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Ortak Celtic SE33 Stone Earrings

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Brand: Ortak / Type: Earrings

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    2 Reviews
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      12.10.2013 15:04
      Very helpful
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      'Ortak Celtic SE33 Stone Earrings' A must have

      'Ortak Celtic SE33 Stone Earrings'

      I have always been into pagan and Celtic style jewellery ever since I can remember. I was fell in love when I opened the 'Ortak Celtic SE33 Stone Earrings' on my birthday.

      These earrings look amazing. In the box they were presented so well. They are made of soild sterling sliver with a real black onyx stone at the end of a sliver Celtic design. You can see that they are a real, quality piece of jewellery just by looking at them.

      The 'Ortak Celtic SE33 Stone Earrings' are available in 'Black onyx', 'Amber' and 'Opal Triplet' which are all stunning beautiful. They come in both sterling sliver and 9ct yellow gold, I personally prefer sliver to gold. Each set of earrings also has a matching bracelet, ring and necklace, each sold separately of course. The earrings range in price depending on the style you want, for example, the 'Black onyx and sterling sliver' set costs £84.00, however the '9ct yellow Gold and opal triplet are the most expensive at £336.00.

      On my first time wearing these earrings I was surprised at how lightweight they were given the amount of craftsmanship that had gone into making them but also considering that they are real sliver. They in noway weigh your ears down, yet they are heavy enough to be recognized as a good quality, real piece of jewellery. I adore the onyx stone in them, because I am quite fair I feel the dark stone really brings out my complexion and I also wear a lot of black or darker colors so they make the perfect accessory for me.

      Over all I defiantly recommend these earrings to anyone who wants a real, quality well made pair of earrings that compliment any outfit or occasion. A definite must have in any jewelry collection.


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        06.11.2011 13:36
        Very helpful



        A great pair of elegant and chic earrings that adds style to outfits

        I have been a huge fan of Ortax jewelry ever since my 21st Birthday when I received a stylish silver bangle from my aunt and uncle for my birthday. 18 years later I still have this piece and still wear it today showing the classic appeal of some of their designs and these earrings are not exception.

        As the name probably tells you this firm is based in the Orkney Islands and you can see how the islands heritage of ancient Norse and Scottish history influences a lot of the designs. The founder, Malcolm Gray based himself in the islands and the manufacture of Ortax jewelry is still on the islands today nearly 30 years after the company first started.

        What these earrings look like and what I think about the design
        ************************************************* ***

        As the name suggested these earrings have their design origin in Celtic history. The drop has the look of the Celtic endless knot design that is very classic in a lot of Celtic jewelry both modern and historical. It is a design that I love in jewelry design as it helps me keep in touch with my Scottish roots and has a timeless appeal to me. The brooch that can be bought with these earrings is also an endless knot design. The earrings I have are made from 925 sterling silver and onyx. But you can also get it in other stones such as amber and in gold as well. I personally love the contrast that silver and onyx has of the light and the dark and think it makes them look very classic and elegant. The have a drop of 3 centimeters from the top to the base of the earring and at its widest point they are 1 centimeter and weigh 3.3 grams so they are not a heavy earring that is going to stretch your lobs. The hang by a small stud rather than a hoop and I prefer this style of design for drop earrings as it seems to make them feel more secure and less likely to fall out.

        I think the design of the earrings is timeless and classic in their design and I have had them for several years and whilst they are never the height of fashion they neither look old fashioned or dated. Instead they look graceful and chic and add a sense of panache to any outfit that you are wearing and can help give you a sense of confidence.

        When I wear them
        As they are such a timeless design I think they go well with most outfits be it a smart outfit for work and how with the clean lines of the earrings they can make you look professional and smart. With a pair of jeans and a warm jumper in winter they can jazz up an outfit to make it look a little bit special for a lunch out with friends. I will also wear these with the little black dress for evenings out or a black top with a skirt as the black in the dress contrasting with the silver and onyx of the earrings makes a very clean and elegant look. This is especially true if there are candles on a table as they can glitter and twinkle in the light. As they are so simple in their design I think they can add a bit of simple chic to most outfits.

        How to keep them clean and the how well they last
        As with all silver over time they can start to loose a bit of their shine so I tend to clean them with silver polish. It is a bit tricky to get all of the earrings nice and clean with the curved design but using a cotton bud with the silver polish seems to work quite well I find at both applying the cleaner to them and to remove it.

        I have had these earrings now for many years so long that I can't remember when I got them, during this time I have never had any problems with the fastening becoming loose or the drop part of the earring becoming detached from the stud so I can honestly say they are very well made and well crafted and I can't see any problems with how well they will continue to be problem free.

        Overall and recommendation
        I love these earrings they are staple in my jewelry wardrobe especially in the winter when they add a bit of sparkle to winter days and jumpers for meals out with family and friends. At around £80 for the pair they are an investment piece of jewelry in my mind rather than a throw away fashion piece of jewelry you can pick up at the supermarket. They would make a lovely Christmas present or similar for some one who lives Celtic designs and graceful lines in their jewelry. They can be bought either direct from Ortax on the web or via Amazon


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