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Pandora 590705CGY-S Single Weaved Leather Bracelet

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3 Reviews

Brand: Pandora / Model: 590705CGY-S / Type: Bracelet

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    3 Reviews
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      29.12.2013 17:10



      Great bracelet, highly recommended

      I had the silver bracelet first but it only lasted around a year, as the metal connections seemed to stretch and made the bracelet too big for me. I swapped my silver bracelet for a leather bracelet around 3-4 years ago and its still going strong. It doesnt pinch your skin, and looks very smart in the black colour. I have teamed mine with mainly silver charms, so it matches all outfits and I wear it every day. I even wear it in bed and only take it off to shower, so it is very durable. It still looks brand new after wearing it every day for nearly 4 years. I cant see it going out of fashion either because it is simple yet classy. I was worried it might not be very strong but it has been through the test whilst I've been wearing it, and its still and strong as anything. The price is also very reasonable, and with the option of buying charms, you can add to your bracelet as and when you can afford it, instead of buying a £600 bracelet in one go.


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      11.03.2012 13:47
      Very helpful
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      Unforgettable moments!

      It seems that bracelets, particuarly of the charm variety have become increasingly popular over the last few years and one brand in particular is that of Pandora. I have had a trollbead bracelet for a couple of years and I love the mythological aspect of it, however, often found that the range of beads was not as large as that of Pandora and I often like some Pandora beads which could not be bought among the Troll lot, so when I recieved this bracelet with a bead as a gift from my Aunty I was delighted!

      ~~What is it?~~
      Pandora are a brand that specialises in charm bracelets, though also sell rings and necklaces. The story behind it (as far as I know) is that two brothers were working together to make OOAK charm bracelets many years ago, however they fell out. One brother then produced the bracelet Trollbeads and a couple of years later the other brother bought out Pandora. Pandora are probably most well known for their silver charm bracelet, however the one that I recieved was one of their single braided bracelets. This has the same idea behind it as the silver ones and caters for beads in the same way, however there is no way to seperate the beads using spacers / stoppers due to the fact that there is no clips on it and due to it being of a less robust material you are only reccomended for it to hold between 7 and 9 beads.

      ~~Price and Avaliability~~
      This particular bracelet costs £40, which is actually only £5 cheaper than ther lobster claw clasp bracelet. I think this is a fairly good price and is great price for if you are just starting out to collect and want to buy a relativley affordable bracelet to being with.

      They can be purchased from Pandora shops and there are also lots of independant retailers that sell them, I think they are limited to one or two independant sellers per area, however, they are widely avaliable on the internet, but please check out for fakes!

      It comes presented in a lovely Pandora box, complete in Pandora bag with ribbon, so they are really nicely presented, which also makes them great gift ideas

      In the single braided bracelets there are a few colour variations and also that of length, so that you can pick a bracelet to suit your wrist size (remember to leave room to add beads to the bracelet). My bracelet was a pink single braided one as at the time it was a limited edition one for Cancer Research with some of the proceedings going to charity (though I do *think* they have now made the avaliable as another colour variation), however other colours avaliable are; black, pearl, red, grey and brown.

      They each come in the following lengths; size 1 17.5cm, size 2 19cm and size 3 20.5cm.

      ~~The bracelet~~
      The bracelet is pink braided leather which is done is vary tight, neat way which means the bracelet looks quite skinny. One the end it has the clasp which says Pandora on it, with the crown above the O. Inside the clasp it also says 'ale' and '925', which all genuine items do. The clasp does seem quite bulky in comparison with the actual bracelet, however, I soon notice that once I started to put beads on it it no longer looked so big.

      The bracelet also has the 'screw' bit on one side ot the clasp which you need in order to wist your beads on and it can also stop them sliding off should your bracelet ever come undone accidently. The silver on the bracelet is very shiny and is not the same kind of dull silver that the Trollbeads have, to look at I think the bracelet is a very understated simple, yet attractive version of the silver Pandora bracelet.

      ~~My thoughts~~
      I really like this bracelet, I find it extremley versatile and easy to wear with almost anything. It is easy to add or remove beads as you wish, creating different looks for the mood you are in. It can hold both silver and the murano glass beads, however I do find that is you place on it the larger silver or murano glass beads they do look a little our of place and do not compliment the bracelet well as they look much to large for it in comparison with the little braid. At first I found the clasp very difficult to open and close, however, after a a week or two it soon began to become looser, not so that it would come undone, but just so that I could open and close it with more ease.

      I like the fact that it is leather and not silver, as although I know people do wear their silver ones everyday, I do think that it makes the leather ones just that much more casual. Though I do find that due to the fact it is leather is seems to become dirty quite quickly and he pink has turned to a dark drey/ black on some of the edging of the bradiding. There are also some areas where the pink colour has completley rubbed off, I had kind of expected this to happen, but nonetheless it is not very attractive to look at. Though I do find that when you have a good amount of beads on here that this is barely noticable and people do tend to commet on the beads you have and why you've got them / story behind them opposed to the actual bracelet.

      The fact that you can only have a maximum of 7 or 9 beads on there does not bother me as I think it looks a little silly full and will cause it to break / discolour quicker. When it has this amount of beads on it allowed the bracelet to look effective, yet not at all overcrowded, though I do sometimes find that all the beads can spin round to the bottom of the wrist, meaning it looks like I don't have any on the top. Due to the fact it can only hold this number of beads I do think it is best suited to those who are starting off a collection and are planning to buy a silver bracelet in future, or those who have a silver bracelet but would like another one just for any extra beads they have.

      I also like the way that the bracelet goes through the charms, instead of the charms attached to the bracelet and dangley. This is because I often find the dangley ones get in the way or caught on things, however, this way the beads are all quite contained and look neatly presented. There are dangley ones avaliable from Pandora, however, these are still attached in the same way, still meaning that they are quite contained!

      -Is lovely and casual so can be worn daily
      -Can swap beads as often as you like to creat different moods/styles
      -Clasp is secure
      -Good price
      -Different colours and sizes avaliable to suit most people

      -Leather can begin to look grubby / colour wears off
      -Beads have to be suited to the colour of your bracelet, otherwise it could clash
      -Can only hold 7-9 beads
      -Will not last as long as silver bracelet

      Overall I am very pleased with my bracelet as it has allowed me to start collecting some Pandora beads and being my story! I can not see it lasting me half as long as the silver ones and I do only see it as a starting bracelet or for those of you with extra beads due to the fact of it discolouring and I do think one day it will actually snap.

      I would still reccomend this bracelet though as it is well made as it can cater for a good amount of beads to begin a collection and is able to look effective and the clasp is still very secure. I would only reccomend it for a starting bracelet though and those who want a Pandora bracelet to tell their 'life time' story I suggest looking into a silver bracelet, opposed to the leather one. Other than this I can not really fault it as it has served me well and the clasp has never opened when it shouldn't have or become less secure and it still looks lovely and shiny. I have also noticed that even used ones (which have some discolouration/ look a little grubby) are selling for £20 or more on eBay, so you still get a goog comeback should you decide to go on and buy a silver one!


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        20.01.2012 08:51
        Very helpful



        A lovely casual looking leather charm bracelet

        I bought myself the single weaved leather pandora bracelet around six months ago. I wanted a different look occasionally for some of the pandora charms that I already had on my sterling silver pandora bracelet. I've also bought some charms specifically for this leather bracelet. The single weaved leather bracelet was £40.00.
        I bought the 19inch, the leather bracelets only come in 3 sizes - 17.5inches - small, 19inches - medium, and 20.5inches - large. The leather bracelets come in quite a few different colours, I bought the deep purple. The leather bracelet is also available as a double weaved bracelet which wraps around your arm twice, I personally much prefer the single one that I bought.

        I do find that my leather bracelet creates a slightly more casual look than my silver bracelet. I tend to wear this one more with jeans, for a dressed down look. The leather bracelet has the same pandora clasp as the silver one, whereby you insert your fingernail to open it, and you push the clasp back together to close it. It also has the same mechanism at the end of the bracelet to twist your charms on.
        The leather bracelet however is not able to hold as many charms as the silver bracelet, if you put too many charms on it it will just stretch out of shape and it will be ruined. I've only ever worn a maximum of four charms on this, but I believe that it can hold up to six. My leather bracelet hasn't stretched at all, I think that I will just stick to four charms on it to ensure that this stays the case.
        As with each pandora bracelet this bracelet is unique to me, to my memories, to my gifts and to my occasions. I do change the charms that I have on here quite often; to go with what I'm wearing, to suit my mood, to suit the occasion etc, and I love that you can do this so quickly and easily. You do have to take more care with this leather bracelet though than with the silver, DO NOT get it in water, and be carefull when wearing perfume - you don't want to discolour it.


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