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Russell Hobbs 18651

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    2 Reviews
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      30.10.2013 00:03
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      Good iron, does the job, but would be easier with a longer cord

      OK, don't laugh, but this was an anniversary present from my husband! He is a practical, rather than romantic type, but unlike most men he obviously listens, as I had spent months swearing and my age-old morphy richards iron! And so he decided to make life easier for me, aw bless!

      I must admit I was actually thrilled with my gift, I would like to say I was so excited that I ran straight to the waiting pile of clothing ... but not even I am quite that sad! But I did get it out of the box, and comment on the lovely purple colour, and how comfortable the handle felt!

      The following day I did get to try out my new toy, and I was very impressed! Firstly, the filling hole was large enough that I didn't spill a drop of my lovely scented water, and the transparent water tank meant I was easily able to see when I had reached the maximum fill line. It was very quick to reach temperature, this again was easily identifiable with the temperature ready light. The dial is in the centre of the iron, underneath the handle. Whilst the dial and controls are easily identifiable, and fool-proof to use, you do have to be careful when picking up the iron, as your fingers can accidentally nudge the dial. The soft touch handle is indeed comfortable to hold, and the average weight of this iron also helps make ironing just that bit easier!

      The iron gives out 35g of continuous steam, or you can press the boost button for a 90g shot! I find I rarely need to use the extra boost, as the steam outlet is ample for even denim wear. The extra burst is however very good for those stubborn creases. There is also n anti-drip feature, although I still find that if I fill over about 3/4 of the tank, I do get a few drips when I first stand the iron upright.

      The 2400w power is ample to give a good performing iron, it keeps its temperature well, and there is very little waiting for it to reach optimal temperature between functions. The lead, however, is probably the major downfall of the 18651 steam glider. At just 2 metre in length it really doesn't allow for much manoeuvrability. I used to enjoy ironing in the conservatory, over looking the garden, but the short cord length meant I either needed to re arrange furniture, or trail an extension lead. So, I now iron in the kitchen or lounge. Not a real issue, but one of those little niggles!

      The iron has a very pointed top to the hot-plate, this is very useful for shirt collars, a little luxury I never knew I needed! The self cleaning function is said to protect the iron from scale damage, and my iron is certainly still looking as good as new, however, I always clean the plate between sessions, so I cant actually say the function is working!

      To end, I do like this iron, it is certainly a massive improvement on my last model. It does the job with ease, and I would recommend to others. However, I feel the short cord, and position of the dial let it down slightly. I am still waiting for someone to invent a remote-control model that does the ironing for you .. now that would be a 5* review!

      Dry / Steam / Spray and burst
      35g continuous steam & 90g shot of steam
      Stainless Steel soleplate
      Powerful vertical steam
      Self cleaning function to protect the iron from scale damage
      Soft touch handle and dial
      Temperature ready light
      300ml transparent water tank
      Variable steam
      2m power cord
      Anti drip function


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        12.01.2013 16:25
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        a great priced little iron

        == Russell Hobbs 18651 Steamglide Iron==

        I tend to try and do as little ironing as possible and it is mainly the other half that irons his shirts for work where the iron gets used the most. So when I finally got around to needing the iron it just happened that clouds of black smoke appeared from it and I was unable to iron my trousers. So off to Argos we went to purchase a new one.

        This Russell Hobbs Steam Glide Iron was (and still is as of Jan 2013) on a half price offer in Argos and cost a good price of £16.49 but would usually retail for £32.99 so this seemed like the best choice at the time of purchasing. Of course one draw back when buying through Argos is that you can't pick up the product and I always felt that a heavy iron was always a better one.

        The iron isn't particularly macho and seeing how the man of the house uses it the most I thought the colours of the iron would have put him off it but he didn't seem to mind in the least mainly due to the fact that it did actually work a whole lot better than our last iron which was clearly on the way out for some time before it started smoking.

        This Russell Hobbs iron boasts a powerful 2400 watts when using and I must say that you can really notice this power when using it. It takes no time at all to heat up to the hottest temperature and although it is not the most weightiest of irons at 1.1 kg this weight combined with the high power outage of the product make it a really easy iron to use and thus it makes ironing far easier and a lot quicker to do as well.

        The iron needs a fair bit of water because of the powerful steam function that it has and although filling it up is easily done by the little area on the front of the iron this seems like it needs doing a lot more than our previous iron but the on board tank that the iron has still holds a fairly decent amount of 300 ml. The water will be used quickly especially when using the steam shooter button which does what it says basically and when pressed will shoot a really quite powerful burst of steam from the bottom plate of the iron. This will not only make the creases disappear quicker from the clothes but give you a mini facial at the same time!

        The bottom plate of the iron is of course, like most irons, make of stainless steel and this means that the iron glides easily across all different types of clothing and materials. So far it hasn't needed any sort of cleaning although there is the build in self cleaning that the iron boasts which consists of a little button which needs pressing for the water to clear out of the holes on the bottom plate.

        The power cable of this iron is a good length at 2 meters and the plug we always use when standing in the front room to do the ironing is of easy reach whilst still leaving plenty of excess to be able to move the iron across the ironing board without any pulling of any sort.

        So far there has been no excess leakage of water onto the clothes which is what our previous iron seemed to do as soon as we purchased it and eventually this water turned a mucky brown colour and would ruin the old man's white shirts (always when they were nearly completely ironed). The iron is super hot and super efficient and I can't find a single fault with it. I can't believe that we lasted so long with our old iron which clearly wasn't up to the job when comparing it to this iron. Doing any ironing, even the most creased items, is a far easier job now with this powerful little iron and it nearly makes it a pleasure to use.

        I think this iron is a super bargain at this price and even at full price I don't think I would have felt hard done by. It looks stylish and is relatively lightweight whilst still being able to do the toughest jobs quickly and easily so for that reason I feel that a top score of 5 out of 5 stars and a high recommendation is well deserved. If you are thinking of getting an iron then now is the time to do it whilst this one is on offer and if you buy this I don't think you will be at all dissapointed.

        Many thanks for taking the time to read.

        I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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      • Product Details

        Cut through creases with the Russell Hobbs 18651 Steamglide iron / Putting 2400W of easy-ironing bliss at your fingertips it features a stainless steel soleplate soft-grip handle variable steam and a generous 300ml water tank for longer ironing before you need to refill / Short name: Russell Hobbs 18651

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