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Tesco IR19 Steam Iron

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Steam Iron

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2011 12:02
      Very helpful



      A good iron for the price paid

      Tesco 1600W steam iron

      I bought this iron in a bit of a rush as my previous one spat and sparked then died while in my hand mid ironing pile! To be fair to the iron it owed me nothing as we had used it well as a family for about 12 years so I really can't complain and it had been telling me it wasn't well for some time so I really should have been more prepared for its demise.

      I happened to be going to Tesco for my weekly shop so I thought I's see what they has on offer as I had bought two irons for my children from there when they moved out and hadn't had any complaints about them.

      I found they had a pretty high wattage 1600W to be precise steam iron for only £6.97 so I thought of the mountain of ironing at home and the fact that I would not have to shop around or wait for a new iron if I bought it and into my trolley it went.

      As with all items electrical there was a guarantee if you keep your receipt for a year I believe so if it last that long for the price i paid I will be very happy. I know Tesco are very good at honouring their guarantees as i have taken appliances that have broken down within the allocated time back and they have either replaced them or if they didn't have the item in stock they sent me off to see if I wanted anything similar to replace it and gave me the credit. One item had failed me three times so when i took it back I told them I didn't want a replacement and could i choose something else and once again they were happy to let me. But do keep the receipt otherwise you have no proof of its age.

      This iron comes in a simple cardboard box with a thin two page leaflet telling you how to use it. I always keen the box for a few months in case I need to return it but it is about to be thrown away as I have now had it three months. The lead was wrapped tightly in plastic and there was some basic card folded strategically around the iron to stop it wobbling around in the pack but otherwise the packing was kept to the minimum which I like.

      The iron is a pleasing pale blue and white colour. The main parts are white and the parts that hold water or the cover for the water inlet are both pale blue and transparent so you can see how much water you have left in the iron. The plate is made of stainless steel so it is not non stick but that shouldn't be a problem unless I put the heat up too much on something made of manmade fibres so i will have to be aware of this. At the moment it looks lovely shiny and still quite new and yes I have used it quite a lot all the people thinking that this was because I don't iron much!

      The iron itself has a water inlet with an opening lid which I thought was quite a clever idea as it stops any waste steam escaping. It doesn't come with a little plastic jug to help fill the container but as I use ironing water that pours from a bottle from a spout that didn't bother me. This iron holds a whopping 250ml of water which is good as it also pumps out a fair bit of steam so I have had to refill it in the middle of an ironing pile.

      One of the advantages this iron is supposed to have over a previous model is that it is heavier. It certainly is heavy and I am not totally convinced that this is an advantage as I do find it is very heavy after a while. It is a lot heavier than my previous iron and I find after an hour or so my hand does get quite tired especially if I am having to do twiddly bits and move it by lifting it up between twiddy bits. I put the iron on the kitchen scale just out of interest and discovered that it weighed 1kg 250g which is actually pretty darned heavy so good wrist and arm exercise while ironing.
      The lead is not amazingly long but long enough for where I do my ironing to reach the plug and give me enough leeway to move up and down the ironing board with fuss. I think it is just shy of two metres so not too bad really.

      When I first used the iron I twiddled the round knob on the iron near the water container and put it on high and found that the iron was still cool. I decided to look at the instructions and found that it was actually the little sliding knob on the handle that you used to get the heat setting right! I finally got it hot enough to steam and actually iron the clothes. I was getting ready to take it back until i discovered this so it probably is a good idea to read instructions even if you think you know how something works. I just thought that an iron was pretty obvious so popped the paper instructions into the filing cabinet.

      This iron is advertised as having "vertical and variable steam, achieving a steam output of 35gm per minute ". It certainly has a steam squirter at the front and I use that a lot for things that have become a little too dry, linen skirts and trousers for example. I have found that since I have discovered how to set the appropriate temperature on the iron that most things come up nice and crisply ironed using the normal steam from the iron. The only time I need to use the shot of steam if for linen items really and it certainly does a great job damping these so all in all it does a good job of the ironing i have asked it to do.

      So in short I have been quite pleased with the iron it does a good job so it is fit for purpose and it was very good value at the price in my view. I do however find it quite heavy and it would certainly not be a good one for anyone who had weak wrists nor for an elderly person. I am not sure why they felt it necessary to make it so heavy as the previous iron with similar feature was lighter nad in my view did just as good a job. I did only use it a few times when the boys moved back home and it came with them but it seemed pretty efficient to me and didn't weigh my arm down quite so much.

      Read the criteria with a modicum of good sense - this does not use batteries nor does it process anything that I have discovered. I've tried putting it in the room with the pile of ironing but nothing happened!!

      Anyway a pretty good iron for the price so well done Tesco for providing budget household appliances that do a good job.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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