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Argos 9ct White Gold Diamond Double Row Eternity Ring

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Brand: Argos / Type: Eternity Ring

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    1 Review
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      20.03.2012 17:37
      Very helpful



      My special diamond ring

      I have never been one for wearing a lot of flashy jewellery or loads of different costume jewellery, instead I would rather wear a few items of jewellery which actually mean something to me. My husband knows this so if for a birthday or Christmas he buys me a piece of jewellery her knows what sort of thing to get. A while ago for my birthday he bought me a ring, he chose the 9ct White Gold Diamond Double Row Eternity Ring. The main reason for him selecting this particular ring was because it was not over the top and being made from white gold meant that it matched all of my other jewellery.

      The White Gold Diamond Double Row Eternity Ring comes from Argos, it comes in a small square burgundy coloured ring box which is made from plastic, it has a thin gold edging around the top . Inside the box was a small foam cushion covered in a burgundy velvet material, this had a small slit in the middle which the ring sat inside, there was also a small label inside the box stating that the ring was made from white gold and diamonds.

      The ring box was nothing overly fancy but this was ideal as it didn't detract from the ring inside. I liked the fact that the box was made from plastic as it meant that the jewellery inside was more protected than if it had been in just a cardboard ring box.

      The Ring is made up of a very thin white gold band just a couple of millimetre thick, the front of the ring is covered with two rows of small white diamonds, they are set diagonal to each other so that the diamonds are not sat on top of each other. The ring contains 20 diamonds in total, with 10 in each row, they spread across the whole of the front of the ring so that when the ring is positioned on your finger from the front you cannot actually see the plain band but just the two rows of diamonds. I would say that the front of the ring (where the diamonds are positioned) is very slightly thicker than the back of the band, although the difference is minimal and front a distance the ring looks the same thickness the whole way round.

      The diamonds in the Eternity Ring have a guaranteed weight of 20 points. They are rounded in shape and even though individually they are quite small together they are incredibly sparkly, I partially like this about the ring as it means that the whole of the ring shines and sparkles, this is emphasised by the white gold of the band and that the diamonds are set in as I do find that white gold keeps its shine longer than other metals.

      I actually wear this ring on the same finger as another ring which is slightly thicker than the White Gold Eternity Ring, however with this ring being quite thin it sits perfectly on top of my other ring, it is very comfortable to wear and hardly spins round so that the diamonds dig into my skin. The ring is totally flat on the top and bottom this means that if you wear it with another ring this also needs to be flat so that they sit nicely together, I could not wear this ring with my wedding ring as this is slightly curved, there would be a large gap between the two, it sits better with another flat ring so that there is no gap at all between the two.

      The 9ct White Gold Diamond Double Row Eternity Ring as I have previously mentioned came from Argos, when we purchased it some time ago the ring was being sold for just over £100.00, however I recently found this ring on the Argos website and it has gone up in price and is being sold for £149.99, although it does currently have £20.00 off of it and is £129.99. Although the price has gone up quite a bit in price I still think it is worth the money, this ring is of an excellent quality and has proved to be hardwearing. I wear the ring all the time and do not take it off at all, unless I am doing something where I could easily damage it, and so far it looks as good as new. The ring has kept its shape and has not bent at all, it is still the perfect round shape it was when I received it. Overall I would say that the ring is worth the money.

      This particular ring comes in a variety of sizes ranging from sizes H to V, obviously the range of sizes available may vary depending on the branch of Argos you go to and it may vary if your buy the ring online. When we purchased mine they did have a lot of the different sizes available so there is something to suit most people.

      I would certainly recommend the 9ct White Gold Diamond Double Row Eternity Ring, it is extremely pretty and the two rows of diamonds really do sparkle, this is then set off by the extremely shiny white gold background and band. With the ring being made from White Gold and clear diamonds it really does go with pretty much anything (other than yellow gold in my opinion) All of my jewellery that I wear everyday is made from white gold with clear diamonds so it matches this perfectly, the only exception is one of my other rings which has clear and black diamonds in it, however the Eternity ring goes very well with this and this is the ring I actually wear it with on the same finger. The ring is very comfortable to wear and keeps its shape very well. I partially like this ring as it is quite a simple design but is very pretty and ideal for anyone who likes a bit of sparkle, in my opinion it is definitely worth the money.


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