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Noble Collection Harry Potter Time Turner

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Manufacturer: Noble Collection / Type: Necklace - Harry Potter

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    2 Reviews
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      07.06.2012 17:49
      Very helpful



      beautiful piece of harry potter memorabillia!

      I love Harry Potter, I am a huge fan of the books and the films, literally anything and everything to do with Harry Potter. Last year I took a trip to London with my friends, and more than anything I was looking forward to visiting the Hamley's Toy Shop as I knew they had a small Harry Potter section on the top floor, full of replica props from the films. This is what I bought, and it is one of my most prized possessions!

      This is a replica of the Time Turner used by Hermione Granger in the third film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Created by Noble, who specialise in film replica's and props, this is not really meant as a childs toy and is more of a collectable item.

      The necklace itself is really well made, I was very suprised by the quality of it when I held it in my hands. The attention to detail is very impressive and although it is not exactly the same as the one in the films - I actually prefer this one.

      The time turner comes in a very pretty wooden effect display box. The box has a mirror to the back and black detailing on the front to give it a very pretty vintage appearance. I love that you are able to dsplay the necklace when you aren't wearing it. Although I would say that to box feels a little flimsy and cheap (though it doesnt look it). I am not too concerned about this however as its just the display box, and the same CANNOT be said for the necklace itself!

      Some people might consider this to be quite expensive, and I suppose it is, but I am such a big fan that I really didnt care. Prices can vary depending on where you purchase it from, I purchased mine from Hamley's for £39.95. It tends to be priced between £35 and £50 depending on where you purchase it from. I have only ever seen these available in Hamleys, certain Forbidden Planet stores and online on wesites such as Amazon or Ebay for purchase.

      I absolutely love this necklace and it is one of my most prized possessions that I will treasure forever. I think that the necklace is really good quality, and a must have for any Harry Potter fan, even if it is not something you would wear, it looks lovely displayed in its box! The price can be considered a little expensive, but I think it is worth the cost as it is a collectors item and not a cheap toy. Noble have also released a range of other items in this series (which I already own) such as a Deathly Hallows Necklace, the Horcux Locket Necklace and the Horcux Ring. Overall I would recommend this product to any Harry Potter Fan!


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      15.05.2012 15:06
      Very helpful



      Harry Potter Time Turner!

      I was lucky enough to go to the Harry Potter UK tour on the 29th April (review is also on here!) and anyone who has read my Harry Potter book set will review will know I am a huge fan, so I decided to purchase a replica prop in order to remember my visit there.

      ==~~What is it?~~==
      This is a Time Turner prop, which was first used in the third film and book 'Prisoner of Azkaban' by Hermione Granger. It is basically a necklace with a time turner detailing pendant attached to it, completed in its own box. The idea of this pendant in both films and books is to go back in time and although this is not an exact replica to that of the one in the film, it is very similar.

      This is part of the Noble Collection; a collection bought out to be aimed more at collectors than children due to the quality and the fact that the props remain very similar to the film. Most of the items within this collection are life size and exact replicas, although there may be some slight alterations made.

      ==~~Price and Availability~~==
      This Time Turner is quite expensive, costing £39.95 (though compared to the prices of similar items at the tour it seemed remarkably cheap!). It is plated in 24 carat gold, which I think is reflected in the price. Nonetheless, after looking on Amazon I was happy with the price I paid as they are listed for anything around £42-£50. Although this time turner is listed under toys, I would say that due to the price and the quality of the item it is more of a collector's item or for someone a little older.

      This product is not something that is widely available in shops and I can only seem to find it on Amazon and eBay online. As said, I purchased mine at the Warner Bros Harry Potter tour and this is the online 'store' as such I have seen them being sold in, although they do not have an online store to buy from, making the product a little more exclusive.

      ==~~The Time Turner Necklace~~==
      The time turner necklace itself is very pretty and is not obviously something from Harry Potter and looks slightly vintage, which I think is what attracted me to it. It has a rather short chain, around 40cm so does hang quite high, though I like this. The chain itself is made up of quite thick loops, yet they are not so thick that they look 'chavvy' and still do look quite dainty.

      The construction of the Time Turner itself is really delicate and unusual looking. There are three circle shapes, one inside of another and the middle one is a more of a sic with the hourglass in the middle. The two larger circles are each inscripted with black, dated looking writing and the font on each of these circles is slightly different. The first circle reads 'I mark the hours everyone, nor have I yet outrun the sun' and the inner circle reads 'my use & value unto you depends are gauged by what you have to do'. The second circle inscription is slight different from the original one which reads 'depends on what you have to do', I think this may be so that it fitted the circle better, I don't feel this detracts from it in any as the inscriptions are still hugely similar.

      The middle circle/ disc is my favourite as this is where the hourglass actually is. The disc is a more solid circle, with tiny cut out stars. These are really small and pretty and I think it makes it that much bit more magical, hence relating it to Harry Potter. In the centre of this disc is the tiny hourglass and this is also very dainty. Inside this are tiny particles of sand, though they are quite gold/yellow tones and to me looks a little like sugar! These do move when the hourglass does and works in the same way in which a 'normal' size hourglass would.

      In the movie the time turner can turn round and this can do just that too. I do find this a little difficult and it does not seem to move as freely as the one in the movie. There are two dials either side of the necklace with allow the circles to move to give the necklace that 'time turning' effect. I think this is much easier to do when the necklace is on, than off, though I do find after a few turns it stops and you have to turn it the other way. I think this may be to stop the dial or the parts of the necklace becoming loose. The necklace does normally lie flat, though when turning the necklace the shape of it does become much more spherical, like that shown in the photo. Of course, the turning of the necklace does not actually have a use, but is a nice added extra in order to make it more similar to the prop used in the movies.

      The time turner itself is quite small, being between 3.5 and 4cm in diameter, which again makes the jewellery more dainty and slightly less Harry Potter focused. It does seem quite fragile and the metal is quite thin around this part, which is another reason why I do not think it is best suited to young children and should not be classed as a toy, on the box I received it in, it even stated 14+. The size of this object does make it a statement piece of jewellery, yet is not too large and in your face, though is still something that I would wear alone. The chain and necklace do not at all feel heavy and instead it feels much lighter to wear than I originally expected and therefore it comfortable to wear all day.

      The clasp on the necklace is a simple toggle clasp is which you purch the T-bar end of the necklace through the circular end on the other side of the necklace.. Although this does seem very simple, I find it to very effective and it does feel secure when wearing it. This type of clasp is easy to do by yourself and takes seconds to put on and remove. The clasp does seem to be quite large and nowhere near as dainty as the pendant itself, yet as it is not really seen and feels secure I do not really mind this.

      ==~~The Box~~==
      The Time Turner necklace comes in a lovely box, which looks like a miniature display tablet. It is made of wood which adds to the slight old fashioned and vintage look of the time turner. The box has a mirror at the back, which in frosted writing, near the top so it is not too obvious reads 'Harry Potter'. I think the box has been really cleverly thought out and believe it to be very effective. This is because just behind the mirror there is a slot in which you can pop the chain of the necklace, leaving just the Time Turner Pendant. You can then attach some of the chain to the inside of the lid, where there are two hooks in the centre. When you then pop the lid back on this gives the idea that the pendant is floating and looks almost 3D, or as if there are two necklaces due to the use of the mirror.

      The wood of the box is very smooth and has been painted with a black design in order to add some detailing, though I do think the box is slightly flimsy and although looks lovely on a shelf and I do think it will last a long time, I think the wood could have been made a little thicker, just so the quality would look a little better. I don't think the design of the box would fit everyone's house decoration or may not appeal to everyone's taste, though I think it is a nice added extra and it is nice to be able to display the necklace when you are not wearing it.

      The only downside about this is that the box and necklace are packaged seperatley when you recieve it, inbetween layers of sponge and polystyrene in order to keep it away from damage and then put in a carboard box. This would make the product hard to give as a gift as it is not very attractive giving the cardboard box and although you could open it to give the necklace in its own display box this means that the product does not seem new and should they not like it, they will most likely find it difficult to return.

      Overall, I really love my necklace and it is something lovely to remember my day by. I like the fact that it is quite dainty and although I am a huge Harry Potter fan, I like the fact that it is not an obvious Harry Potter piece and does just like a piece of statement jewellery. Nonetheless, I think this will appeal more so to Harry Potter fans due to the meaning of it and the fact it has been used in the films, though those who like the idea of time travel or future and past relationships may also find it appeals to them.

      I don't think it is something that I will be wearing everyday as although the time turner itself is smaller than I had expected, it is still rather large making it more of a statement than everyday piece. As said, I would not recommend this to young children as I do see it as a rather dainty/ fragile piece of jewellery than that of a child's toy.

      I was a bit worried as to whether I would find this tacky as a lot of film related memorabilia can be, however I was pleased to see that this was really delicate and it looked like time and thought had gone into designing as a piece of jewellery opposed to a plastic toy. I think the fact that is not in your face Harry Potter makes it lose the tackiness that it perhaps could have had. I would definitely recommend this necklace, though can see it appealing more to Harry Potter fans and was both pleasantly surprised by the appearance and the quality of the item and can now see why it was priced at the price it was!


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