled slightly making it less likely to hit my wrist when in use. Although the cord is thick, the material of it doesn't mould it so it hasn't become twisted and is still quite straight when unwound.

        One of the unique features of this iron is the easy fill. Turning the iron so it's base up and pressing the button on the handle opens the funnel so you can easily fill it straight from the tap or the provided jug. This funnel on the base is wide so you don't have to be too accurate when filling it unlike other irons although it is a little hard to see how full it's getting. The provided jug makes it easier with 300ml, 350ml and 400ml markings. I usually give the base a quick dab with a towel as there is a little excess water which gathers but you can actually turn this iron any way with absolutely no drips at all whereas some which fill from the front can spill if tipping them forward. Likewise with emptying it, just keeping it upright and pressing the button will open the funnel and the water will come out.

        The only downside I can find with easy fill is because there is a large 400ml tank which makes it heavy when filled full; if you do have a large load of ironing to do it can be better to fill nearer capacity. If you do have to keep refilling it, it's not ideal having to hold it upside down rather than placing the hot tip on the ironing board for extra support. On the plus side, if you do keep refilling it, it doesn't take long to reheat and it is unlikely to slip out your hand with the soft rubber handle.

        At 2400W this iron heats up quickly producing plenty of steam to shorten the length of time it takes to get rid of those creases. The continual steam at 40g is higher than some other models and with a 100g shot of steam is great on stubborn creases. Vertical steaming for curtains or clothing on hangers is easy although I wouldn't advise filling the water tank up too much to save on weight. The large soft rubber handle makes it far easier to grip but I find with vertical steaming I tend to hit my finger off the steam/dry slide button although not managed to push it onto dry iron. I prefer our old Sainsbury's iron in this case because the slide is on the handle so it's not going to get knocked.

        In addition there's a ceramic soleplate which is said to heat evenly, glide easily, is non-stick, tough and durable. Having used this iron regularly for the last 8 months the soleplate hasn't shown any signs of wear. Although it does glide easily, because of its weight it does feel as if it takes a little extra effort than some of the lightweight irons I've used but it does get creases out quickly so it evens out when the length of time required to iron clothing is shorter. The plate is a bit bigger than our previous iron so it's also covering a wider area with the 37 holes in the vents to steam well and point on the plate to get into ensure every nook can be reached.

        The novelty part of this iron is the fact the body and the base lights up. Rather than it being purple, it's actually blue. It makes it far easier to see how much water there is in the tank. As well as the internal light, there's the red light on the handle just below the spray and shot of steam buttons so you can tell when it's heated up. This light doesn't stay on long as it does heat quickly but the internal light doesn't switch off so it's obvious to see when the power is on.

        Although we've hardly had to clean our iron, this will vary depending on the water area you are in. Ours is soft but for hard water areas they recommend using distilled water rather than straight from the tap. There is anti-scale which will help prevent build up. The 8 page booklet provides more information on cleaning as well as the different functions of the iron which is easy to follow.

        If you don't mind the weight, then I'd have to say this is definitely a reliable and durable iron that is worth spending a bit more on. You may also want to consider which water area you are in though. It powers through the ironing quickly without having to go over the same creases and provides a more powerful burst and continual steam than some other models, heating up quickly which helps if you're in a rush. Easy fill is one of the best features and with high quality build and soleplate, it is going to last. Plus it has a pretty blue light. Unfortunately there's nothing that will make the task any more enjoyable.


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