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Avon Oriental Heart Necklace

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Brand: Avon / Type: black chain with hanging heart in pink and blue with added gems and roses

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    2 Reviews
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      10.08.2011 17:14
      Very helpful
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      Long Necklace with a cluster of Pendants in black.

      Avon Oriental Heart Necklace

      I have brought quite a few items of jewelery from Avon in the past. This is one of the necklaces that caught my eye when I was flicking through the Brochure. It looked different to the rest of the necklaces that were featured in the book, which were either silver or gold, and had lots of diamond looking pendants attached etc.

      The Chain length is approx 37 cm so it is quite long, but there is nothing stopping you wearing it a little shorter you prefer. On me, the pendant(s) sits about 4cm below my breast bone, just to give you an idea of where about it is when it is worn

      The necklace has a black patent feel to it, the chain is a shiny black metal, coated in black paint

      *The Business End of the Necklace*

      There are about 7 "droppers" which come off the chain. It forms a type of cluster necklace, which have been in many highstreet stores over the past few years, teamed with the length of the chain, which is fashoipnable at the moment, this remains quite an on trend necklace.

      3 heart pendants. The largest is a puffed heart, in black, with pink and baby blue flower designs printed onto it, with green leaves. This takes centre stage when worn. From the bottom point to the central top, it is about 3.5 cm in height. The other heart is made out of plastic, and has is designed with many little hearts embossed onto the surface, it is made out of shiny black plastic. It is 1.5cm tall. The final heart is a heart outline, and has a more more styalised shape to it, having a sort of slating effect, as if it is handing from one side. At it's longest point it is 1.5cm in size

      The remaining pendants in the cluster feature, a daisy like flower (1cm diameter), which is situated, on the end of a chain, so it hangs a little bit lower than the others, which is attached to an oval shaped puffed plastic pendant.(2cm long) This I feel adds a little more bulk to the cluster.

      Finally, to complete the cluster, is a large, rose like looking flower, which has been bent into its shape out of metal, coated with a black metal paint. It has a 3 dimensional quality to it.

      The cluster of pendants from top to bottom is about 10cm long (including hanging chains)

      *The Price and where to Buy*

      When I purchased my necklace, it was on sale, and I paid about £5 for it, but this is based on memory (sorry everyone!). I have had a look around, and today, you can buy this necklace on ebay, for about £4.99. As far as I am aware, you can no longer buy this necklace from Avon, as it is not featured on the website, but occasionally in catalouges they do bring back some items from the past that have done well, so keep and eye out!

      *How to wear*

      This can be worn in the day, with a casual outfit to go shopping, or it can be worn with a simple dress, to add a little interest into the outfit, and add a little touch of glamour. It can add a little bit of drama to a simple outfit, and if worn with other black jewelery, and a nice simple dress, it can achieve quite and expensive look without the expensite price tag. You could layer this necklace with others, a potential idea would be to layer it with a black beaded "pearl" necklace, it adds the bulk of the pearls, and the design and intricacy of this necklace to produce a pleasing, and substantial look. But do be careful, with how and what you layer it with, it could become tangled, and because of it's colour and overall look it may not work as well as with other necklaces.


      One thing I may call into question is the quality of the necklace, if not worn correctly, it can look at little cheap and tacky, due to the shiny nature of the necklace. However, if worn right it can look really unusual and different to other necklaces.
      Another thing that may become an issue is that because of the long and thin chain that the pendants are on, it can become tangled within itself (if that is possible). The pendants can tangle up and the chain gets intertwined within this. If it isn't all tidied up properly, when worn the cluster of pendants don't sit correctly, and it can look a littl bit messy. So bare this in mind! :)
      I give it 3 stars


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        06.04.2011 04:52
        Very helpful



        day or night its just right

        I have my regular necklace I wear each day but I love a nice necklace I can stick on for a night out that is something a little different.
        I saw this in the Avon brochure a few months ago and it managed to grab my attention as I flicked through. Now I'm not sure if it was the colours or the uniqueness of the item but not being the sort of person who impulse buys I made a mental note of the item hoping to leave it to see if the price changed. Low and behold a couple of brochures on it appeared in the sale book so that was it, decision made that cute necklace was mine.

        *~*~*THE PRODUCT*~*~*

        This necklace is in a cluster style pendant on a black chain. Chain length is about 68cm but has a 9cm extendable section.
        So the cluster itself consists of:
        * The main focus, the acrylic heart measuring about 3.5 x 3.0 x 1.5cm. It is decorated with oriental style roses in hot pink and blue with some green touches.
        * A rose crafted in metal about 1.5cm diameter which actually has great detail in each petal (and is a favourite bit for me)
        * A small black heart with tiny hearts printed on it
        * A small floating heart in black
        * A hanging chain with an acrylic flower and bead on it both in black
        * And a solitary chain
        The cluster joins the necklace with a series of loops and a pearl allowing the separate parts of the cluster to move independently on the chain giving a free feeling to the whole necklace.

        I ordered this for the bargain price of £4 however when I first saw it, it was priced at £8 (this time a little patience paid off)

        *~*~*MY OPINION*~*~*

        This has been one of the best additions to my jewellery collection for a long time. It is very versatile with its selection of colours. I have found that it goes great with bright coloured clothing, which makes the black of the chain and acrylic stand out, but even better with black or white which shifts the focus to the roses and can easily jazz up a top or dress without over-powering it. Since first wearing this, I have had plenty of compliments on this necklace, and what girl doesn't like compliments. I believe that what makes this necklace a little different from the many long cluster necklaces available at the moment is Avon's use of the colours. I have seen (and own) a fair few silver n gold but they are merely one solid colour with the odd diamante thrown in for good measure. To me these plainer chains are great for a night out but to jazz up day wear can look a little over-dressed, Avon however have managed with the oriental heart necklace to get that perfect balance for any occasion day or night.

        I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for that little something to make an outfit that extra bit special. You never know it could be just what your wardrobe needed.


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