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Bodycandy Body Bar

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Brand: Bodycandy / Type: Piercing

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    1 Review
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      07.03.2012 22:55
      Very helpful



      A pretty belly button bar for my bump

      As you may see from a previous review since being pregnant I seem to have developed a bit of an allergy to the silver metal of my belly button bars and recently invested in a special allergy free plastic bar ideal to wear throughout your pregnancy. I don't change my belly button bar that often so do not have a huge range of them, however I did think I should have a spare plastic one suitable for wearing through pregnancy in case my first one broke or something happened to it. I decided to have a look on Amazon to see if there was anything available on there. I am drawn to anything that comes in the colour pink and this was no different, after searching through a long list of belly button bars I spotted the Pink Girl Star it was ideal for what I wanted, suitable for people who wanted to wear their belly button bar throughout your pregnancy, it was also very reasonably priced so I decided to purchase it.

      The Pink Girl Star Belly Button Bar is slightly different in appearance to my regular bars, this one consists of a long thin rounded piece of pale pink plastic, it was totally straight and did not curve in the middle at all whereas all my other belly button bars do. It has a small metal bar on the end bottom of it just where the bar hits your actual belly button, this has a small sliver metal ring attached to it and linked onto this is a small five point flower made from small pale pink crystals, the centre of the flower is silver. The bar is held in place with a small silver ball which simply twists onto the top of the plastic bar.

      When the bar arrived the first thing I noticed was the length of it, I don't think I have seen such a long belly button bar, it actually measure approximately 45mm in length and is 1.6mm in thickness, the idea of the bar being so long is so that you can cut the bar to suit you, obviously if you are wearing this bar during pregnancy the larger you are the longer you will need the bar, it means that the bar has a bit extra length to move around rather than being fitted tight to your stomach. I did try the bar before cutting it just to see how long it was however there was no way I could wear it without cutting it to length as it stuck out through my top but also I was in danger of catching it on everything I got close to.
      Cutting the bar to length was very easy, whilst I had the bar in place I measured where I wanted it to be so that it was the right length for me, I dare not cut the bar whilst it was still in place so I made a slight dent with the scissors, removed it and then cut through where I had marked. The plastic was extremely easy to cut and I was able to simply cut it with a pair of kitchen scissors, once trimmed down to a more suitable length I put the bar back in and placed the ball back on the top, even though the bar had been trimmed the ball still fitted perfectly and was a more sensible length. I did leave the bar so that it was a bit on the long side, this was for two reasons, one was so that the metal top and bottom of the bar wasn't digging into my skin and also so that the bar had plenty of flexibility to move as I move around.

      Once trimmed and in place I was very pleased with the appearance of the bar, the pink bar part and the small sparkly pink flower on the end of it made it a little bit different to a lot of the maternity belly button bars I looked at, some were quite plain, I liked this one as it was pink and had a bit of sparkle to it. The bar is sold as a maternity belly button bar purely because of its length and also the flexibility of the plastic bar, the flexibility of this bar makes it more comfortable to wear as your bump grows and the extra length allows you to trim the bar to suit your size. the only thing I would say about this is that if you buy the bar early on in your pregnancy you naturally will need to trim it to length, however as you get bigger you will need the bar to be slightly longer so it is important to keep this in mind when cutting the bar so that you do not trim too much off it.

      Personally I would say this bar would be more suitable for later on in your pregnancy, that way you already have an idea of your bump size and can trim the bar accordingly.

      The bar itself is very bendy, this can be done with little effort, however it is still strong and durable, the flexibility as I have said means the bar will not dig in or cut your sink around the piercing and the bendiness of the bar allows it to move around as you do again without causing irritation.

      I purchased my Pink Girl Star Belly Button bar from Body Candy. and it cost me about £9.99, this is a little more expensive compared to the other plastic belly button bar I purchased however it is very pretty for a plastic maternity bar and in my opinion wroth the money.
      This particular belly button bar did suit the purpose for which I bought it for and so far has proved comfortable to wear so definitely well worth the money.

      Overall I would definitely recommend the Pink Girl Star Belly Button Bar, it is very pretty for a plastic belly button bar as a lot of them tend to be quite plain, this one is a little bit different being pink and with a bit of added sparkle. The bar would not be suitable for those who cannot wear metal belly button bars due to the metal bottom part pf the bar and the metal ball on top, for me the metal does not irritate as it seems to be the actual silver metal of the bar which goes inside the piercing that irritates me, with this bar the part which goes inside the piercing is plastic so I do not find this to be a problem.

      The bar is a maternity bar and in my opinion does an excellent job of what it is supposed to, the bar is extra long so that it can be cut to length to suit the individual and the bar is made from a flexible plastic which means it does not press into your skin and moves as you do. For me the Pink Girl Star Belly Button Bar really has worked, once cut to size it allowed me to keep my piercing in place without having my skin irritated and made sore by my regular silver bars that I wear. The bar was very reasonably priced and in my opinion worth the money. I would recommend this belly button bar to anyone looking to purchase a maternity bar.


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