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Thomas Sabo Rose Quartz Bracelet

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4 Reviews
  • upto 3 charms comfortably
  • Different sizes
  • quartz can get chipped
  • nylon can discolour
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    4 Reviews
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      28.02.2016 00:27
      Very helpful


      • "upto 3 charms comfortably"
      • "Different sizes"


      • "quartz can get chipped"
      • "nylon can discolour"

      Style and quality at an affordable price.

      I bought this bracelet after having a regular silver thomas sago charm bracelet because i liked the look of it. It's affordable at around the £25-£30 mark (depending where you shop for it) and it comes in different sizes so you can get a size thats fits comfortably on your wrist.

      It has weight to it so you know you're wearing it but not over heavy where it becomes a nuisance to wear. i wear upto 3 charms on my bracelet at any one time and it looks lovely.

      The only disadvantages for me are that if you bash it, the quartz can get chipped a little and it seems to go dull after wearing it for a week or so which means you have to clean it, but warm water does the trick. Also the nylon can discolour and once thats discoloured it's pretty much impossibly to get back clear but other than that i have nothing negative to say about this particular thomas sago bracelet.

      The milky pink colour of the quartz means it can be paired with so many outfits, so many other pieces of jewellery.. You really don't need to think it would be something you couldn't wear all the time if you buy it, it goes with everything. It's great if you're someone that has allergies to cheap metals, you get a fashionable look with great quality metal/gemstones at a very affordable price.

      You can achieve different looks by changing the charms on it which is so easy, they're all clip on clip off with an easy to use clasp. Great for keep sakes as well as every day wear.


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      30.09.2010 09:10
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      good quality

      I love rose quartz as it has a really nice feel to it so I was really delighted when my daughter bought me this bracelet for my birthday at the beginning of the year and I have been wearing it everyday since as it is a comfortable fit and looks and feels good.

      The bracelet is designed by Thomas Sabo and is a rose quartz braclelet made with a silver clasp.
      The bracelets come in four sizes from small to extra large and they come in the most stylish packaging I have seen for a bracelet.
      The box they come in is black and white stripes and it is a round box with the bracelet placed in the middle, it has the logo on top, then if this isn't stylish enough it is placed into a lovely gift bag of white with a black handle and the signed logo on the front.
      It makes a really good presentation for any present.

      I love the way the rose quartz has been shaped and polished for this bracelet as it makes it look dainty and classic, rose quartz is very popular nowadays as it has become fashionable for people to get into crystal healing.
      The rose quartz is used to heal emotional problems, like heartaches, loneliness, worries about being hurt in a relationship as well as helping to give you the heart to forgive someone who has hurt you emotionally.

      Rose quartz is an excellent heart-healing gemstone. It is a nature remedy that can be used for treating any issue that needs emotional healing. Rose quartz is a pink-colored crystal that carries a very gentle and soothing energy and gives comfort to anyone whose heart has been wounded. Worn everyday can ease the feelings of any emotion that is upsetting you.

      This bracelet is good for wearing everyday as it is stylish and comfortable and it has an elastic thread where the roze quartz fits onto and the clasp which is silver has a place where you can hang a charm if you want to.
      The bracelet stretches on to your wrist and sits there comfortable and not too tight.

      I love the style and it has been a great thing to have been bought for a present, with christmas coming up it is a nice piece of jewelry as an option to buy for someone you care for.
      It costs £24.95 which is a reasonable price to pay for jewelry these days and as a gift it is well worth the money and comes in a nice presentable package.
      I'd be happy to recommend it to you.


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        20.08.2010 00:46
        Very helpful



        Makes a nice cheap gift

        I am not really a big fan of thomas sabo jewellery but i did like a few charms and this rose quartz bracelet.
        I was surprised how cheap thomas sabo jewellery is.
        I purchased the thomas sabo rose quartz bracelet online from a shop called www.steffans.co.uk for £25.00.
        The bracelet arrived in a stunning white bag with black thomas sabo logo on it and the box was the same.
        The bracelet has a few pieces of elastic threaded through twenty four rose quartz gem stones. The gems are light pink with tiny flecks of white through them. They have been polished and very shiny. The charm carrier is sterling silver with the thomas sabo hallmarks in it. The charm carrier holds no more than three charms on it at one time.
        I have a rose charm, a clam with pearl and a handbag charm.
        The bracelet is very comfortable to wear and surprisingly light.
        Thomas sabo is growing on me and they have many charms and charm bracelets to choose from.
        Thomas sabo rose quartz bracelet i recommend this one and would make a lovely gift at a reasonable price too.


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          17.08.2010 12:02
          Very helpful



          A stunning bracelet


          Ever since my boyfriend bought me Thomas Sabo Black Obsidian and Silver Bracelet and three charms to go with it, I have fallen head over heals for the Thomas Sabo collection. I find myself having a look at the website to check out the new products that come in and Thomas Sabo Rose Quartz Multi Bracelet really caught my eye. So when my birthday came around and my boyfriend asked me if there was anything that I would like for my birthday. Usually I just say surprise me but this time I put forward this bracelet as a suggestion. And guess what... I opened it up on the morning of my birthday.
          *About the Product*

          Thomas Sabo Rose Quartz Multi Bracelet is a stone bracelet made from rose quartz. The bracelet holds these stones together by a stretch nylon cord which is easily slipped over your wrist.

          *Price and Availability*

          Thomas Sabo Rose Quartz Multi Bracelet can be purchased online at www.thomassabo.com. My favourite jewellers, SWAG also sell the Thomas Sabo collection and I am pretty sure that there are plenty of other jewellers that stock Thomas Sabo jewellery but I'm not sure which these are.

          You can buy this stunning bracelet for just £29.95. I was really surprised to see this gorgeous bracelet available to buy for such a reasonable price. Without a doubt, I think that this bracelet is exceptionally good value for money.

          *My Opinion*

          The packaging: I absolutely love the packaging for this Thomas Sabo products. It is really fantastic and could tempt me to buy something from just the packaging alone without a charm or bracelet. Thomas Sabo Rose Quartz Multi Bracelet comes in a hard cardboard container which is circular in shape and not really that deep. The base of this container is white and black stripes and the lid that fits on top of this is white with Thomas Sabo printed on the top. When you take off the lid, you will find a silky white draw string pouch and inside of this is a small sealable plastic bag which you can undo to take out the bracelet. I think that this Thomas Sabo packaging has had a lot of thought go into it. It looks very special and is completely different to boring jewellery boxes.

          The bracelet: This is a stretch nylon cord bracelet which contains pink quartz stones and a silver charm carrier. There are 8 large beautiful pink round stones and these are split up with 7 lots of three strings filled with lots of small pink quartz stones. The appearance of this is gorgeous and it looks sparkly and sleek. On the bracelet, the only space that doesn't hold a group of stones is the part which has a small silver branded charm carrier from which 3 charms can be attached.

          This bracelet is slipped on and off easily over your wrist due to the stretch nylon cord so there is no trouble at all with clasps and trying to do it up and undo it. When you first look at the bracelet, it looks like it will snap in an instant, especially if you catch it but this really isn't the case. I catch it on things quite frequently and although I don't recommend doing this, it does prove that it is quite hardwearing and strong which is really important for someone as clumsy as me.

          Sizes available: There are four different sizes that you can buy this bracelet in.
          - Small size is 15cm in length and is recommended for children.
          - Medium is 16.5cm in length and is recommended for those with small wrists.
          - Large is 17.5cm in length.
          - Extra Large which is 18.5cm in length.
          These sizes vary quite a bit so it should allow anyone that wants the bracelet to wear it especially as it is elasticised.

          Is it comfortable to wear? If you buy the right size then this bracelet is comfortable to wear but I can imagine that if you select a size that is too small for your wrist then the smaller stones may dig into your skin a little and feel a bit unpleasant.

          Longevity of the product: This bracelet will last you as long as you look don't pick at and play with it. It is a lot stronger than it looks therefore if you are good to it then it will be good to you in return but as it has a lot of stones you may be tempted to pull at them and the elasticated cord. Just refrain and you'll be ok.

          Thomas Sabo Pink Quartz Multi Bracelet doesn't need a great deal of cleaning and this is quite lucky as there are so many different stones that it would probably take you quite some time. If you just give it a quick wipe it over with a cloth every now and then, it will look as good as new.

          I think that one of the benefits of this bracelet is that it looks great whether you have one, two or three charms attached to the holder and as this bracelet has such a great colour and shape it even looks lovely on its own. You are also not limited to the look you can create as it can be different depending on how many charms you have and the combinations you wear them on the bracelet.

          In the past, charm bracelets had never appealed to me. I found them to be dated and just not my style. This twist on your usual charm bracelet by Thomas Sabo has completely changed my mind and I really do love it and the idea behind it. It looks modern and stylish.

          *Would I Recommend This Bracelet?*

          I would wholeheartedly recommend Thomas Sabo Rose Quartz Multi Bracelet. From the second that I saw it in the shop, I fell in love with it and I still do. In comparison to some jewellery, it is inexpensive therefore I think it is perfect for a gift for a friend, girlfriend, sister, mum, etc as you won't be spending an absolute fortune for something that is beautiful in appearance.

          And If you are somebody who often changes their mind about what jewellery you want to wear then this bracelet could be perfect for you. I say this because you can change the image of the bracelet by the charm(s) that you attach.


          Thomas Sabo Rose Quartz Multi Bracelet is a beautiful bracelet that is perfect for anyone who loves pink. I was never a fan of charm bracelets, finding them a little bit on the dated side but Thomas Sabo has amazingly made them trendy again. Not only does this bracelet look pretty and cool but it can be bought at a reasonable price that won't break the bank. What is even better is that you can have an entirely different look with each charm that you wear on the bracelet. Perfect or what?


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