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Avon Cupcake Charm

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4 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Charm

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    4 Reviews
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      09.03.2012 17:44
      Very helpful



      Cute cupcake charm - 360 degrees with sparkles.

      ---Why I Buy This---

      I am not one into charm bracelets - but I do love cupcakes - so thought I would order this one.
      I tend to buy anything with a cupcake on it - or be given them as gifts - I have tote bags, boxes, candle holders etc - even sticky plasters and key rings.

      ---The History---

      The wearing of charms may have begun as a form of amulet to ward off evil spirits or bad luck.
      Queen Victoria wore charm bracelets that started a fashion among the European noble classes.
      Teenagers in the 1950s and early 1960s collected charms to record the events in their lives.
      Although interest and production waned through the latter part of the 20th century, there was a resurgence of popularity after 2000 and collectors eagerly sought out vintage charms. (Wikipedia)

      ---The Product---

      The charm came in the standard blue cardboard Avon small jewellery box - wrapped in tissue and padded out with two sheets of foam.
      Cupcake size approximate 1.3cm x 1.2cm.
      Silver plated charm with a lobster clip fastener.
      Cupcake has a silver base and the cupcake itself is in pale pink enamel icing which has silver bits to resemble decorations and mine has seven clear sparkly jewels (probably glass or acrylic).


      As well as numerous other charms which are continually being introduced Avon sell a charm bracelet for £7.50 and a charm necklace for up to three charms for £7.50 - but both often on offer.
      Currently Avon have a new range of fruit charms coming out in brochure 7 - cherries and pineapple so far - more to follow.


      £4 at full price but often on offer for £2.50.

      ---My Opinion---

      I ordered my cupcake a long time ago when it was first introduced. I was not sure if I would like it as sometimes with charms you only get the front half and the back is often plain and flat.
      However I was really pleased with this charm as it is a completely rounded cupcake - something that is not exactly evident form the picture above.
      The pink enamelling is a lovely mid pink colour - not very pale but not a garishly bright 'Barbie' pink either.
      Avon have been selling charms for a few years now and styles are continually being introduced and then retired.
      I do not like a charm bracelet as the jangling gets n my nerves but I have worn this on a chain and also put it on my handbags zips.
      Currently it is in my jewellery drawer but still looks as good as new and does not show signs of the silver plating wearing off.
      Some other charms I have not bothered keeping and have returned - this one I would definitely recommend - as well as a lovely red Xmas book which came out before last Christmas and which were cute little gifts.
      Currently this cupcake is not available in the Avon brochure but it may come back at some point.
      However lots of Avon charms that are discontinued can be picked up on Ebay.
      I am not saying these charms are especially expensive looking and may be more suited for younger girls and teenagers. But I just bought it for its novelty value. For £2.50 you do not expect solid silver.

      ---Star Rating---

      5 Stars.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      Yes definitely.




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        08.12.2011 23:05



        A decent charm that looks good enough to eat!

        This is a really lovely charm. It simply attaches itself to bracelets by a silver clasp. It is easy to fit on to bracelets and it can be used on many different types of bracelets, not just the one advertised in Avon brochures. The charm is quite small in size but it looks pretty and is nicely decorated. The pink colour looks lovely as it's not too overpowering and the stones are well embedded into the cupcake that I doubt they will drop off.

        The charm is really strong and durable. It is very sturdy and it's not too heavy when worn on bracelets. You don't have to use the charm on bracelets. You can use it on necklaces or use it as a phone charm. The possibilities are endless as the charm is so versatile. The clasp is pretty tight and secure so I doubt very much that it would come apart (or that you'll lose it). If you do happen to lose the clasp then you can easily pick up another from any jewellers.

        The charm can be cleaned with a soft cloth if needed. Overall this is a really nice charm. It looks pretty and it would make a lovely gift. I'd be pleased with it anyway!

        I will award this charm with five stars. It's great value too as mine only cost me £2.50, which I thought wasn't too bad.


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        29.11.2011 08:50
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Nice if you can get hold of one for a young girls bracelet

        For my 30th birthday my friend had the lovely idea of making me a gift box with thirty different small gifts in which must have cost her a fortune! One of the items which she bought for me was the Avon cupcake charm and this is my review of that.

        The Avon cupcake charm fits in very nicely with all of the cupcake items which seem to have been all over for the past couple of years. It is quite a small item, perhaps a centimetre tall, and made out of a silver coloured hard material. The bottom part of the charm is ridged so to look like a cupcake case whilst the top of the charm is painted a pale pink colour and has small diamantes within it. The cupcake looks really cute and girly and I think it would be perfect for a young girl to have on her charm bracelet to make her feel grown up.

        On the cupcake charm there is a little silver clasp which is designed to hook on to a charm bracelet. This is made from the same coloured silver and so it blends well with the rest of the product. Now, although this charm is designed for use with a bracelet I didn't use it for that because I don't wear a charm bracelet so instead I hooked it on to one of the zips on my handbag. I think it looked really cute in this way too and it added a little colour to my black day to day hand bag! I had the cupcake charm on my bag for around six months before it suddenly disappeared and I can only presume the little ring which linked the cupcake to the clasp must have come loose because the clasp was still on my bag but the cupcake wasn't. This was probably a one off but I would say should you own Avon charms to just be careful with the fittings.

        This was a really lovely little item to have and like I say I am sure it is something which young girls would love to make them feel a little more grown up! Sadly Avon are no longer making this item it would seem but you can pick it up on ebay, along with many others kinds too, for just a couple of pounds which seems a real bargain.

        Thank you for reading my review!


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          12.05.2011 07:32
          Very helpful



          A pretty charm.

          As part of my daughters Christmas box, I managed to get (what I thought anyway) a very pretty and cost effective charm bracelet with a few charms from my Avon book, with one of those charms being the subject of this review.

          The charm in question is - "Cupcake charm".

          My daughter had previously been asking for a bracelet due to one of her friends having one for her 10th birthday, but from what I can gather had been filled with nice but rather boring and non-descript looking charms, and with my daughter being the character she is I (larger than life, and very funny to boot!), I wanted much quirkier and colourful charms for her collection.

          This particular one I have to admit appealed more to me than anything else, with the charm actually being a cupcake, though the colours are definitely more my daughters style!

          The cupcake is a 3D version, not one of the flat and insipid looking charms you can get, though due to it being a bit larger than any I have seen in this format before, it will take up more room on your bracelet, and does seem to weigh a bit more too!

          The cupcake is silver plated, and held within a silver cupcake case. The actual iced cake top is a quite domed effect, and in a matt pink colour.
          The drawing factor for me is the sprinkles, with are tiny multicoloured stones, that sparkle beautifully when the light catches them, giving this a very girly girl effect, and appealed instantly to the inner magpie in me!

          Size wise this is around 5cm at it's longest point, though add a few more cm's on for the generous looking clasp, which is a crab claw design, which makes this very secure once attached to the bracelet, but does seem to make them a bit bigger than other charms I have seen before.

          To purchase you will be very often be able to get these on offer for £2.50, but at full price retail anywhere from £2.50 up to £4.50, which for a child's bracelet is very good value (though I should point out that this is not exclusively a child's bracelet, but just what I have it for!), and available either from your Avon representative or from www.avonshop.co.uk.

          This is a lovely charm that has yet to lose any of it's well set colourful gems, or show any signs of wear and tear, and this in itself is good due to how many charms my daughter has now, and how she shakes her hand around when wearing it (she likes the jingling noise it makes as she wears it!).


          Thanks for reading x


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