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Tefal FV8115 Turbo Pro 525 Steam Iron

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Power: 2400W. Cord length: 3m. 300ml Tank capacity.

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    1 Review
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      04.12.2006 19:15
      Very helpful



      OK for a year but then it starts to go wrong....

      Is it just me, or are domestic grade irons just not built to last? It seems to make no difference whether I select an expensive or a cheap model, I still only get about 18 months use out of the iron before something goes wrong. Unfortunately, it seems that the Tefal FV8115 Turbo Pro 525 is no different in this regard.

      I’m rather fussy when it comes to selecting an iron and I felt that that Tefal met all of my needs. Almost all irons now come with a steam function and the Tefal 525 has the added advantage of a vertical steam function. This is something I always look for, yet, strangely, have never used. The idea of steaming curtains or other hanging items sounds appealing but somehow I never get round to actually doing it.

      You are able to select how much steam you want to iron with via the use of a slide selector. This is useful if, for example, you have some heavy cottons to iron and require more steam. The highest steam setting is certainly up to the job and compares well against other irons that I have used. For the really tough jobs there is also a steam boost which gives you a jet of steam. To be honest, this is a function that I could live without.
      A 300ml tank provides enough steam to iron for about 30 minutes on full blast…. That is, if you can last that long!

      Steaming is where we hit our first problem. The slider that you use to select the level of steam is on the top of the iron, just below and to the right of the handle. I have often found myself involuntarily altering the level when readjusting my hand on the handle. This is at best an annoyance, but, at worst could lead you to damage delicate clothes.

      A similar problem exists with the temperature selector which is in a similar position to the left of the handle. There are various “programmes” to select from using the temperature selector and, at first, I found the temperature range quite acceptable. However, it seems that now the iron is hot, hot or hot… I have had immense difficulty keeping a cool iron going for delicates and have now resorted to ironing all delicates through a cotton tea towel to prevent further disasters.

      The iron has a non-stick soleplate (why these are necessary I wouldn’t know). This is a function that I will most definitely avoid in a future purchase. I don’t find that it adds to the ease of ironing (the ironing board cover plays a greater role there) but do find that it is hard to clean. If you accidentally iron over a plasticized logo or find that the iron has got to hot and you burn a synthetic delicate the sole plate becomes sticky and, being “non-stick” you can’t use an abrasive cleaner on it.

      The iron is also meant to have a permanent anti-scale function. Permanent my backside! We have had the iron for about 18 months and live in a semi-hard water area and the iron is scaled up. I have to use the power steam before ironing to dislodge the built up scale and to stop it coming out over my clothes. If I lived in a very hard water area I could excuse this but I don’t.

      On the plus side, the 3 meter cord (which wraps around the base for storage) means that ironing is easy from almost any angle, the handle is comfortable to grip and the water tank is easy to fill (with none of those annoying bubbles being generated that cause the water to spill). The iron is comfortable weighted and shouldn’t give too much strain on the wrists.

      The market for irons seems to be one that is ever evolving (maybe the short life-span is meant to keep us purchasing bigger, better and more expensive models) and this iron is no longer in production. It is, however, at the time of writing, still available from Amazon (at £28) and was seen in my local Robert Dyas.

      Unfortunately it gets a huge thumbs down from me.


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