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Sainsbury's 2000W

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Brand: Sainsbury's

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    1 Review
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      11.02.2013 11:10
      Very helpful



      A good value iron.

      An iron is a bit of a household essential unless you buy all iron free materials as my mam does but then she still irons them. I do in general like to look pressed and as a nurse it is professional to look clean and smart. I do not buy the expensive designer irons as a general rule and tend to opt for the supermarket types; I had my Tesco blue and white iron for about 3 years until my partner burnt some material to the bottom. Time for a new iron so began the supermarket search.

      I came across the Sainsburys's 2000W purple and white steam iron while shopping and could not resist the £9.97 price tag. If you buy the iron before 14/02/13 it has 20% off.

      The iron was nicely boxed keeping it secure and comes with an additional water beaker to aid filling the tank with ironing water. Regardless of having a beaker or a large funnel I still think I would end up pouring the water all over the floor as the flip up area is quite awkward.

      The iron is quite pretty to look at and as purple is my favourite colour it made the iron a nice choice although the task of ironing is not any more pleasant. The iron has a white handle area and area above the metal baseplate, the water container is a clear purple allowing you to see how full it is. I must say regardless of the window to the tank I still find this task awkward and overfill but my ironing board does smell nice. The waterfill area and buttons are accented in lilac and it has the chrome metal baseplate. The iron looks quite smooth and compact and is nice to look at although I keep it in a cupboard so is not a display piece.

      The iron has a hard plastic handle with quite a small hole to hold, I do have small hands so it is quite easy for me but those with larger hands may have issues. However, it is not a very masculine colour so maybe the iron is aimed at a female audience?! There is a button at the front of the handle allowing my to extend my thumb and shoot extra water on the harder creases. The temperature dial is underneath the handle and has multiple dots and points to choose what fabrics you are ironing. The iron size is approx 27 x 11.4cm.

      The iron is very good for the cheaper end of the market, the baseplate is stainless steel which is sometimes awkward but this one does provide a smooth glide; I would prefer ceramic but currently I do not want to spend that kind of money. Steam output can be changed to suit the fabric and amount of creases with a continuous output of 40g/minute and with a heat up time of 35 seconds it is an efficient little machine. With a power of 2000W the iron can rival some of the top of the range irons and this makes the job quicker.

      The iron is anti-scale and anti-drip which is useful for hard water areas such as mine but I generally still use a descaler to optimise performance.

      There is a 2m cord length which is a little short to get around the ironing board but if you need it longer there is the option to plug in an extension lead to make life easier.

      Due to the constant steam output the 250ml tank does not hold enough water for the amount of time I spend ironing. I do think the water and water tank are the bains of my life, not only do I spill the water but I fidn I fill the iron up per every 7 items which can be rather annoying; but then I do leave the ironing a while before I do it.

      A good value little iron for households on a budget or those like me who refuse to pay a fortune for a household essential.


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  • Product Details

    With a constant steam output of 40grams per minute the Sainsbury's 2000W Purple Steam Iron is a great choice for the home. Steam output is variable too so you can tailor it to suit the fabric. The soleplate is stainless steel for smoother action while heat-up time is just 35 seconds so there's no waiting around. Tank capacity is a generous 250ml.

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