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Tesco IR07 Steam Iron

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    2 Reviews
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      11.01.2014 00:14
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      This iron has served me well for the past 5 years, and is still going strong.

      == My Iron Usage ==

      I think that life is too short to spend much time ironing. Consequently, when I am buying textiles, one of the criteria I look for is that they need little or no ironing.

      Also to reduce ironing time, I partially tumble dry clothes in much smaller lots than my tumbler manufacturer says my machine will take. I then take them out while they are still damp and hang them up and ease them into shape straight away. For example, after doing this, I see no need to iron our stretch denim clothes.

      Despite these precautions, our steam iron has come out once a working week for cotton office shirts.

      It also gets occasional use for the sort of things that get infrequently washed like heavy curtains.

      == The Iron ==

      The iron came in a box with an easy to understand instruction leaflet and small plastic water measuring jug.

      At the front of the iron, about 1 ½ inches above the base is the spray nozzle. Above this is the water filling inlet, leading to a transparent tank.

      Then at the top of the front of the handle is the variable steam control knob and the spray button.

      The iron has 3 temperature settings, with 1, 2 or 3 dots on them, which correspond to modern washing instruction labels. Near this is the indicator light which will come on initially when the iron is first plugged in. It goes off once the temperature has reached the indicated setting.

      Where the flex is connected to the iron it has a "swivelling cord protector". The flex is about 70 ins long, and fitted with a 13 A fused plug. As I usually use it near a plug socket this is long enough for me. On the rare occasions when I have needed to use it in another location, I have used the extension lead we have that comes in handy for a number of appliances from time to time.

      The water tank is transparent, and the sole plate just described as metal, with a non-stick covering.

      == Use and Durability ==

      I bought this Tesco Value Steam Iron about 5 years ago.

      The reason for my needing to buy a new one was that my daughter was setting up her own home for the first time, and took a number of things with her "on long term loan", including my previous Tesco Value Steam Iron. Having had no problems with this type of iron, I bought another one to remain in my home from my local Tesco Extra.

      I am happy to report that I have had no problems with this one either. It is showing no signs of needing replacing, but I think it has already given me good value for money, so when the time comes I would be happy to buy a similar one.

      I have always used 100% distilled water in it, as I live in a very hard water area. This has no doubt contributed to the good length of service that I have had from the iron.

      The fact that I have never felt a need to use starch may also have helped to keep it free from debris.

      Sometimes I have instead used it as a dry iron, especially if I have had the time to iron while the fabric was still damp.

      It is advised to only use the steam part of the iron if on the highest setting, to prevent water from leaking out of the sole plate.

      For delicate fabric, to help get rid of creases more easily, you can instead just spray a thin jet of water from the front of the iron.

      This spray feature can be used whether dry or stream ironing.

      The fact that it is lightweight 0.75 kg, before water is added, is a good point for me, as I am a weakling and do not buy, or therefore launder, any particularly difficult fabrics.

      == Price ==

      I think I only paid about £5 for my iron about 5 years ago.

      The only Tesco own brand iron that I know is currently available is £10. This looks similar, but is not identical, to mine. Based on previous experience, I would strongly consider buying it, if mine needed replacing.


      I think the Tesco IR07 is a great value for money steam iron, which can also be used dry if required.

      Apparently some people feel a need for a lot more sophisticated and expensive iron, but the Tesco IR07 1200W Value Steam Iron has been perfect for my needs.


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        05.12.2008 22:10
        Very helpful



        A Tesco IR07 Steam Iron helps.

        I own the IR07, which is a similar design to the IR06 (won't bore you with the details), which I got to replace my limescale-clogged Morphy Richards (MR) Turbosteam.

        As noted by other dooyoo'ers, it's a basic iron that does the job, thankfully without the plastic sole plate cover that I had to use on the MR in case it got so hot that it would damage my clothes.

        You put water in the tank, turn the dial to the programme you want, then get ironing, using the stream as you need it to help remove the creases.

        The user guide is clearly laid, simply written in plain English, and easy to follow, which is a good thing when compared with some other manuals I can think of (see my Sumvision M19 review for an example of how *not* to write a manual), and it told me all I needed to know quickly before I used the iron for the first time.

        And, being a sad nerd type, I will have to go back and read it again several times in the future.

        Note: battery life rating not applicable to this product.


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        Short name: Tesco IR07

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