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Diamonique Jewellery in General

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4 Reviews

Well known for their simulated gemstones, Diamonique sets all of their stones in precious metals with perfection.

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    4 Reviews
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      04.03.2010 17:45
      Very helpful



      good quality cz jewellery

      Diamonique is a range of cubic zirconia jewellery which is sold by QVC on Sky (640), Freeview or on their website www.qvc.co.uk.

      Items include rings, bracelets, earrings, watches, pendants, necklaces plus they also sell a few pieces of men's jewellery. The prices vary from under £10 to over £200 depending on the design of the stone(s), who they're designed by & whether or not they are set into gold, silver or platinum-plated.

      Many of the rings etc are made to look like good quality diamonds but they also incorporate other fake ( sorry - 'simulated') ones such as tanzanite, sapphire, toumaline etc as well as semi-precious gems. The choice is actually quite surprising & I'd say if you're into jewellery at a fair price then it's worth having a look.

      The styles vary from the tradional (eg simple solitaires) to contemporary designs & I think they cater well for all ages. I like the fact that they do small ring sizes (I wear J) but I have friends who have larger fingers & find it difficult to buy rings on the high street in their size.

      I don't wear earrings anymore but QVC offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on these if they're not suitable even if they've been worn - they do state they will never re-sell though & I've never seen this offer from any other jewellery retailer.

      I bought a few pieces several years ago which I wear occasionally & they still look as good as the day I bought them. I have a very blingy bracelet, a ring & a pendant all in Diamonique - I took them on holidays as I wouldn't like to take any valuable pieces with me as they have huge sentimental value attached to them.

      I've been tempted to buy more but remind myself I only have 8 fingers, 1 neck, 2 wrists & 2 ears so I really don't need anything else unless it screams out of the TV at me!

      I've found it easy to care for (although QVC sell a special cleaning kit) & it hasn't the jewellery hasn't tarnished, nor have any stones fallen out due to poor quality/ setting.

      I wouldn't say I was a huge fan but I believe there's a big following out there.....



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      02.03.2010 22:44
      Very helpful



      One bling to rule them all One bling to find them, oops that's a different review altogether

      I sometimes feel that I'm a bit of a walking dichotomy! I'm fairly tomboyish in my interests; I love science fiction, horror, and action as my entertainment genres. I love to be outside, tramping through the countryside, newting and tadpoling with any young relative that I can interest in such archaic past times. I'm not remotely interested in fashion and girly nights in, and heavy metal is one of my favoured musical genres. Show me a boy or girl band, or America's Next Top Model type programming and I turn into Regan MacNeil (The Exorcist) in full head spinning mode, but I love, adore, crave, jewellery. Usually girly sparkly stone set jewellery, and this kind of makes me feel well a bit guilty for some reason, but that's another story. Never having had the budget to afford large amounts of fine jewellery, (I was lucky enough to get a new engagement ring to kind of 'reseal the deal' when my marriage recovered from a very dicey period). I have tried a few brands of 'looky likey' brands, searching for that elusive stone, fake or otherwise that could possibly pass for a real diamond. For me the fondness for jewellery isn't anything to do with any perceived status, or showing off factor. I have a couple of pieces which I love, but don't wear out as they are too 'blingy' but I love to look at them in private. It's about the play of light on the object, the textures etc. For me in jewellery nothing is as beautiful as the way a diamond splits light. Even with the best stimulant, even Diamonique which I love and at it's best is very very close, you don't get that lance of coloured light that lasers out of the stone to somewhere in the back of your head.

      In the 'old days' you were confined to looking in actual shops or catalogues for jewellery. When you could find C.Z. pieces even when they were claw or bezel set and not glued in, they were set only in base metals, plated to look like gold or platinum. The coating would very quickly wear away, leaving you with a very sorry looking specimen. When television shopping started to take off in Britain more shops and jewellers seemed to catch up and start producing simulant set jewellery in silver or gold, these usually (even now) still contain lower standard C.Z. with a milky sort of flat white colour without much fire. However some catalogues do now seem to be providing nice quality simulant set jewellery in precious metals, but not in such a wide variety or at such good prices as QVC.

      Diamonique is QVCs own brand of (primarily) diamond simulant jewellery, and has been sold in the U.K. since 1994. Other stones are also simulated in this range, from coloured 'diamonds' to tanzanite, sapphire, emerald, opal, onyx, turquoise, pearl, topaz, appatite ... and more I'm sure, all done to the same high standard. The coloured stones are usually very accurate representations of the best quality examples of those particular stones. The tanzanite is quite clever as the natural stone is trichroic (it appears in 3 slightly different hues from different angles, rich purply blue, to pinkie shades, and brown/clear), and the Diamonique simulated version seems to capture this up to point (it's not obvious even in natural tanzanite). You do occasionally get a description which doesn't seem accurate, like Sapphire, when it looks more like topaz or some similar subtle delineation, but in fairness most of the presenters will pick this up and point it out.

      QVC boast that they have the best simulated diamond available anywhere, and having tried many other varieties, including rival T.V. shopping channels I'm inclined to agree. QVC are quite proud of the fact that Diamonique is quite high up on the Moh scale of hardness; the highest being 10 which is diamond. Then the corundums, such as sapphire and ruby, at 9 points. Diamonique comes in at an impressive 8.5, but all C.Z. measure the same on this scale anyway. Diamonique is sold in a giddy plethora of different cuts some of which you are unlikely to see on the high street, from the readily available round brilliant, princess and emerald cuts to pear, marquise, Escher, Flanders, Flame, Bloom, Rose... there are more I know but you get the picture. If you go for the cheaper silver range then you can experiment with different styles and shapes that you probably wouldn't risk if you had to pay a fine jewellery price for them. What I quite like about buying Diamonique is that you get to see it presented in a thorough way, either in Diamonique hours on the TV. channel, or via embedded video on the web site. The only downside to looking on the web site is that not every item has a video option, but lots do. The presenters while cheesy (sorry boys and girls) do give a lot of information about the product and explain the different looks that the different cuts and styles give. The videos give a good representation of the products, and QVC do not seem to use any enhanced lighting or filter tricks to make the product look better than it is, as was the case with some channels in the past. So you get the best idea of what you are potentially buying without actually seeing it in person. Talking of presenters, anyone remember Cathy Taylor from morning T.V. or Simon Biagi, or Debbie Greenwood... all QVC presenters.

      Diamonique comes in such a wide range of designs and sizes that there is something to suite the taste of everyone. QVC does make the occasional Diamonique design aimed at men, but there are some more flamboyant guys who wear some of the other designs too. The rings come in a huge range of sizes, commonly from I (they do occasionally provide H) up to about a V so should a guy want to wear a dainty solitaire, or big sparkly band ring he could probably find one to fit. QVCs jewellery apart from the plated versions (epiphany and Veronese) can be resized as with any other precious metal item, up to 3 sizes unless it is channel set or band ring with stones all around, then jewellers recommend that you do not resize or keep it to a minimum. These restrictions are the same for any finger jewellery. Bracelets, bangles, watches, often come in different size options, or have some kind of extender section allowing you to wear things at different lengths, or circumferences.

      The care of Diamonique is simple, you do have to clean it regularly just as with any jewellery to keep it at its best. Use hot water, and a small soft tooth brush or small make up brush, (so as not to make tiny abrasions on the metal) and give it a lathering with some washing up liquid. Make sure you rinse thoroughly so no trace of detergent is left and buff up with a clean lint free cloth or kitchen towel. As good as new, and it will always come up this way, the stones don't go milky with age as some C.Zs do.
      You can buy Diamonique jewellery cleaner (about £12) which brings any silver up a treat too. Never allow bleach to get near your silver Diamonique as it reacts with it (a protective rhodium coating perhaps?) and it will never come up the same again, looking quite grey. How do I know?... best not to ask.. blush.

      The QVC website is easy to navigate and is pretty intuitive and self explanatory. A good feature that the website has is that there is a section at the top of the home page called clearance, and this covers all the departments that QVC offer. If you click on this you can choose which department to browse. Within the clearance department there is also a sub section called last clicks where things can be reduced way below half price (not always such big reductions, but quite often half price). I lost one of my favourite Diamonique rings recently, and out of curiosity looked to see how much it would cost if I replaced it (I couldn't remember how much I'd paid, bad isn't it) I was chuffed to find it in last clicks, in my size, the original price had been £25 and it was there for £8!!! It's a great place to pick up a design in gold if they have something you like; I always check last clicks first before deciding on an item if I'm buying via the website. I got some lovely gifts there for most of my female relatives last Christmas. You won't see items restocked that have appeared in this section, as it is where the 'retired' pieces that have not sold out in the shows are displayed. So if you see an item there that you love it pays to either get it immediately if you can afford to, or resign yourself to the possibility that it may have gone never to return when you are able to get it. The different ranges do vary in price from full prices as low as about £8 to a few hundred for heavily worked pieces such as richly studded heavy necklaces or platinum pieces. QVC does also have hours devoted to end of range items on their T.V. channel, you can check the schedule online, or even get emails sent to you for specific product airings. When you buy anything from QVC you get a little slip with a few weeks T.V. schedules on it.

      If you are not sure of your ring or wrist size QVC can provide a sizer, which you can either print off from their site, or can ask them to send you one in the post. The sizes of the items are pretty accurate, but if you are buying a very wide band ring I would recommend sizing up one or two sizes, the presenters will usually recommend this too.

      On top of the wide variety of styles and cuts in Diamonique it also comes set in a wide variety of metals, from solid (950) platinum , epiphany (which is platinum 'clad') Veronese (which is usually thickly plated in 18ct gold), solid 14 ct gold, 18ct gold, in yellow white and rose colours, and silver. There is also a big choice of Diamonique 'collections' , from designers such as by Judith Ripka (I've never heard of her, but apparently big in America) Joseph Esposito (see previous bracket but substitute him), Tacori, which I had heard of, and quite like as they are a nice fit, being mainly J backed, celebrity inspired collections, by for example Tamara Beckwith (which I was surprised to find I liked), Tova Borgnine, married to Ernest Borgnine for those of us who are old enough for that to mean anything, (who comes over as insufferably precious, but again is quite popular). In fact a dizzying amount of choice, in everything from earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles, watches, ankle chains, toe rings, finger rings. One thing they don't do is a range specifically designed for children, which is a shame, as my little niece seems to have inherited my magpie gene, and has been trying to nick my engagement ring since she was two. I would love to be able to get her a silver Diamonique look alike.

      Diamonique is sometimes sold in 'sets' or 'collections' for e.g. an engagement style ring with an eternity style one, or several pairs of different cut earrings, or a 'suite' of earrings, ring and necklace, it's not always cheaper necessarily, but nice if you like to 'match'. You will have to mentally add postage to your items; this is made clear in the description of the item and is not a nasty shock at check out. Another good (or bad depending on your bank balance) thing about QVC shopping, is that ordering is very simple. When you buy your first item you have to do it by phone, and you will be given a QVC membership number and can choose your own pin. Your membership number will appear on the invoice for every item you receive. Your number allows you to access faster methods of placing an order, such as via your active button if you have sky, Q-cut which allows you to order by phone by just entering your membership no and following brief and simple prompts so you don't have to speak to anyone, or express checkout online. At present QVC still accepts cheques, but this is slower as they dispatch your item once the cheque has cleared, they also accept postal orders, and credit/debit cards (only the main ones though visa, mastercard etc). Sometimes you get free postage with Diamonique as with all ranges on QVC on for example 'Diamonique day' (which is usually the anniversary of the products introduction) this is worth using if you are planning on getting something as the postage is fairly hefty, and seems to vary randomly between about £2.45 and £3.95 per item. If you are buying more than one identical item then you get a reduction on the subsequent items. When your Diamonique arrives it is usually in a tealish blue box with a white ribbon crossed on the top and a little bow in the same ribbon glued on top. The boxes are only compacted cardboard, but they have a nice plush understated interior, and satin lined lid and are quite attractive and sturdy, with nice tension in the 'spring'. They resemble (apparently having never seen one) and as the presenters are wont to emphasise Tiffany boxes.

      The only thing I would say about the setting of Diamonique is that although it is done (in the main) beautifully, some items have a hollowed out section at the back of the band where the shoulders rest against the finger and behind the head of the ring. This can make the item feel lightweight and cheap. From the outside when on your finger (neckline, wrist or ears) it looks fine, but if you have family or friends like mine they will demand you remove your jewellery and let them try it on, thus revealing your 'secret' (if you haven't like me already blabbed, and assured them that 'it's only cheap'). The heaviest weight items are usually the silver and plated ranges, obviously being cheaper the manufacturers aren't as concerned about scrimping on the bits you can't see. Some of the gold rings don't feel very nice so hollowed out are they, and I don't believe the price point justifies such a severe restriction on the thickness of gold. However the gold 'is' a minimum of 14carat, and a lot of the items are heavier and don't have such dramatic scrimping. Indeed, I think possibly due to demand, QVC are introducing J backing and solid shoulders on a lot of items, (J backing is a smooth kind of attractive metal pierced inlay behind the head of the ring, that you often get with upmarket jewellery, so that the band sits comfortably against your finger) mostly in their designer and celebrity ranges, but it is starting to overlap into the other ranges too. You do have the option to return any item to QVC if you are not satisfied, including earrings even if worn (they claim to send them back for melting down if they are returned and not recycle to other buyers). You have 30 days to make up your mind, longer if you buy just before Christmas as they allow for the period of storage before you give the gift. The only complaint is that you do have to pay the postage of the return (although I have returned heavy items free of charge via their courier... I mean large household type heavy, not pat butcher earing type heavy).

      By the time I got my replacement engagement ring I had already had amassed a worrying amount of sparkly things from QVC, and one beautiful sunny day I decided to compare my diamond side by side with a Diamonique ring that I had in the same cut (pear) and similar carat size, outside in the blazing sun. I was astounded to realise that the sparkle was almost identical. The Diamonique really was as close as dammit to a real diamond. Something I will never admit, even under torture, to my husband, he wouldn't be best pleased to hear "actually that ring I paid £8 for ... it's virtually identical to my diamond ring". Having said that I do have another Diamonique ring (bought before either of the other two) in gold in the same cut, and it isn't as convincing. So don't be put off if your Diamonique doesn't quiver and scintillate as I may be implying, send it back and try another one, most of them are fantastic. These variations could just be down to minute differences at the cutting stage, or perhaps QVC doesn't source all its rough from the same place. Either way, I still think Diamonique really is the best reasonably priced Cubic Zirconium diamond stimulant you can readily find.


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        11.01.2010 18:00
        Very helpful



        Fool your friends into thinking you're loaded with some Diamonique bling!

        Today I'm reviewing QVC's famous Diamonique products in general and in specific the two rings that I ordered most recently... you see - that's the thing with Diamonique - it's so 'purse friendly', you see two designs you love and think 'waheyy! I'll have them both!'.

        For anyone not familiar with Diamonique - it's a range of jewellery (everything from earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, bangles - everything) all featuring simulated gem stones of all colours, notably the clear Diamond colour, which was the first and most important gem for the Diamonique brand. It's low cost (a fraction of the price if the designs used real stones) and looks stunning. That's the basics of Diamonique. And it's exclusive to QVC.

        I only switched the channel on for a few minutes because there was nothing else on TV: It was Silver Diamonique hour and this sparkly ring caught my eye - '£9.74 you say???' - 'I'll be having that!' I thought, and while I was dialing the number another one came on the TV and I liked that too! It was only £15 so I thought I'd get both and I could decide on which one to keep when they arrived.

        The guarantee with QVC is you have 30 days to try out the product and if you're not happy for whatever reason you can return the item for a refund.

        Postage and packaging is extra on all items at QVC and for small items like jewellery it's usually about £2.95. Which is a bit undesirable but you do get the guarantee and Diamonique is excellent value for money to begin with and QVC packages have always turned up safely in the post for me. So I don't mind so much. Unfortunately there's no 'combined postage' offers unless you're buying 2 of the same item, then there's a discount on the postage of the second item.

        But when they arrived, I couldn't part with either! I was thoroughly pleased with the quality and style of both rings and for the price I thought they were completely worth it, and I was worth it, so I kept them both!

        One ring is quite contemporary in a half bezel setting. I think this one is most likely to be caught out as a fake because of it's modern fashion jewellery look. But the stone is so convincingly fine and sparkly you'd be forgiven for thinking that it's the real thing. And the finish on the piece is very convincing - these aren't costume pieces you'd get in department stores or Marks and Spencers, Diamonique is far, far, far superior. Even though they're simulated diamonds, the manufacturers treat the stones like real ones and take time, care and pride in the design and manufacturing as you would with fine jewellery. The result is a very low cost product that looks and feels as good (if not better!) than jewellery found in the likes of Goldsmiths. It's not glued together haphazardly, and stones won't drop off or fall out. I must stress! - it's not 'junk jewellery'. It's real!

        The other ring has it's stones set in claw settings and again if this was sitting amongst the diamond engagement rings in a jewellers like Goldsmiths I doubt you'd pick it out as a fake! I've actually got a diamond ring from Goldsmiths (not a big bucks one, it was £300) and this £9.74 one looks a hundred times more expensive. It makes you wonder why to bother spending big money on real gems when QVC seem to have bigger and more sparkly offerings for a mere fraction of the cost. I'm incredibly impressed and super pleased with my purchase.

        Seriously, if someone presented you this ring, and got down on one knee, you would not question it for a second. That's actually worrying... but not a bad idea if you want a big glitzy engagement ring but can't afford the price tag. Only YOU would have to know.

        The only drawback I can see is that some designs (I spent a while on the website too!) are so flamboyant and just plain huge that there'd be that seed of doubt, you'd see it in people's eyes: 'that can't be real...it's too big!'. But again, the pieces are so stunning - would you care?

        I think the ring I got was exceptionally good value for under £10 and there are lots of other pieces around this price range. But don't be mislead - the Diamonique range is vast and there are lots of pieces at a higher price tag if you feel the need to spend more, or you want something more substantial like a tennis bracelet, or one of their pendant, earrings and ring sets. There's something for every need or budget.

        Diamonique comes predominantly in 925 Silver and all pieces are stamped e.g. '925 DQCZ', but there's also the 'Epiphany' range in platinum clad silver and collections of Diamonique jewellery in gold. I haven't bought any of these yet but I wouldn't hesitate to try them, I'm sure the quality is superb.

        My top tip would be to check the showtime schedule on www.qvcuk.com to watch the Diamonique hours - you'll get a sense of size and fit of the pieces as they're modeled by the presenter.

        Or browse directly by clicking on 'Jewellery' then 'Diamonique' at www.qvcuk.com, you can search by type of jewellery e.g. 'bracelets' or by collection - QVC like to separate them out into different collections, sometimes by specific designers or themes. There's always 'view all' if you're not sure and many of the items have a short video to watch, which is ideal if you've missed one of the shows.

        I think Diamonique is perfect for gifts and all the pieces come in light turquoise blue boxes with white ribbon bows tied around. They are a joy to open and gaze inside (as I did for a while before trying the rings on) and any recipient of such a gift will no doubt be over the moon. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentines, Thank you's, Well done's, Graduations... rainy days even! Diamonique is an excellent gift for others or to yourself on any occasion.


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          11.12.2008 05:57
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A brand of jewellery that meets the pocket of everyone and looks so real.

          Diamonique is sold by QVC and is a range of the best quality Cubic Zirconium that is on the market, so good that it looks like the worlds finest gem stones.
          Its not just the colour of the stones but the cut of the gems that makes this the finest I've seen .

          Each simulated stone is almost identical to the real thing and diamonique has a huge variety to choose from including :

          Diamonds ranging from pure white to yellow , black, grey and now brown.
          Ruby's, Emeralds, Tanzanite , sapphires, topaz as well as Opals ,pearls tigers eye, apatite and paraiba tourmaline such an array of magnificent stones you'll just have to look on the site to see them all for yourselves.

          The range consists of just about anything you can think of that is gem set including :
          earrings, necklaces, pendents, watches bracelets and brooches and I bet if you wanted something for a 12 year old 'young lady ' and a 90 year old 'granny ' this range will have just what you need.
          But I'm not talking about plain average settings , no QVC take the art of fine jewellery to the very edge of exquisite and some of the items I now own are just breath taking , so good that I've had many a 'posh' lady at one of the events I attend come up to me to admire my wonderful jewellery and of course when they ask is it real ................do I lie ?

          No of course not , 'yes its real ' I answer .............well its not fake Diamonique is it and she didnt ask if it was fake Diamonique did she? so technically I'm not lying, just stretching the truth a bit ( cough, cough)

          QVC also have a special range of Diamonique jewellery , these items are designed by the following people:

          Charlie Lapson.
          Joseph Esposito.
          Katja Von Wilke.
          Tamara Beckwith .
          And finally a name that is known far and wide for its exquisite creations , fine artwork and craftsman ship .............TACORI .
          TACORI has come to QVc , at this time QVC has just 34 of there creations especially made by Tacori for Qvc and boy , oh, boy they are stunning to say the least and worth a look at .

          You would think with such wonderful jewellery the cost would be out of the normal persons reach , but not so here is an idea of the prices you will pay for items :

          I've taken the prices below from the QVC website on the 11th December 2008 @ 4:am in the morning .

          Gold gem set rings start from around : £25.00

          Silver gem set rings start from around : £12.00

          Silver rings coated with Platinum & gem set from around : £12.00

          Sterling Silver as well as silver with a Platinum plate bracelets & Bangles start from around : £19.00 and go up to £263.00 but at the highest price the bracelets are just 'out of this world' and no one can tell the difference between these and diamonds.

          Necklaces start from around £16.00 and once again go right up to £277.00 .

          Broaches start from : £13.00 and go up to around £48.00 and in this section is a few sets , like earrings and pendents or two /three ring sets.

          I love Diamonique earrings as they are by far the best I've seen around and whats even better is that if you dont like them you can send them back ................YES , I said send them back , this is the ONLY company I know that lets you do this and its not just on diamonique earrings but across the board on all there earrings ,the reason is that any item sent back to QVc never goes back out to us the customers...........which in my book makes QVc one of the best companys around , think about it do you know many companies who have this policy across there whole range .............I bet not .

          The only condition they have is that you send any items back to them within the 30 day money back guarantee period.............what a 'gem' of a company !

          So if your thinking of investing in an item to wear for that new years party to 'wow' the other girls in the office or just to give to someone special ..............take a long look in QVC's Diamonique range and I dont think you will be disappointed .

          I'm one of the lucky people who own diamond jewellery , items that have been in our family since the 1700 and 1800's , some of the items are to good to wear everyday, some the insurance companies will only allow me to wear on speacil occasions.
          As its expected of me to turn up at an event 'decked to the nines' with wonderful jewellery........I'll let you into a big secret ............I cheat , a lot of the items I now wear are from the Diamonique range and know one has ever doubted that I'm not wearing real diamonds ...........as yet .


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