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Tatty Devine Name Necklace

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Type: Necklace

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    3 Reviews
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      20.04.2012 11:47
      Very helpful



      A fab little piece of jewellery

      These name necklaces are priced at £27.50 and they're available to buy on the Tatty Devine website.

      The necklaces are unique to you, you design them as you wish. On the Tatty Devine website there's an online tool that allows you to create your very own name necklace. The necklace is made of perspex which is a strong plastic. The tool on the website is easy to use and you can preview your necklace before you buy it. There is a postage charge of £2.50 so it's £30 overall.

      I have had my necklace for a few years now and it still looks new. I keep it in it's box when i'm not wearing it to keep it away from dust. The necklace itself is really strong and durable. It looks great on and I get loads of compliments when I wear it. You can make your necklace bigger for an extra £10 but I have the normal version and I think it's big enough. People don't have to be close up to you to read it. It's a statement piece and one that'll last you forever. The necklaces also come with a free charm. I chose the lightning bolt but you can choose anything on the website, their newest addition is a cute little bird charm.

      The clasp is strong and sturdy and if you choose the silver chain it's made of 925 sterling silver. The chain is a decent length and your name sits just underneath your neck.

      These are lovely necklaces and I love their unique feel. They'd also make a lovely gift!


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      19.08.2010 17:37
      Very helpful



      Something a little different...

      Tatty Devine is boutique jewellery store based in London. The company hand crafts quirky pieces of jewellery and the company has become famous for its bespoke collections and the name necklaces that you can buy all year around.

      I stumbled across the Tatty Devine website almost by mistake... I was looking for a name necklace, but I wanted something different from the typical 'Carrie necklace', Google directed me to the Tatty Devine and I soon decided to invest...

      The 'name necklaces' are made out of acrylic and each one is handcarved. The necklaces have a section of their own section on the website and when you click on the link (that is located on the left hand side of the homepage), you are directed to a name necklace web page.

      A standard name necklace is £27.50, however there is also the option to upgrade the necklace in a number of ways... more on this later...

      *** Choosing your design ***

      There are lots of ways you can make your name necklace person and individual to you. Firstly you're asked to choose the writing style of your name necklace. You can opt for a bold 'Billboard' style; a Halloween-esque 'Bloody' style; retro 'Ladybug' writing; the 'Original' style that has been available since 2004; or swirly 'Sundae' writing. If you hover on a particular letter of the alphabet (which is listed under every style description) then you'll be able to see an example of a name necklace which starts with that particular letter.

      You then have to choose your colour - there are eighteen in total - red, blue, green, yellow, pink, gray and black are all an option. Or you can pay £10.00 extra to get a glittery colour; or a necklace with a mirrored gold or silver effect.

      Next you have to decide if you want a heart, lightning bolt or star charm; and you have the option to make your name BIGGER for another £10.00 surcharge.

      You then have to choose your chain colour (gold or silver) and although the standard chain length is 36cm you can get a 10cm extension for free (although you won't get the famous Tatty Devine plectrum if you take this option). For those that are unaware, the plectrum is a little Tatty Devine metal label that is attached to the end of every necklace.

      Finally, customers are given the option of ordering earrings that match your necklace charm (for an additional £15.00).

      *** My opinion ***

      Tatty Devine state that each necklace takes two weeks to produce. I ordered mine on-line (at: http://www.tattydevine.com) and it was delivered approximately two weeks after I made my order [note - you can also order a name necklace directly from the Tatty Devine store on Brick Lane in London].

      I ordered my necklace three years ago as a birthday present for myself. After much deliberation I opted for my name - Claire - to be written in pink Sundae writing, with a star pendant, on a silver chain with matching pink star earrings.

      When my Tatty Devine necklace arrived it came in a little gift box and there were sweets and sparkles within the package - as well as a Tatty Devine pencil. I thought this was a lovely personal addition to my order.

      When I first saw my necklace I was made up with it. It had been carved out perfectly and it was just how I wanted it to look - which is lucky because these custom-made items can't be returned! However, ten months after I made my order the earrings broke, I returned them to Tatty Devine, because they accept faulty items back up to twelve months after purchase, and they sent me a brand new pair, no questions asked, with a hand-written sorry note, sweets and sparkles.

      I find that my name necklace can dress up any outfit - like a boring black work dress, or I wear it casually with jeans and a t-shirt. Every time I put the necklace on somebody will comment on it and ask me where I bought it from.

      I think this is quite a fun, unusual accessory and even though I purchased it three years ago it's still in perfect condition! I always keep it in the little box it came in and so far I've had no problems with it - it hasn't tarnished at all.

      I love my Tatty Devine name necklace and I can't recommend it highly enough.

      Five out of five stars!


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        09.02.2009 22:28
        Very helpful



        Fun and Stylish Personal Necklaces

        *The Brand*

        Tatty Devine are makers of kitsch, cool and charming jewellery. Their medium of choice is usually plastic - but don't let this put you off -it really is plastic fantastic. Tatty Devine produce really unique and quirky jewellery, which definitely stands out from the crowd. Tatty Devine is the brainchild of art students Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden, who didn't train as jewelers, but whose products caught the eye of Vogue and Harvey Nicks. Everything is hand made in London

        *The Necklace*

        A Tatty Devine best seller is the name necklace - you can advertise your identity to all and sundry! These name necklaces are trashy chic - as is most of Tatty Devine's output. A personalised necklace is obviously going to be customisable - and there are plenty of choices here. All necklaces are crafted from Acrylic, and are bigger and stand out a lot more than the 'Carrie' style name necklaces.

        Your first choice is lettering - 3 styles are available

        1. Original - Hand Drawn design
        2. Holiday - "Curly-wurly 50s lettering"
        3. Billboard - CAPS

        The next choice is colour - I won't list all 15 - but I'm sure you'll get one you love. Gold and Silver mirror have a £10 premium on them.

        Now choose a charm that will be strategically placed into your design - Choose from a Heart, Star or Lightning Bolt. Or go without if you prefer.

        Next pick a chain - sterling silver or gold including the super cute Tatty Devine plectrum clasp.

        And you're done - This doesn't take long at all - you get exactly what you want and there is plenty of detail on the website so that you know what you are picking.

        Name necklaces have a 9-letter limit and as they are hand made take up to two weeks to make.

        As with everything Tatty Devine necklaces come beautifully boxed and wrapped for no extra charge.

        *The Price*

        Name necklaces cost £25 (or £35 for mirror)

        Postage is £5 next day, or £2.50 First Class Recorded - Free if you spend over £100.

        *Customer Service*

        The service received from Tatty Devine is always first rate. If you put a note in the comments box when you order they are really keen to meet any requests.

        Due to personalisation you can't get a refund unless your necklace is faulty. Tatty Devine offer a really excellent repairs service if anything does happen to your necklace - it usually costs less than a few quid for a fix - and you can pop into the shop or post off your item. This fits with the recycle and repair ethos of the brand.

        *Visiting Tatty Devine*

        I thoroughly recommend you visit one of the Tatty Devine shops if you are in London. They are real treasure troves, colorful, creative and small! There are two London stores, one in Brick Lane and one in Soho.

        The Brick Lane store is where it al began - and is the businesses HQ and workshop, as well as a retail outlet. As you would expect from a beautiful, fashionable jewellery brand the store is lovely - It has really cool piano print flooring.

        The Brick Lane store often has exhibitions showing, so it's well worth a visit- you can check out what's happening on the website.

        Tatty Devine Brick Lane, 236 Brick Lane London E2 7LH
        Tel/fax 020 7739 9191
        Open: Tues-Sat 11am-6pm

        In 2004 Tatty Devine opened a second store in Soho - it's a bit hidden away, but very cute once you find it. The Soho store is currently hosting a "pop-up hair salon" on Mondays, 11am-6pm. This sounds really fun - and there is plenty of inspiration for a funky new style in the beautiful store surroundings.

        Tatty Devine Soho 57b Brewer St London W1F 9UL
        Tel/fax 020 7434 2257
Monday - Sat 11am-7pm

        There's also the website - which makes ordering your personalized necklace easy peasy - http://www.tattydevine.com/boutique/index.php

        *Valentine Update*

        If you haven't got an valentine present sorted yet you can get a red-glitter necklaces in super fast time for £35 in time for Friday 13th, as long as you order by Wednesday morning.


        If you fancy a name necklace from another funky jewellery brand in a cheaper price bracket - £10 - you can get a few cute flock/vinyl felt printed designs at Heidi seeker - http://www.heidiseeker.com/shop/

        I have both and prefer Tatty Devine - but both are great and nicely designed.


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