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Truth Sterling Silver Black Leather Bracelet

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Brand: Truth / Type: Bracelet

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    1 Review
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      08.03.2012 10:48
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      A beautiful charm braclet.

      I had been looking for a nice bracelet in which I could add things to it, to make it personalised and make it my own. I noticed a lot of people had the "sweetie" bracelets, which are quite pricey, so I wanted something different to these and something slightly cheaper. I came across truth jewellery when flicking through the Argos book one day. I noticed they did a great range of beads and small charms that you could add to the bracelet of your choice. Although the prices were quite reasonable I never actually got round to buying one. My sister received the silver truth bracelet about 1 year ago as a Christmas present and I loved the fact you can add and take off charms to suit your clothing/different styles. I did find the bracelet quite fiddly to open due to the confusing catch on it. This is when I decided to go onto the truth website and look at their other products and other bracelets.

      * ~ * TRUTH BRACELETS * ~ *
      Truth do a large range of different types of bracelets including one's made form silver or leather cord. I loved the look of the black leather cord one's, which were available in black or pink and there was a choice whether to have a single cord or double cord. I also noticed that the catches on these to put the bracelet on were a lot different and didn't look as fiddly as the silver one's. My boyfriend knew I liked the leather cord bracelets and he gave me one for my birthday along with some beads to go on it. The bracelet itself is 7.5 inches long and has a silver catch to it which simply open's and closes very easily. The leather cord was black and reasonably thick so it wouldn't break easily. The leather felt quite stiff; how-ever this would probably become more flexible within time the more I wore the bracelet and the more beads I put on it. The leather bracelet is £39.00 to buy from the Truth website and on here you can see the other bracelet choices as well. The bracelet does come in a gift box which is then put into a gift bag with the truth design/logo on the bag.

      On the catch itself you will notice there is a line of metal which sticks out, this is so the beads fit securely onto the bracelet so they won't come off when taking the bracelet off. The beads are simple to put on, you just need to line the bead up with the metal which sticks out in order to get the bead onto the bracelet, this just slides on easily and if you want to removed it just simply line it up again to take the bead off.

      When I first received the bracelet I only had 1-2 beads which could go on it so it looked a bit empty, how-ever I have now has the bracelet just under a year and I know have at least 6-8 beads on the bracelet with room for about 5-6 more. The bracelet has become more flexible over time rather than being stiff which is how it was when I first received it.

      * ~ * THE CHARMS * ~ *
      I actually call the charms beads rather then charms; I don't know why I just prefer it and see these as beads because you thread them onto your bracelet. There are hundred's of different beads to choose from, these range from plain silver, to coloured charms or charms with stones in them. You can buy specific, personalised charms such as an initial or your star sign or you can buy your favourite animal and other things too. The beads do vary in price and can start from about £8.99 and can go up to at least £90. Some of the beads are expensive and the one's with stones in are more expensive then the plain one's. I prefer the silver coloured beads and don't really like many of the coloured beads as I think these are more suitable for children and younger adults as I think they look slightly cheap and a little tacky. Because you can change the beads around, these make a fantastic birthday present for someone who has one of these bracelets. My nephew gave me a lovely bead that looked like a cake, and the reason for this being is because I like to make cakes, which I thought was really sweet (my nephew is 4 years old). My boyfriend has also bought me some beads to go on the bracelet and I have also purchased 1 or 2 myself. I particularly like the beads which have little droppers coming from them. For example I have a silver bead with a swallow bird which hangs from the bead which is nice as it gives the bracelet a bit of a different look to it. The beads come in a little draw-string pink bag which is then put inside a red box. All the beads come like this which is quite nice; how-ever you do end up with lots of little red boxes, which I normally just end up throwing away.

      Truth beads and bracelets can be purchased from stores such as Argos, H.Samuels and other jewellery shops. Prices may vary and designs will also vary in different shops. You can also make purchases on Truth's website which is http://www.truthjewellery.co.uk, on here they sometimes have special offers and you can browse beads by category and also look at their newest products.

      * ~ * OVERALL OPINION * ~ *
      I have had the bracelet just under a year and I wear this nearly all the time when going out. The bracelet is strong and I haven't yet had any problems of issue's with beads coming off or the catch on the bracelet itself not working. I love the fact there is such a huge range of different beads to choose from and they are adding new one's to the range all the time. The beads I have received for my bracelet are very special as they have been purchased by my boyfriend and nephew who mean a great deal to me, so this makes the bracelet more personal. I think the bracelet makes a lovely gift, or even if you buy a bead for someone who already has the bracelet, I think this is also a lovely gift idea. On the Truth website they also sell other bracelets and items of jewellery such as necklaces and friendship bracelets. The necklaces can be personalised just like the charm bracelets with beads of your choice. I love my bracelet and all the charms that are on it. This is a fantastic item of jewellery so I have to give it 5 stars!

      (review also on ciao)


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