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Avon Heart Drop Earrings

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2 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Earrings

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    2 Reviews
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      03.02.2010 16:36
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      All round dissapointing

      I seen this in my Avon book and I thought they would make a great present for my mum, that is untill they turned up. The picture made them look stunning and really sparkly, shame that when I got them they didn't look like that!
      I wasn't expecting alot for the money I paid but I at least thought they would be of a bit higher quality. Maybe a little bigger too. They are ideal for wearing for just a couple of hours but definatly not for long time wear as the metal goes funny, it turns a greeny brown colour and causes really sore ears which ultimatly could lead to infections of your ear which isn't pleasent!

      The hearts are very sparkly and would match a pretty necklace and earings but if you want real sparkly earing but can't afford diamonds I still wouldn't recomened investing in these have a look else where and see what your money could buy you, you may have to spend a little more on cubic zeconia but it gives you something alot more prettier and probably comes in a better looking box too.
      All round I was dissapointed with my purchase and I never gave them to my mum instead they are just sitting on my table.


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      11.07.2009 11:35
      Very helpful




      Any regular readers of my dooyoo reviews will be aware by now that I work part-time as an Avon representative when my poor health allows. This means that I have access to a lot of great offers and new products that are available from Avon.

      In particular I am a fan of many of the jewellery and decorative gift items that are available to buy from Avon. I always did like their style of such items even before I was a representative.

      Because I am such a fan, I own quite a few different bracelets and earrings from Avon that I have accumulated over the years, and I often treat myself to a nice jewellery set or something from my commission earnings.

      As I said earlier, as an Avon representative, I often have access to brand new products that are on the verge of being launched by Avon. As a rep, Avon allow me a sort of 'preview' to lots of their new products and cosmetics which gives me a chance to see them (or use them) before they are available to buy in the brochures.

      There was quite a lot of new jewellery 'launched' by Avon recently, and I really liked the look of a lot of it, in particular some of the pairs of earrings that were available really caught my eye.

      The pair that really stood out the most though was a pair of little love-heart dangling earrings, silver-coloured and with what appeared to be little sparkly stones all over them. I decided on this pair as a treat to myself, and with that I placed my order.

      When they arrived from Avon, I was a little disappointed in the packaging if I'm being honest. Remembering all of the jewellery sets and earrings, bracelets etc that I have purchased over the years, I am aware by now that the packaging is usually of quite high quality and 'sets off' the items nicely. This of course means that Avon jewellery on the whole is nice to give out to family and friends as gifts for birthdays and Christmas etc.

      On this occasion though, the packaging was basically just a plain oblong-shaped white box, made of card with the Avon logo across the front in plain black writing. Hmm... there was nothing too exciting about my first impressions - that's for sure.

      Upon opening one side of the box, I noted that the card was quite flimsy and very cheap looking. Inside the box there was a little 'square' of foam which definitely looked as if it belonged in a box for packaging jewellery, but as the earrings themselves were placed in a tiny see-through little bag of plastic, it seemed a bit pointless to place said foamy square in with them.

      I was aware immediately that if I chose to buy these earrings for a gift, I would need to provide my own packaging, in the way of a prettier box or gift bag or something, and I cannot stress enough that the cheap-looking plain white box really lets the product down in terms of appearance.

      Anyway, onto the earrings themselves...
      Overall, I thought they were absolutely gorgeous, and I thought that they offered great value for money.

      The little hearts are probably about the size of a 1p coin, although obviously not round-shaped - they are love-heart shaped!! They are approx 3cm in length, overall.

      Across the 'outline' of each love heart is a textured surface which at first appears to be tiny little diamante stones or something similar. Upon closer inspection though, I can see that the 'stones' are in fact just little silver 'bumps' which reflect the light quite nicely and are attractive looking.

      Each heart 'dangles' from a silver 'hook' (ladies, you know the type I mean, I'm sure, though please see the picture at the top of the page on Dooyoo and you will see what I mean) that you simply just place through your ear lobe. There is a small plastic 'stopper' or 'plug' at the end of the hook to avoid it falling from your ear.

      The last point I have listed about these earrings is indeed a very valid one, and I have a little box full of single earrings to prove it! There is honestly nothing worse than wearing a nice pair of earrings only to discover that one of them has fell from your ear and is lost forever!

      The little stopper on the 'Heart Drop' earrings therefore is a welcome addition in my book, and I liked how it is clear-coloured and unnoticeable when they are being worn.

      All in all, I would highly recommend these earrings.

      They are pretty when worn, I have only worn them twice to be fair, but on both occasions I received compliments about them - so much so that one of my regular customers asked me to order her three pairs (for presents) when they are available in the upcoming brochure!

      I also find that they are comfortable to wear, and do not impede on my day in any way - they do not irritate my skin or my ears. The box (and the brochure) proudly inform me that these earrings are silver plated.

      The Heart Drop earrings will be available from Brochure number 13. If you have an Avon representative you can ask them to order you these for you, and they will cost you the sum of £1.50. They are also available to buy from avonshop.co.uk for the same price.

      Due to the design of these earrings, they are only suitable for pierced ears.

      I will award these little droppers four stars - I really feel I need to deduct one star for the rubbish packaging, which is very cheap and nasty-looking. Other than that though, they are an ideal little gift, and I plan to order a few pairs to put away for Christmas stocking fillers!

      (Please don't down rate me for mentioning the festive season lol) ;-)


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    • Product Details

      Pretty silver-plated heart-shaped pierced earrings.

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