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    2 Reviews
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      20.05.2011 10:14
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      An excellent iron

      Recently I had to purchase a brand new iron due to my current one having major problems with the soul plate. I have never had this black substance build up before and eventually this substance would come out on my clothes so I wanted to get a new iron with a good brand name attached.

      I was in a discount store and noticed the Tefal FV9430 iron which was reduced to a very good price. Tefal are a well known company so I put a lot of trust into them. The iron to be honest has an odd look to it because the back has what appears to be a part missing but this is not the case.

      The iron looks kind of stylish with the dark navy blue look throughout which appears over the actual handle and where the water tank is situated.

      I then looked at the various settings the iron has got and if you're like me then you panic over every item you iron. I find that when it comes to precious items worth a lot of money I have to find the correct dial turning. You have plenty to choose from such as silk and once there the iron should iron the item delicately.

      The soul plate on this iron is the biggest focal point without a doubt. The soul plate is able to iron your items with a great amount of efficiency but there is the auto clean part which really helps as well. I am not sure if the auto clean works all the time but whenever I am ironing I have not noticed this horrible black substance I sort of grew used to with my previous iron.

      The iron is kind of heavy and I think this could put people off because most like an easy ironing experience but the weight I think plays into your favour. When you have a lightweight iron you sort of feel the product is cheap and you sometimes have to keep going over and over the same parts of the clothing.

      The steam this iron generates is amazing. Every so often when ironing the iron will let out a big puff of steam and the sound is very nice but also how quickly this iron can help use that steam to remove creases in clothes. I hate seeing creased clothes so ironing can sometimes take me ages and with this iron the ironing is done much quicker.

      I do find jeans very difficult to iron but this iron does my jeans in moments rather than minutes which is what you would expect from a good iron.

      I do like the spray function on this iron as well, one simple press and then the spray comes out fairly quickly and just goes all over the clothing rather than one simple squirt which is not effective at all.

      I would say that if you have a suit for work or perhaps an expensive evening wear product if you place it over the door (like I do) and use the steam spray it can unleash a large amount which means you do not even have to iron the item but the steam sorts out the creases for you.

      I paid £42 for this iron and most websites are charging lots more than this so I think I found a bargain. On the picture the iron can look stylish to some people and just really random to others. The soul plate is amazing it makes sure the black substances (I think are clothing fibres) are removed by the anti clean function.

      I love the fact the iron can make jeans and suits easier to iron and with little effort. Most people know how frustrating it can be to get up to go to work and have to try and iron a suit and you have to work hard to make sure it is done on time, with this iron you don't.

      Overall this is the best iron so far I have used. I have had this iron 2 months now and not had a single problem thus far. The old saying you get what you pay for was meant for a product like this.

      Some Extra Information
      2400w Power
      Steam Flow Rate 40g per second
      Water Tank 350ml
      Adjustable Thermostat Yes
      Safety Cut Out
      1.56kg empty
      1.8kg when full
      150g Steam shot


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        05.04.2010 20:23
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        A quality Iron.

        Well as my job demands that my uniform is " Smart as a carrot" I require a good quality iron. I have had used literally dozens of irons in my time in the forces, and as sad as it may seem I like to think I am quite clued up. Below are my thoughts on my recent purchase.

        Aesthetically Pleasing?

        Well yes. The iron has a good feel to it. The handle is very comfortable and just about the right width, giving a firm grip without discomfort. The iron is rather heavy, but for my general ironing this is fine. It looks pretty cool as well (if an iron can be cool), which in the forces is a must. I mean in a room full of men ironing, its difficult to look cool, so the cooler your iron (not ilterally) the better.

        Ironing Quality
        This is without doubt a quality iron. This is evident once you have ironed a wide range of clothes. It tackles all fabrics with ease. I mainly iron heavy duty uniform which can be difficult to iron for several reasons.

        Firstly, the thickness of the uniform. This is not a problem with this iron as it has an excellent steam capability. It easily penetrates through the cloth, ironing away all creases.
        Secondly, the uniform marking the iron. Basically when ironing combat trousers, they generally leave marks on the iron. The causes the iron to stick to the trousers, which makes the creases worse. This again is not a problem with this iron as the soleplate is high quality also, the autoclean system reduces this problem so its almost non existant. You can also lower the heat and the steam still penetrates the removing the creases.

        Self Cleaning
        Well, this is the main selling point of the Iron. It actually does work! The self cleaning soleplate allows the steam to flow evenly at all times, it also has catalytic properties which remove micro fibres that would normally stick to the iron. My area has very hard water, I have already gone through 2 irons in two years! Not anymore, this iron will not be beaten by lime....on any scale!


        Excellent steam and spray feature. This reduces the actual amount of ironing required for each garment.
        The iron glides easily accross all fabric that I have used it on at all temperatures. This agan reduces the actual amount of ironing required for each garment.
        The above 2 points actually help to reduce your energy bill! Oh and save the environment!

        I have only two minor criticism, this is that the water reservior is at the rear of the iron, this is really a pain. Where the filling point is at the rear there is a much greater chance of it leaking when ironing.
        I think that a lot would find it a little heavy, however for my uses this is fine.

        The Technical Stuff

        '*' Power (Watt) 2400
        '*'Steam flow rate (g/mn) 40
        '*'Reservoir capacity 350 ml
        '*'Type of soleplate Palladium autoclean soleplate
        '*'Vertical Steaming Yes
        '*'Pressing function (g/min) Information not provided
        '*'Adjustable thermostat Yes
        '*'Maintenance Anti-scale cartridge Information not provided
        '*'Anti-scale system Information not provided
        '*'Colours Blue and white
        '*'1.56kg empty
        '*'1.8kg when full
        '*'150g steam shot.
        '*' Safety cut out.

        I would highly reccomend this iron. Its a little expensive at around the £50-£60 mark, but you get what you pay for. Its a quality product that will easily reduce the effort required when ironing. It could also reduce your energy bill, as daft as that may sound. Some may find the iron a little heavy, personally I think this actually hepls when ironing. The only problem I have with the iron is the base filled water reservior, not really a good idea. Its not perfect but for me its not far off.

        Highly Reccomended.


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      • Product Details

        Short name: Tefal FV9430

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