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Minecraft Creeper Bracelet (PC)

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Video Game for Windows / Published by

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    1 Review
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      01.04.2013 22:34
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      A nice little gift for a Minecraft fan

      My boyfriend is something of a game nerd - never happier than when he's sat in front of his computer, playing a game with friends, or by himself. One of the games he really likes is Minecraft - so much so that not only does he play, but he watches videos of others playing too!

      So, when I was looking for stocking filler gifts for him at Christmas, and came across this Creeper bracelet, I knew this was something he'd quite like.

      For those that don't know, Minecraft is a sort of mining and building game - you mine and harvest materials, and use those materials to make tools, weapons, and building materials, with which you build on your world. There isn't really a plot or a story line as such (it's sort of like Lego, but computerised), but one thing that does get in your way is the Creeper, who turns up at night time, and explodes, causing damage to players and the environment. Creepers, appearance wise, are mottled green with a black down turned mouth and eyes. (Apologies if this description is a little vague, I'm not a Minecraft player myself).

      The bracelet itself, is a vibrant bright green in colour, and features the creeper face, with it's typically blocky pixellated shape, the mouth down turned. It's made of a sturdy rubber, much like those rubber charity wristbands that were all the rage a couple of years ago. It feels really hard wearing - obviously with this having been a Christmas gift, it's been used plenty since getting it - it's been stretched, fiddled with, in and out of hot water, and nibbled on by an excited puppy, and aside from puppy teeth dents, is as good as new. There is no sign of the colour fading, the rubber perishing, or the black parts scratching.

      There are a couple of criticisms though. The first is that the rubber takes some stretching to get over my boyfriends hands (he does have quite meaty knuckles) even though we ordered the large size. The other is that I do think at £5 from Amazon it is rather expensive. I appreciate that it is officially licensed, and that naturally that does put the price up a little, and I also know that most game memorabilia comes at a premium, but even so, had this not been a perfect little stocking filler for a boyfriend that is fiendishly difficult to buy for, I probably wouldn't have spent that amount on what, essentially, is not much more than a bit of rubber.

      Overall though, he was really chuffed with this little gift, and has worn it pretty consistently ever since he got it, so I suppose it was money well spent.


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