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Nomination Charm Bracelets

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An alternative to Pandora, Nomination Charm Bracelets are a quirky way to personalise your jewellery. They are interchangeable and very reasonably priced - although it can sometimes be difficult attaching the links.

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    7 Reviews
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      01.01.2013 21:20
      Very helpful



      brilliant piece of jewellery

      ***Nomination Charm Bracelet***
      I have first been introduced to nomination bracelet by a friend who has received one for her birthday. I haven't heard of them before this time but liked the idea of them so did some further research on the net and subsequently put it on my Christmas wish list. I was pleased to see that my hubby actually paid attention to it and was happy to receive the nomination charm bracelet for Christmas this year including 4 charms. When received, bracelet was neatly gift wrapped in a little black pocket with "Nomination" written on it and placed in a little card box bag again with the logo on it.

      ***So what is Nomination Charm Bracelet?***
      It is bracelet made of links that join together by spring mechanism and which are then replaced by charms of your own choice to create and personalise the bracelet to your taste. Bracelet made out rust-free stainless steel and after some research, I was actually surprised to discover that nomination bracelets has been first "invented" back in 1980's in Tuscany, Italy by a clever man who wanted to design affordable jewellery for everybody to put their own personality to.

      Nomination bracelets are available in 4 different link sizes - classic, big, tiny and smarty. I have received the classic link bracelet which I was more than happy with. Because I have classic link bracelet, I can only buy classic charms. I would actually be happy with any link size apart from tiny, in my opinion is it too small for charms to really stand out and whilst some people might prefer it, I would rather wear something that I can see properly.

      Nomination bracelets that are mostly sold are made out of between 13 -18 links (depending how long you want it) with each link having "Nomination" engraved onto it. I believe you can buy extra links if you need your bracelet to be bigger. I received 18 link bracelets and initially took 2 links off it however it was getting uncomfortable at night and with it pinching my skin I added 1 link back on to it make it bit looser and more comfortable.

      ***What do I like about it?***
      Well, to start, the fact that I can personalise it according to my own taste. There are thousands of charms widely available to choose from and with the new designs coming out, you never get bored. For instance some of the charms available are: zodiac signs, letters, animal, nature, nations flags (I have now even found Slovakian flag which I plan to buy), blood types, daily life including occupations, foods, sports, fun, good luck, geometric, birth stones or even seasonal ones and this is just to name some from what is available. Add to this elegance charms collection, Cubic zirconia charms, Silver and Gold charms, you really are spoiled for choice, there really is something for everybody to choose from. Recently I discovered that options don't stop here and also more personalised charms are available such as having your favourite photograph made into a charm.

      I like the way the bracelet can be put on/taken off just by stretching; no fiddling with openings etc. I do not need to worry that I will accidentally loose it which would be very hard unless the bracelet is too long for the wrist and slips off.

      Bracelet is durable but very comfortable to wear (when not too tight), I have now won it for a week and whilst many of you might think this is not long enough, it is like lifetime for me and so far a have no complaints. Bracelet is still looking like new without any scratches. I do not like bracelets with things dangling of it as it catches on my clothes or really annoys me when typing at work so this bracelet is really ideal for me. Although you can buy charms which have thinks dangling of it, I will not be buying any of those for my bracelets due to reason above.

      Another advantage of this bracelet is that you only need to buy one (unless you like me and would like another one different size) to create more than one bracelet. Each time you add a charm onto you bracelet, you going to have to take one blank nomination link off otherwise you will end up with very long bracelet. Once you fill your bracelet with nomination charms, you will end up with blank link bracelet ready to create new one.

      Only slight complaint I would have about the bracelet is how fiddly is to put the charms on. To replace a link with a charm or simply just remove a charm, you going to have to stretch the bracelet and unhook the charm/link you wish to remove. This is not such a problem; each link/charm can be stretched and has a little hook on one side. To put the link/charm on, you need to stretch your bracelet and link/charm at the same time, this can be very fiddly due to charm being quite small and may result in getting blisters on your thumb which happened to me on Christmas day as I would not stop messing around with links and re-ordering charms. This is not a massive issue though as once you get used to doing it, you will find your way getting link/charms on and off without any problems. OR another solution to this is to purchase nomination charm tool for just £6.50 (I definitely I will) which helps getting charms on/off and saves your thumbs.

      ***Is there anything else?***
      Yes of course. In addition to range of charms, base bracelet can be also purchase in classic gold (not real gold just gold plated assuming by the price), bronze (again just plated) or titanium base. And not to let men to feel left out, Soho collection for men is also available.

      ***Let's talk prices!***
      18 link stainless steel base bracelet only cost in region of £10. If you choose bracelet with less links price goes down, 13 link bracelet (I believe this is the smallest one) cost around £7.50. For other base bracelets such as gold, bronze or titanium you will be looking at paying around £30.
      Charms cost between £16 - £40 again depending at what you get. On average though, most charms cost around £22 which is affordable enough should you want to treat yourself, other people as a gift or even to receive as a gift.

      Nomination bracelets are getting very popular nowadays and many even small local jewellers now stock good range of charms and bracelets however I have found that I can find better variety on-line.

      ***So would I recommend?***
      Oh yes, definatelly!!!! With those prices, you cannot really go wrong. Bracelet is very stylish in my opinion even when not fully completed with personalised charms. And with thousands of charms available on the market, this is ideal affordable jewellery or even a gift.

      My favourite website to browse charms is http://www.joshuajamesjewellery.co.uk but there are plenty others available.

      Thank you for reading.


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        18.12.2011 16:57
        Very helpful



        A stylish bracelet tailored to suit you

        Produced by Nomination, the world's largest manufacturer of Italian charm bracelets, the Nomination bracelet is a staple piece of many people's wardrobes. Both my mother, sister and myself own a nomination bracelet and it's always a great solution when you are stuck for a present to buy. Available in 4 different sizes from large to small, there's one to suit everyone depending on your own personal preference. We all own the classic size which sits snugly on the wrist without getting in the way and it looks very pretty. I have had a lot of compliments on mine and I wear it for pretty much every occassion whether it be formal or everyday.

        There are a huge selection of charms to choose from and there is plenty of variety on offer as well from birthstones and letters to cute animals and items that reflect your hobby. While mine is a mish mash of things that are personal to me, milestones in my life and things that I like, my mother has a theme with hers which is the birth signs, stones and letters of her nearest and dearest. It really is something that you can treasure forever.

        Made of a stretchy stainless steel, the bracelet slides on and off eradicating the annoying trickyness of clasps. To change the charms the links slide out and clip back in, a skill which I have yet to master as I find it quite tricky to hold the bracelet apart at the same time as clipping one in. We have found sliding a pin through to stretch out one side is quite a good method of changing them.

        A starter blank bracelet retails in at under ten pounds which makes it a great gift for someone who hasn't already got one and thereafter the charms are about thirteen to thirty pounds depending on what style you go for. Some are enamel and eighteen carat gold so obviously these ones cost a little more.

        While the charm bracelet is more practical than the traditional sort of charm bracelet that dangles and gets in the way, the flat style of the charms means it never gets in the way, though occassionally, the bracelet can nip the skin if it catches you. I have only encountered a couple of problems with my nomination bracelet and I have had it for years now. Firstly, the bracelet can get quite dirty between the links, so I recommend cleaning with a cotton bud inbetween the links every now and again. Secondly out of the many charms I have had, one of the dangly ones unfortunately broke off, however my local Silver Shop were happy to fix it for me without quibble. Lastly, after some time the enamel can become a little scratched which is only natural as I wear mine nearly every day.

        The nomination bracelet is a refreshing affordable change to the traditional clunky charm bracelet and with plenty of styles and sizes to chose from it really is a bracelet that you can design yourself. Elegant and classy, it is worth every penny as you can wear it again and again. I would definitely recommend this to others and after some people have seen mine they have gone out and bought them for themselves. Another brilliant thing about this bracelet is, if you keep the spare links that you take out when you buy a new charm, by the time you have completed your bracelet, you will also have enough spare links to create a new one. It's the bracelet that just keeps on giving. However I would say that you should start off with quite a few charms on it if possible otherwise it looks a little bland.


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          13.05.2011 14:31
          Very helpful



          My little piece of Italy

          I was introduced to Nomination by a friend who had received one as a birthday gift. I am not usually a jewllery person in fact the only jewellery i own are my wedding and egagement rings and a chain from my children BUT now these have now become my not so secret no so guilty pleasure.
          This review is mainly based on the 9mm composable bracelet.

          Nomination say the following on their website-
          'All Made in Italy, NOMINATION produces fashionable pieces for men and women made of highest quality stainless steel and 18k gold, combined with precious & semi-precious stones, skilfully placed zirconia and diamonds. NOMINATION is the original creator of the Composable Charm Bracelet and a worldwide leader in the stainless steel jewellery market since 1987.'

          They are quite easy to find and are on sale in most jewellers and vary widely in price. There are six collections in total comprising of
          -Gioielli women's
          -Gioielli men's and

          The initial stainless steel bracelet cost around £5 and consists of around 18 charm blocks although others can be added. The actual charms vary from around £10 to about £40 depending on design and the individual shop expensive yes but they are beautiful little things. On a major plus note when you buy a charm you remove a plain from the bracelet but you keep it and when the bracelet is full you have a brand new one to start! Also they are expandable so there are no clasps to faff around with.

          ***What sizes are there?***
          There are four bracelet sizes Tiny, Smarty, Classic and Big. Although not all charms are available in all sizes.

          ***What charms are available?***
          Well I find this the most exciting part! There are (according to Nomination) over 3000 different charms to choose from in four size's ranging from tiny to chunky. There is also a dangle collection with little Batman signs etc on links. They are all made with elements of enamel, gold, precious stones etc. They also cover every subject imaginable from medical conditions to Christmas! For example I have a little breast cancer ribbon one which is made of 18k gold and painted and it cost me the best part of £30 whilst my little plain one in just gold cost me £15.

          ***Do they have to be Nomination charms to fit?***
          Well yes and no. Only certain sizes will fit certain bracelets and the best ones do come from Nomination themselves, But you can buy imitation charms on eBay for around £1 each, this does give you more choice for example I had one specially made in memory of my son, of which Nomination don't do. But if you want the highest quality I will say go for the originals, more expensive yes but if it breaks Nomination will fix it for you for free.

          *** Would they suit me***
          This is a resounding yes. Because you choose the size and each charm they become a one-off. Also because of the colours they do go with pretty much everything. Mine never comes off even in the bath so they are washable to. The only issue I find is that because they are stretchy they can nip the skin some times. The shop where I bought mine told me that they a hypoallergenic and rarely cause reactions.

          ***Can I see?***
          Yep on www.nomination.com. Here you can also design bracelets and buy charms direct from Italy.

          ***Overall opinion***
          I love mine and although the charms can be expensive for what they are, they are of an extremely high quality and look beautiful when the bracelet is full. They make lovely presents ( I bought one for my nan too!)and none of my family are ever stuck as to what to buy for me. I will definitely be filling up the empty one I have now! I would say I find them more directed at women than men though as the charms can be quite girly.
          I am still going to award this 5 stars though as it is the one piece of jewellery that i adore.


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            18.03.2011 16:05



            I own six nomination bracelets....I love them! Now ive made sure all the ladies in my family have one, not only do they look great and with a wide choice of charms to pick from they make buying presents easy and thoughtful. Everytime you buy a charm it frees up a plain link to start another bracelet with...genius! They also have a great range of fixed bracelets that have gems or charms hanging from them that you dont have to add to, these are lovely when worn together or on there own. Lots of people comment how unusual my bracelets are and I love introducing people to the range.


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            16.02.2011 00:48



            Nomination Charm Bracelet

            What I love:
            I love the elegance, class and simplicity of the Nomination charm bracelets. They make a wonderful gift, because the charms are simple to swap over, and easy to find and purchase online.

            There is such a large variety of charms available that its fast and easy to build up a personal design that is much cleaner and neater in style than traditional pendant charm bracelets.

            The modern design allows these bracelets to be easy to wear anywhere, just as suitable as smart office jewellery as they are a stylish feature with evening-wear.

            What I don`t love:

            I don't know who had the wise idea of matching the Stainless Steel and Gold together in charms, but it really does not work, Gold and Steel look sooo tacky together and it cheapens the style.

            The copycats have caught on already and are selling shoddy fake charms, so buyer beware and make sure you get your charm links from an official Nomination stockist.

            The official Nomination website is very difficult and frustrating to navigate.

            Summary: 5 stars for a gorgeous bracelet that you can customize as you go!


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            26.02.2010 14:56
            Very helpful



            Memories captured in a charm with Nomination Charms

            I have been bought a Nomination bracelet for my birthday and after dealing with Pandora for many years I love the change Nomination has brought. I wasn't too sure about it at first, but then the price of these little links, it makes a perfect gift for anyone to buy.

            The base bracelet starts off at £5 then most of the links range from £14 -£ 30 more reasonable when buying a link as a gift for someone. The price is definitely cheaper due to the fact they use stainless steel but the charms are lovely and certainly does not look cheap when you are wearing it.

            The charms are classic and stylish all rolled into one and unlike the other charm bracelets around this can be worn on a daily basis with no problems at all. The fact it is made from stainless steel you dont have to worry about maintenance of the bracelet as it does not become dull looking. Having seen the wide range of semi-precious stones, cubic zirconia, 18ct gold and enamel charms there is definately something for everyone.

            I did find it difficult how the interlocking links link together at first, but holding the bracelet out on one side there is a link which if you pull will come out a little way from the bracelet and this will then a attach to the furthest link via the little rim section. The key is to make sure you pull out the link far enough so it can link easier. Practice makes perfect and now I can change the look of my bracelet to suit any outfit I'm wearing literally on a daily basis. Once you have attached a new charm to this bracelet you do not have to worry about it coming detached, the bracelet is very secure.

            It is also great for people of all size wrists the average size wrist takes 18-20 links however the basic base bracelet when bought anywhere comes with 13 links so be aware you may need to buy additional links, as 13 links is very small. The bracelet is easy to wear once attached you can simply put over you had to wear and take it off that way again. I did find sometimes with my Pandora bracelet I had to ask my husband to fasten the clasp for me before I got the hang of it.

            Unlike other charm bracelets the charm is on top of a link, so all you need to do when you buy one is take off the plain link and attach the new one. I have already started putting all my plain links in a seperate box as this will make another base bracelet when I have finished or it can start someone else off with a Nomination bracelet.

            I hope this has been of some help to anyone wishing to buy this brand, I certainly love it and it is a great way to capture those precious moments in life and remember them forever.

            You can buy Nomination charms online or via the shops, type into google Nomination Stockists and this will bring up a number of approved Nomination sites.


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              05.06.2009 20:14
              Very helpful



              A great way for you or a loved one to express yourself through a fashion accessory.

              ***How I became to know about this brand***

              I was ten years old and my Mum and Dad brought me a charm bracelet, it was a 18 carrot gold quite chunky chain and started off with a little ballerina and a horseshoe on, as the years went by myself and my family collected many more for my bracelet and by the age of thirteen I think I had about fifty charms on it.

              I treasured this bracelet for those three years but when I got to that all important fashion aware age, I began to think that it was a little bit chavvy and not as fashionable to wear a charm bracelet anymore. So in it went into my jewellery box for safe keeping, and to this day it's still is in there, gathering dust but is to sentimental to ever part with.

              A few years back while working in our office in Belgium, (I work for a truck breakdown company) I sat with our Italian team and while working with them I kept noticing the girls had these really lovely and very modern charm bracelets, unlike my old bracelet there was nothing bulky about them and they looked really stylish. Upon asking them about them they told me that the company who makes them are called "Nomination" and that there were hundreds of charms available from their online site, certain stockists and eBay and that they were of a reasonable price.

              When I got back to the UK, I was telling my friend about the bracelet and she told me that she has heard about these bracelets already, from a magazine showing JLo and Britney and that their was one stockist in Rugby, and that I should go and have a look.

              A few weeks later, I went to the store in Rugby that stocked the bracelets, and I was shocked to find out how very reasonably cheap they were, and how many gorgeous charms you could buy for them.

              From that day I was hooked, and not only me, but my Daughter, Niece, Sister, Mother In Law all have them as well now, it certainly has made buying birthday and xmas presents much easier.

              My Daughter was brought many links for her christening presents, which I think was much better than ten silver money boxes and seven silver egg cups like my Son received.

              They are great presents for any occasion, and I have recently seen quite a few men wearing them also, although I have not converted my Husband to the idea of getting one as yet.

              ****Who are Nomination****

              Nomination is the name of the Italian company owned by the Gensini family, who designed and have produced this bracelet and other products for many years.

              The bracelet was originally design by the founder of the company, a gentleman called Paolo Gensini, whom lived in a small town in Sesto Fiorentino, near Florence Italy.

              He wanted to design a fashion accessory that was capable of expressing one's personality, values, passions, politic, secrets etc. He then looked at the original concept of the traditional charm bracelet and he then went onto design a more modern version of this.

              His company is still to this day a family run company and has stuck to its Italian roots, but it has now become a world wide success and a respected company and worldwide leader within the steel and gold jewellery market.

              The bracelet has been worn by many celebrities and sport stars etc., which has also made the company become more popular and established over the past few years.

              Due to the popularity of the initial bracelet the company now offer a range of different designs and products for all tastes.

              Their other products include a variety of different collections and designs examples are their range of watches again with the link option, which I must admit I'm quite tempted to purchase thought it would look nice with my existing bracelet, actually its probably more for the reason I have filled my bracelet and want to collect some more.

              They also have in production some gorgeous styles of necklaces and bracelets, with crystallized Swarovski crystals and butterflies made from crystals. They really are gorgeous.

              They have a huge range and too many to name, but take a browse through their website they have some really great collections.

              **** What are Nomination bracelets? ****

              They are basically the same idea as the traditional charm bracelets that we all know of or have seen, but these bracelets have a more modern style, and a bigger selection of charms, again with a more modern range to choose from to form your personalised charm bracelet.

              The bracelets consist of links; all with a spring loaded mechanism, in a high quality stainless steel that they guarantee will not tarnish or fade.

              You can then purchase numerous designs of charm links such as; letters, numbers, flags, zodiac symbols, sports, animals, messages, birthstones, good luck symbols' and so many more, there are just too many to list.

              Also the charm links come in a variety of different specifications, such as 18k gold, diamonds, hand painted enamel, zirconia, precious and semi precious stones.

              The link charms also have some that have dangly options on them and also you can get double charms, so one charm but double the width.

              They come in numerous sizes also, dependant on what you are looking for, I have the classic design, but my niece (12 months) has the design which is called smarty, it's a lot slimmer and for her little wrists, it's ideal. There are four sizes in all; big base, classic base, smarty base and tiny base.

              Basically you start with a normal bracelet with the plain nomination links on, they are basically a stainless steel link with the word nomination engraved onto the front and back that links into another one the same and forms the bracelet.

              You can then start purchasing your charm links over time, and basically you take off a plain nomination charm, and slip on your charm link.

              Upon purchasing a new charm link, I put my plain link in my jewel wry box, and after time of collecting the charms you will then have enough plain ones to start another bracelet again, or like I have done, made them into a bracelet for my daughter and then while saving her links and the rest of mine have done another one for my best friend.

              ****Cost of bracelet and links****

              The plain Nomination stainless steel links range from 50 pence up to about 75 p, I have never heard of anyone one selling them for more than that, I needed 16 links to fit round my wrist, so my starter bracelet cost 8 pounds.

              The charms then range from 8 pounds to about 40 pounds dependant on what stones, designs, size of links etc you choose.

              ****Where to buy****

              There is only one nomination store which is in Westfield London Shopping Centre, Ariel Way, London W12 7GE.

              Although there are many independent authorised stockists, if you go to the nomination website, www.nomination.com/en and there is an option for you to get a list of stockists nearest to where you live and also there are online stockists and eBay also sell the links, although I'd be careful as there are many copies and replicas out there and they are nowhere near the standard you get from the Nomination authorised range.


              A really nice modern charm bracelet that can be used to show your personality and hobbies etc, also is really nice for presents, I have ones brought me from my children for mothers day, one with a bunch of flowers design and the other saying best mum, and my husband brought me one on our wedding anniversary with a butterfly which was our theme at our wedding.

              These bracelets can be a really personal thing and can hold a huge amount of sentiment, I love them and I'd be lost without mine, I hope this one will never end up in my jewellery box with my old Gypsy looking style one gathering dust.


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              Nomination is the world's largest manufacturer of Italian charm bracelets.

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