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Avon Lorena Initial Necklace

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Brand: Avon / Type: Necklace

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    1 Review
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      10.12.2008 21:17
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      Avon Initial Necklace

      My mam is an Avon lady - or Avon representative to use the politically correct term - and my sisters and I always receive lots of Avon products from her for birthdays and Christmases.

      I think my mam must have twigged on to how many beauty products I own, and this year she mainly got me jewellery from Avon for my birthday rather than bath stuff. One of the items I got was the Lorena initial necklace.

      I must admit, I probably wouldn't have chosen this necklace for myself, mainly because it is silver-plated rather than sterling silver. In the past I have bought silver plated costume jewellery and usually found that it doesn't last for many wears as the silver seems to come off quickly and the chain or pendant discolours, which is why I now tend to stick to real silver unless I really love an item.

      You get here both the chain and the pendant (It really bothers me when jewellers sell them separately!) and they come in a shiny blue cardboard box, and are presented on a piece of velvet sponge which is nice if you are giving this as a gift (It also bothers me when jewellers sell the boxes separately!)

      The chain itself is 38cm (just under 15 inches), so actually fairly short, but there is a 9cm (3.5 inch) extender on the chain too, so you can make it a bit longer if you like, and it has a lobster claw fastening. I can never remember the proper terms for different links of chains (must pay more attention during the next jewellery hour on QVC!) but I'd say this has a pretty standard link, and is quite thick (but not chunky), which I think is good as it's a rather large pendant, and it might have looked a little strange on a very fine chain.

      The pendant is a large open heart (about 1inch x1 inch), which has an initial suspended in the middle of it. My initial is 'K' and when I first got this, I thought the K looked a little bit curly and wasn't sure people would realise what it was supposed to be! Seems it was more obvious than I first thought though, as I actually had a guy come up to me and say 'Does the K on your necklace stand for kissable?' - yes, this is why I'm single, because I attract men who use lines like that!

      The initial as well as the bezel (I think that's the right term) has clear glass stones set into it, which although obviously not as nice as if they were diamonds or even just crystal, do add a bit of sparkle to this, and it looks nice when it catches the light.

      So, anyway, I suppose the important part of the review is my thoughts on this. Well to look at it, I think it's pretty obvious that it is only silver plate and not sterling silver. I would say if you get up close to it, you can see by the finish that it's pretty cheap costume jewellery, but from a distance it looks quite nice, although I doubt many people would mistake it for real silver.

      Both the chain and the pendant are very lightweight which makes it comfortable to wear, and as I mentioned the chain is quite short, which personally I like as it sits fairly high up on the neckline. As it's silver coloured it will go with most outfits, although as the pendant is so large, I tend to wear it mainly when I have a very open neckline (for example if I'm wearing a vest top) or I think it looks a little bit big and imposing, but that may just be my personal taste, as I tend to like smaller jewellery items.

      Being only silver-plate I was worried that the silver would start to wear off and it would turn my neck green as has happened in the past! This hasn't happened though - I would say, since I received this, I have probably worn it around seven or eight times, and it has always been fine. Another thing I tend to find with cheaper jewellery is that the clasps break easily, but again, I've had no issues with this and it seems quite sturdy.

      Most initials are available, but not all - I would recommend having a look on the Avon website (www.avonshop.co.uk) to check which ones, as I'm not sure if it's just a case of some being out of stock at the moment.

      This necklace usually costs just £6 and is currently available on the Avon website for just £5 and you can also order from your local Avon rep. For this price, I think the necklace is very good value for money.

      As I say, since receiving this in August, I have only worn it perhaps twice a month, but it has lasted well. It's a pretty little thing, and would make a nice stocking filler for someone. Recommended.


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    • Product Details

      Silver-plated necklace with heart-shaped pendant and initial set with clear glass stones

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