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Avon Raegan Charm Bracelet

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3 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Bracelet

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    3 Reviews
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      10.02.2012 16:22



      I won't be buying this again!

      I paid £5 for this bracelet from Avon. It is designed to be used alongside the Avon charms - which are around £2.50 to £4.00 each. The bracelet was presented inside a lovely gift box.

      The bracelet is silver in colour and of average length. It has a toggle fastening that is secure enough not to come open when you least expect it. The toggle is easy enough to open and close even if you have larger fingers - like myself! As the bracelet is one size it wouldn't be suitable for children or smaller wrists as it would be too big.

      The bracelet initially looked great. I was really pleased with it at first. However, after a month or so I noticed that the bracelet was fading and turning a horrible green colour. I swapped the bracelet for another one which was exactly the same but I experienced the same problem - that one ended up turning green too. I was really disappointed as it looked so nice and promising to start with!

      The charms are easy to place onto the bracelet though and the bracelet itself is sturdy and secure, it's just a pity about the discolouration that I experienced. It looks lovely on and the silver colour (whilst it's there!) is great.

      I wouldn't buy it again though as I had two and experienced the same problem...


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      30.04.2011 14:23
      Very helpful



      A nice bracelet.

      Just before last Christmas my daughter came home from school with wondrous tales of the most "amazing" present her friend had received for her 10th birthday, a magnificent (her words not mine! Lol!) silver bracelet complete with a selection of charms from Johnsons the jewellers! I love the conversations I have with my daughter!

      After she had gushed on for a good few days about said bracelet, I knew it would be a good idea to start looking for something similar as a stocking filler for her.

      I was determined she wouldn't have a dear one, she is not the best at looking after jewellery anyway, so I wasn't wasting too much money in case she had gone off the idea when she received it!

      After a quick perusal in my Avon book I spotted this bracelet at what I deemed as a good price, with the charms available being varied and also quite cheep too.

      This particular bracelet was being sold for £5.00, and is a nice silver plated colour, with the design of clasp being ideal for my daughter (though she has such skinny wrists that she doesn't tend to open it anyway!).

      The bracelet itself is made from reasonably large links, which are an ample size to fit at least two charms in each link.

      The bracelet is around 20cm in length, which is a nice snuggish fit for an adult, but on the largish size for my daughter, but as it is something I would expect her to fill and keep I don't mind that fact.

      The clasp is a t-bar and circle design, which my daughter finds much easier to close than the traditional type of clasp, though on the downside is also much easier to accidentally fall open, especially when there is a bit more weight to it, which there is when you get a few charms on it!

      My daughter loves her bracelet (which she received from her younger brother for Christmas, along with five charms), and has worn it often, she loves the jingling sound it makes when the charms bang together!

      As this is silver plated (as with the charms too!), I am quietly confident that this won't turn her wrist green and should last her some time.

      For more information visit - www.avonshop.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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        31.08.2010 20:06
        Very helpful



        a lovely gift

        Avon Reagan Charm Bracelet

        Avon the company

        The Avon Company as established in the 1880s by a man some of you male readers may be surprised to know, if was originally called the California Perfume Company but was renamed Avon in 1939 it is claimed n tribute to his favourite playwright, William Shakespeare and Stratford on Avon. Today Avon is sold in over 143 countries worldwide and has even been promoted (or perhaps stereotyped) in many well known movies such as Edward scissor hands.

        Avon's products aren't limited to face creams and make up as some people may believe; Avon also sells items of Jewellery, designer watches and handbags, electric toothbrushes, children's toys, women's lingerie and much much more over the Christmas campaigns.

        The Bracelet Itself

        The Bracelet is silver plated with multiple links to attach little charms to each of which are sold separately; the clasp is a little T-bar and this little item is ideal for little girls. The bracelet itself I have been told by customers is even suitable for those of us that have very sensitive skin and with at a price of only £5-£7 it is a fraction of its designer competitors while looking almost identical. With a bracelet like this you can let your little girl wear it all the time without fear of them losing something as expensive as a designer Pandora bracelet while letting her look stylish and grown up at the same time.


        The little girl who currently wears this ears it everyday and there is no sign of snaps or brackages, the charms have metalic attatchment clips also and stay attatched with day to day wearing. The bracelet is around 20 cm long long enough for most young peoples wrists.

        The charms

        There are many charms available for this bracelet and since they can be attached and unattached you can change them around if you wish in order to display new pieces. The full price for these is £4 though this is rarely charged and the usual price is usually around £2.50 and £1 possibly in the clearance hello tomorrow book that representatives get. This is again a tiny percent of what you would be paying for almost identical designer makes and Pandora charms which makes these ideal for stocking fillers and gifts for whenever the tooth fairy visits your little girl after she loses a tooth.

        There are many little cute charms for this bracelet of which I am sure would be compatible with most other charm bracelets also:
        Dog charm- In the shape of a tiny little silver scotty dog

        Cocktail glass charm- In the shape of metropolitan cocktail glass silver with a little bead

        Cupcake charm-In the shape of a little bun silver with pink enamel frosting on top

        Ice Cream Cone Charm- In the shape of a tiny little ice cream cone with with a silver cone and white enamel ice cream

        Love Bug Charm- In the shape of a little lady bird with a little black face, silver eyes and spots with a red body

        Red Sparkly Heart Charm- In the shape of a little silver heart incrusted with little red faux crystals

        Seahorse Charm- In the shape of a little silver sea horse incrusted with little faux diamond crystal gems

        Sunglasses Charm-In the shape of a little pair of sunglasses with black enamel lenses with white gem incrusted frames.

        Teapot Charm-In the shape of a little teapot and easily the cutest and most realistic looking of the charms silver in colour

        Turtle Charm- In the shape of a little turtle with a green body and gem incrusted shell

        There were more available that have stopped being made like a little green and pink gem incrusted watermelon slice, an apple with a bite out of it, a little bust top, a handbag and stiletto which is a shame as these are one of my most popular sellers.

        Overall a great little item for a great price.


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