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Russell Hobbs 15081 Steamglide

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    3 Reviews
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      27.02.2014 18:21
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A really good value and quality iron for not a lot of money

      I seem to spend half my life ironing not only my own clothes but also the rest of my family's too as I do not think my husband even knows what an iron actually is or if he does I don't think he knows where we keep ours.

      I have had my Russell Hobbs iron for years and it is still going strong even after being used thousands of times. It wasn't very expensive when I bought it and you can still pick one up for around about £20 if you look about and I think this is a good price for it.

      The iron is a nice size and it has such a comfortable handle that is easy to grip which is important when you are going to be using it for marathon ironing sessions. It also has a decent flex cable which was something that was a must when I was looking for one as I hate when I am ironing and the cable can't reach to the end of the ironing board.

      It is easy to fill up with water and it doesn't drip everywhere which was a big bug bear with the iron that I had before this one as the water would drip out of it when I was ironing and it really used to irritate me a lot.

      There is a steam function and a water mist function and these are both really good. The steam comes out really powerfully and works wonders at getting creases out of fabric. The only problem with this powerful steam function is that it does use a lot of water and I am forever having to fill it up again.

      The bottom of the iron is ceramic and this is much better than a plain metal one at helping it just glide over clothing and stopping it from sticking. I find that ironing is made much less of a chore when using this as it makes it really quick and easy to do a big pile of laundry.

      There is a an adjustable dial for the heat settings which tells you what one is for specific fabrics so there is one for cotton, one for linen etc. these work well and I haven't burnt anything so far when I have the heat adjusted to the right temperature for the right fabric.

      This is a really good iron that has been used by me literally thousands of times since I have owned it and I have never regretted buying this make and model.


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      19.09.2013 23:29
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      High performing iron, good iron for the price.Hope this iron will remain my friend for many years.


      My iron recently packed up so I had to get a replacement quickly as I can't do without one. Sad as it might sound, I am extremely fussy with the condition of the clothes I wear and I can't stand creases on my clothes. I therefore have to iron most of my clothes, but mainly those which need ironing. When our former iron packed, we used my daughter's typically student sized iron but it was a non starter so I asked my husband to get one on his way from work and should say his choice took me by surprise, he brought an iron much dearer than I was expecting --- Russell Hobbs Steam Glide (Model 15081). My husband does iron once in a while so my guess is that he was considering something he will feel comfortable using as well. By the way, I do not have a dryer.


      ~Packaging and Visibility~

      The iron comes in a predominantly card board box with large pictures of the iron in its real colours clearly visible on two sides of the box and several pictures which highlight the amazing features of this iron printed on every side and right round the box except on the bottom side. The brand logo "Russell Hobbs" and the marketing trade mark phrase "Steam Gliding" printed in big clear print. Inside the box you find the iron, the water jug, the instruction booklet which is in English and packaging material to hold the iron in place in the box. As a product on the market, it does stand out on the shop shelves and you can't miss it.

      ~Description and appearance~

      The iron is generally a steam iron with added features to make it unique. It is blue, white and grey colours. The main body is blue and white, with a grey ceramic soleplate and a striped grey and white power cable.

      The brand logo Russell Hobs is clearly visible on both sides of the iron, more towards the bottom part on the heel and the "Steamglide" trade mark is printed slightly above the logo.

      The iron is quite study, just an ideal weight for an iron. It is quite trendy and definitely fits in with the current generation. I know one might say looks on an iron are not that critical but it has to be something I will like to be associated with when using. It is not too heavy at all to move around. It had a fairly flat end which allows it to sit steadily when left upright position.

      ~The cable~

      The cord is fairly long, ~ 200 cm and wraps around the base of the iron which also makes it look neat and tidy when not in use. Just ensure the iron is cold before you do this. .

      ~The handle~

      The reasonably wide and looks good as well as being easy to grip. The top part of the handle is made of soft plastic for easy comfortably grip during ironing.

      ~Operation features~

      -3 temperature control settings operated by using the temperature control button:
      Hot (maximum)

      -Two steam control settings operated by the steam control knob:
      No steam
      High steam

      -Three steam spray mechanisms
      No steam for dry ironing
      Vertical steaming from the steam vents located on the bottom of the iron along the soleplate
      Horizontal steaming from the spray nozzle vent

      ~Other features as listed by the manufacturer~

      -Dry / Steam/ Spray & burst
      -Powerful vertical steam
      -Self cleaning function
      -Easy fill 350ml water tank
      -Variable steam
      -Vertical steam
      -Soft touch handle & dial
      -2 m cord
      -2400 watts
      -Ceramic soleplate


      ~My wish list for an ideal iron~

      Light weight to carry and use: Generally a heavy iron should ideally work quite well in smoothing out creases but for health reasons an iron that's not too heavy as this can strain the hand.

      The sole plate - this is the bottom bit is the one which does most of the job. It has to be wide and smooth and preferably ceramic. The wider it is the better as you only need a few moves over any garment and it's done, rather than going over a garment over and over again.

      Reasonably long cable and flexible as well so avoid the irritation of tangling cable whilst ironing.

      Easy to use and reachable control knobs for easy adjusting whilst ironing.

      Reasonably priced and within my budget normally around £20 to £25 but I would normally also be on the lookout for sales and offers.

      I would buy any iron irrespective of brand if it meets my requirements but also cautious to check for well known and respected brands.

      ~Use of the iron~

      The iron comes already assembled and ready for use. If you have used other steam irons before, this is not very different and the symbols on the irons are mostly self explanatory. If not then I would recommend taking a bit of time to go through the instruction manual.

      Before use, you just have to remove additional protection like the paper sleeve which protects the soleplate and the diagram paper attached to the 3 pin plug.

      The control knobs on the iron are with easy reach and do what you expect them to do as indicated by the symbols. The dial temperature control knob works well and is easy to turn from one position to another without sticking. It clicks when you dial and reach a marked temperature position and activates the thermostat to regulate temperature at the required position.

      ~The guzzling and puffing power ~

      The water tank opening is located in an ideal position, in the front of the iron and is large enough to allow you to pour water without unnecessary spillage. It is best to fill in the water using the jug provided rather than take the iron to a tap of water. Avoid this as this is dangerous especially if water gets in places it is not supposed to. The tank holds ~350 ml. It is recommended that you fill in the tank when the iron is switched off and on dry function. How much the iron will guzzle the water and how many times you refill the tank will depend on what you are ironing. I tend to find that I use steam ironing and the shot of steam function when ironing cotton garments and linen which need high temperatures. When I do my weekly or fortnightly iron, I tend to have a lot so I always keep my kitchen jug full of water close by. I pour the water into the iron jug for pouring into the iron as and when required. This saves me several trips to the tap to refill the small jug which come with the iron. I find steam ironing quite easy and ideal as it helps to smooth out the creases.

      How often you refill the water tank depends on the type of clothes you iron. If you are ironing cottons which need high temperature and continuous steaming, then you will need to refill more often.

      ~Broad, flat and smooth bottom is good~

      The ceramic soleplate is large and has a nice smooth finish which makes the gliding easier whilst it is doing its job. A few swift manoeuvres over on the garment with very little effort, and the job is done minimising ironing time and stress to me doing the ironing. As you will know, it's easier to start on a lower temperature and increase as you go because irons take a long while to cool.

      ~Long and flexible cable~

      The iron cable is fairly long ~ 2 metres long and fairly flexible through the 360degree rotation. Despite the length, the cable is still not long enough for me. I don't like being tucked away in a corner or in solitude when doing my ironing. I prefer to be in my living room watching one of my favourite DVDs whilst ironing or interacting with the rest of the family. This way the ironing becomes more bearable. Unfortunately the power plugs in my lounge are a bit hidden so I usually use an extension cable to give me some flexibility. Whilst ironing, it is wise to avoid over twisting the cable and checking once in awhile for twisting which can be damaging to the iron.


      Currys: £19.99
      Robert Dyas: was £39.99 but now £19.99
      Tesco direct: was £40.00 but now £17.50
      Debenhams £23.00

      Although my husband didn't tell me where he bought the iron, I suspect it's either from Robert Dyas or Tesco as he usually visits these shops.


      Before ironing and to avoid damaging your garments, always refer to the garment textile care symbols which always come attached to garments to determine if the garment should be ironed, if so the use the recommended temperature for ironing. I normally sort my laundry as this makes my ironing chore swift and less stressful.

      When ironing, I always start with the low temperature setting and iron garments in that order whilst adjusting the temperature upwards as you go. The iron heats up quickly, which is good to avoid wasting time. Steaming is mainly recommended at the high temperature setting. Compared to heating up, it takes a bit longer for the iron to cool down, hence wasting time if you jump from one temperature extreme to another. Random switching from one temperature extreme to another can damage garments and is also a waste of electricity so costing money. I usually find that a cool iron is usually sufficient enough for most general ironing.

      I normally do the self clean exercise at least once a week just to reduce lime scale build up.


      When not in use, ensure that the iron is sitting securely in its resting position. The iron comes with a protective thermal 13A fuse which will blow if it overheats. Although the instructions say children from 8 years can use the iron with supervision, personally, my opinion is that it is too early considering the risk involved. For me I would say maybe from 10 years onwards.


      A high performing iron, good iron for the price. I just hope this iron will remain my friend for many years to come.

      Thank you for reading and rating!

      hildah11: September 2013


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        23.07.2013 16:33
        Very helpful



        A durable iron that works well

        The iron

        We have seven people in total in our household, which usually means at least twice a day I find myself putting another wash on. Of course all of these clothes need ironing and while it is a task I hate it has to be done. After my last iron went to electrical heaven I started to look for a new one. I came across this reduced on Amazon to £14 and decided this was the one for me. To be honest the long list of promises and small price swayed me towards this one. It has an apparent retail of around £40 on Amazon, but searching the web you are more likely to find it for around £20.

        It is just a standard iron and looks attractive enough with its blue and white design. It is a good size but not overly large. There is a rubber area on the handle so you can hold the iron firmly and comfortably for long periods of time. A light indicates when the iron is at the correct temperature and there is also a clicking noise which lets you know when the iron is ready to use. It has a temperature dial under the handle that is easy to use, and clearly displays where on the dial it needs to be turned to for the different materials. Of course there is also steam control which works well depending on how much or little steam you need.

        In use

        What I love about this iron is how lightweight it is. As I have to sit for hours at a time trying to make my way through the never ending basket I do not want something that is bulky and difficult to move around. This iron is a great size for getting through the clothes quickly, but it is still not overly heavy that my arms hurt after holding it for long periods. It is also the perfect size to iron with ease. The large body works on clothes quickly but is not too large I cannot get to corners and more difficult buttoned areas. The tip of the iron makes a small task of small areas and it really is easy to get creases out quickly.

        The cord is a little short for my liking. I like to set my ironing board up in the kitchen looking out onto the garden so I can get it done while the children are playing. My plug sockets are all hidden behind appliances, and this 2m cord is only just long enough for me to use. It is a little shorter than I would have liked, but it is still completely usable as long as you can place your board next to a plug socket. The other disadvantage for me is how small the water compartment is. I find I have to have a jug of water next to me to continue to fill the iron as I go along as it really seems to drink water. This is mainly because the reservoir for it is just so low and you do have to keep filling regularly for it be working at its best.

        An advantage to the iron is it does not spit water everywhere even when filled to the max line. It glides across clothes easily and only dispenses water while using the spray button. It also has a self clean design to keep the iron working efficiently and again this is very simple to do and only takes a few minutes. It has an anti stick plate which I have found to work well. It glides across clothes easily and I have never had a problem with it scorching clothes or sticking in any way at all. I can iron something on a high heat, and then turn the dial down for something more delicate, and it is at the correct temperature really quickly.

        Most importantly of course is how it works as an iron. It glides across clothes easily, and removes creases with minimal effort. There are times I need to run the iron over a crease a few times, but mostly it only takes going over an area once for it to be ironed. While I still hate ironing this at least makes a bad job a little better. I'm not one for anything fancy and prefer a simple design. It heats up quickly and irons well without any need for numerous settings or buttons. It cools down again quickly so there is no waiting around between items and I can get it all put away as soon as I am finished. It is a simple iron for a simple person. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is on a budget, but wants a lightweight iron that will last.


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      • Product Details

        The Russell Hobbs Steamglide 15081 Steam Iron is a ceramic soleplate iron that has a 2400W power output to make ironing an effortless task / This steam iron has a 35g/min steam function that helps you ease through the creases / It also has a 95g/min steam shot to get through tough creases on clothes straight out the dryer / A water spray is also useful to iron around collars or buttons / The blue and white Russell Hobbs Steamglide 15081 Steam Iron has an anti-scale system and a self-cleaning feature that helps keep the unit clean and well-maintained / A non-drip system and the 2 metre cable length adds to its functionality / Short name: Russell Hobbs 15081

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