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Tefal Ultraglide Difusion 70 - 1770

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    1 Review
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      18.09.2010 00:28
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      Solid product that gives a smooth glide and easy iron

      In the world of ironing, I'll admit to being rather ignorant. I'd like to use the excuse that I'm male, but in this day and age, that doesn't really cut it. My wife and I both work, and we both need clothes ironed in the morning. Neither of us really bother preparing our clothes for the week, and as such, it's a bit of a rush in the mornings. Luckily, and despite my ignorance, I think we've got a pretty damn good iron!

      They say that there's a clue in a name, and this is certainly the case with the Ultraglide iron. At first, I thought it was just a tacky way of trying to sell more irons, but when you actually you use the thing, you'll find the first few times it takes a bit of getting used to. You see, it really does feel like it's gliding across whatever you're trying to iron. The initial feeling is one that it couldn't possibly be doing any good, but when you inspect it, it gives just as good an ironing finish as I've experienced.

      This is quite impressive, but I suppose like any other iron, you soon get used to how it's supposed to feel. I also relies on being a steam iron, and filling up the water holder can be a bit of a pain. There's a small opening with a slide out container, and you have to pour the water in the gap. I often get water everywhere, as this is tiny. Still, it holds a decent amount of water and the steam element works instantly. There are two buttons on top where you can manually control the steam function, and I like the fact you can either steam whilst you're gliding or spray a small amount of water onto my shirt and then iron once it's on. Nice little variety of option, there.

      There's a temperature control slider for different fabrics as well, which goes from min to max. We generally tend to keep it on the same setting as it's usually cotton or polyester shirts we're getting ready for work, but occasionally, something a bit more delicate may need ironing, and it's good to know we can reduce the temperature carry on ironing as before without damaging anything. The actual iron element of the device is a scratch resistant enamelled steel soleplate, which protects both itself and whatever it is you're ironing from damage. We have had the iron for a number of years now, and there's no need to change.

      The cord is about 2 metres long. This is generally okay, but at times, I'd have to say I'd like a longer cord. Having to iron really close to a power supply is a bit restrictive, but then I suppose a longer cord would be a pain to store, unless anyone knows of any irons with retractable cords? It's comfy to hold, and easy to store, with a solid base that makes it bottom heavy. Some irons can be poorly balanced or are awkward to hold. This gets a thumbs up from me on both counts.

      I honestly can't remember how much this iron cost us, and truth be told, it's quite possible it was a gift from parents when we moved into our first home. It costs around £30 as far as I'm aware, and £20 to £30 is a decent price for a decent iron these days, so I'm told. However, as long as my iron carries on working, I won't be needing to fork out for one. This is exactly what I need. Nothing more, nothing less. I may be a simple male, but this helps my ironing seem easy. Recommended.


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      Short name: Tefal 1770

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