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Spiritual Wish Pearl & Necklace

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Type: Necklace

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    1 Review
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      15.04.2011 15:10
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      I may collect the rest of the set!

      I've had my eye on this collection since I first saw them almost a year ago in my local garden centre of all places!

      The one I eventually bought and therefore am reviewing is the spiritual one. This is just one of a rather large collection which also includes: mother, friendship, angels, fairies, love, celebration, faith, inspiration, love, daughter and Celtic wish. 


      This necklace comes in a beautifully eye catching presentation box. The picture Dooyoo has really doesn't do it justice. I won't go into too much detail and bore you all but I do feel that some features of this box deserves a mention. There is a picture of a beautiful sunset and the silhouette of a girl holding something. Never mind the necklace I could quite happily just stare at that picture for hours! On both the back and front of the box there is a quite that relates to the chosen theme. The one on the back is particularly nice and says "a beautiful pearl from the ocean depths, glittering from it's pendant and radiating all realms of possibility. Each pearl is as individual as each star in the sky and your pearl has spent many years in it's shell waiting to be claimed. Live life with hope, love and happiness."

      The front of the box has a flip top lid. Through this you can see the sterling silver cage pendant and lifting up the flap allows you to see the can which contains the oyster. 

      Making The Necklace

      Assuming the box hasn't got you completely transfixed and you actually make it this far. Inside the box you find: A booklet (more on this later but this is yet another thing you might get stuck on!), an 18inch sterling silver necklace, a sterling silver heart shaped pendant, a can in which is the mussel suspended in a 25:75 alcohol:water solution and a spatula.

      The pearl is hidden inside the mussel still (and for those of you who are interested no, this isn't edible!) There's a lot of symbolism in these and the idea is that you make a wish before opening the mussel and then place the wish (your pearl) in your heart (the pendant).

      My mussel already had a slight crack in the side so I was able to easily slide the spatula in this crack and prize the mussel open. It doesn't really smell, there is a very slight fishy smell but nothing too strong. The pearl was obvious as soon as I had it open. There are five colours of pearls that you might get, I will discuss these later but mine was peach. 

      After I had removed the pearl from the mussel I then cleaned this off and set it on some kitchen roll to dry. Meanwhile, I took the pendant off the necklace (the opening is at the top) and opened it up. This peesented no problems as the pendant is held closed by the necklace so there's no fiddly clasp to mess around with. The pearl fitted easily inside the pendant. They say the biggest pearl you will get is 8mm, mine is just over 7 so I can confirm both that they get that big and that there will be no problem fitting the larger ones inside. 

      The pendant then easily slides back onto the necklace which does up with a spring clasp. 

      The Booklet

      Ah, the booklet, the other little thing that you need to tear your attention away from!

      On the front of this is a beautiful black and white picture of a lake with some trees in the foreground. Inside is a story of a legend which centers around the pearls inside these packs. Although it doesn't appear to be too specific both the picture and story may vary depending on the pack you choose. Either way I won't ruin the surprise or clutter up this review by telling you the story as it really is quite special when read in conjunction with the rest. It does however explain the five colours of pearls and what they are supposed to mean. These are: White, for health; Cream, for happiness; Peach, for love; Lavender, for wisdom and Gold, for wealth. 

      The Necklace

      This is after all, a jewellery review so let's talk a little about the necklace itself.

      As already stated, both the pendant and necklace are sterling silver. The pendant is heart shaped and held closed by the necklace, this has posed no problems so even the smaller pearls (5mm) should stay in without any problems. The necklace is just over a mm thick and lays completely flat. 

      The pendant rests at the top of my rib cage and doesn't get in the way or rub. With some flat necklaces I have found that they rub and can irritate my skin but this is not the case with this at all. I even slept in it one night without problems.

      Durability wise I haven't intentionally tested this but I did get it caught on a door frame (don't ask!) and it's still as good as new. However as with all silver necklaces it does require cleaning occasionally but this is no more difficult then with other sterling silver necklaces. 

      The whole thing is very light weight so doesn't put any pressure on my neck either, in fact I often forget it's there. 

      Other Information

      This is not suitable for children under 6 and the mussel can have quite sharp edges so should be supervised when opening this. However I can only see this appealing to older teenagers and adults anyway. 

      Obviously, since this contains real mussel it is not suitable for vegetarians.

      Price, Availability And Recommendation

      I bought mine from my nearest Poplars Garden Centre for £9.99. However the whole collection is available online for slightly more. 

      For that price, considering the set contains a sterling silver pendant, an 18inch sterling silver necklace and they guarantee that the mussel contains at least one pearl measuring between 5 and 8mm I have no hesitation in recommending this. It has also proved very durable and even without all the added extras such as the beautiful box and booklet I adore this just as a piece if jewellery. I may collect the rest of the set!


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