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Links of London Childrens Heart Sweetie Bracelet

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Brand: Links of London / Type: Bracelet

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    1 Review
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      17.01.2010 18:21
      Very helpful



      A beautiful bracelet you can add too and make your own.

      Links of London Children's Heart Sweetie Bracelet

      Price - £98 form Finnies the Jewellers in Aberdeen.

      Availability - These bracelets are widely available on the internet priced at around £100 or at any good jewellery store for a similar price. Be aware however there may be a delivery fee required if ordering on-line and so it may end up more expensive to do it this way.
      In my opinion I think it is better buying this instore as in our case it was a special purchase for a gift for our child and we wanted it to be a special experience.

      What are Links of London Bracelets? - The bracelets are sterling silver and are made up of hundreds of little loops which look like a hoop earing. There are also charms made which you can collect and add to the bracelet.
      However I think the bracelet looks gorgeous with none or few charms or with many. However the charms are quite expensive and usually start at around £15. In our case we bought the bracelet along with two charms and buy a new charm every so often. Even if you cannot afford to buy charms when you purchase the bracelet, it comes with a small heart already attached and as I already mentioned the bracelet looks great with or without charms.

      These bracelets are the same as the adult Links of London sweetie bracelets except that they are made for smaller wrists! My own bracelet is actually a child's version, not just because it was cheaper but the adult version was too big. This is a good way to save money if you do have a smaller wrist.

      My daughter had been wanting a charm bracelet which she could add to and collect charms for a considerable time. We had bought her a few cheap ones but they ended up looking too much like tat!
      I actually bought one of these for myself first because I considered it a lot of money to spend on something which my daughter might not look after. You can insure them however but obviously all this costs more money.
      Eventually we decided to get her one for her ninth birthday. She absolutely loves it and wears it all the time. We did consider not letting her wear it to school but since we insured it, we thought she may as well get as much wear out of it as she can. The bracelet is of great quality and even with her running and playing there is no marks, dents and no links have broken or fallen off. The catch is also extremely stong but also easy to remove. My daughter is able to do this by herself for example when she has gym.

      My daughter loves the fact that she can add to the bracelet and make it her very own. There is such a variety of charms available and you can attach adult or the kids charms to this. You can also use charms from a different manufacturer but I don't think these look as good as often they look too clumpy or heavy for the bracelet.
      My daughter actually prefers wearing her bracelet with less charms as she finds it can get a bit heavy and is more likely to catch on her clothes, etc. if there are many charms dangling from it. Therefore my daughter tends to rotate the charms she wears hence creating a new look bracelet each time.

      This bracelet doesn't need much looking after but can tend to look a bit dull after contact with chlorinated water so I use a drop-in and soak silver cleaner once every two months and this keeps it looking shiny.

      I would definately recommend this bracelet but to me it's not cheap so I would wait until your child is a bit more older and can appreciate and look after it properly. I would recommend this for children seven plus or for adults with small wrists.
      The bracelet looks simply stunning on and can even be bought in gold. I think the value for money is excellent as I have purchased many cheaper versions and they simply do not last. My daughter has even been swimming with her bracelet on and it looks as shiny as the day we bought it!


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