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Breville VFJ005

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Breville / With Pulp Ejection / 450 Watts / Capacity: 50.72 oz

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    2 Reviews
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      02.12.2011 14:04
      Very helpful



      Great so it looks like a cow, shame it's not a lot of good!

      My wife is on a bit of a health kick, concerned about all the calories she will be putting on shortly with all the Christmas parties she will be attending, and so bought this little gadget from our local supermarket without first consulting me because she figured it would be a great tool to make fresh fruit smoothies and because it "looked funky". Not the best way to form an opinion of a product, I thought, but there you go, she's bought it now. Unfortunately I am kind of left wishing she had checked out reviews on Amazon or here first as this product has so far failed to impress!

      First of all, as many others have noticed and commented, your fruit has to be cut quite small to fit in the chute of the blender making quite a lot of work for, what turns out to be, very little juice. I am not sure that the ratio of how much fruit you put in to how much juice you get out is worth the effort at all and I found myself squeezing the left-over pulp through a chinois or strainer with the aid of a wooden spoon in order to get a bit more out of the mix. And there was me thinking the idea of this gadget was to save you a bit of effort, not make you more work! The capacity is 1.5 L but trust me, there is little chance of you filling it unless you REALLY stock up on fruit. Maybe if you buy left-over stock or seconds from your green grocer or supermarket then this might prove cost-effective but I cannot see this juicer being very economical and I think there would not be significant difference in cost as to if you bought pre-made smoothies! Okay, maybe that's a sight exaggeration, but in my honest opion the smoothies you can buy in the shops may be full of artifical ingedients to enhance the flavour and hence less healthy but they are certainly not as much effort!

      The other thing I do not like about this product is the noise! I suffer from migraines and often find fresh juice helps alleviate some of the symptoms but I would not be using this, trust me, if I was having an attack. My mother-in-law has a blender/ juicer and it makes nowhere near as much noise as this! Maybe after a few years when the motor was a tad worn I might expect noise but not from new!

      Storage too is an issue. My kitchen is not small but I already have quite a few gadgets in it and, though they are all reasonably compact, I do find this to be quite cumbersome for what it is! Also, unless you clean this immediately, it can be a right pain in the prverbial to wash! It comes apart quite easily but food bits get stuck in some of the most awkward places and once dry, this can make things very difficult.

      Yes, it looks good and yes, Breville are ordinarily a good brand.

      But maybe they should stick to toasted sandwich makers as, for me, this was little more than a novelty item ~ the cow design being a gimmick which detracts from the fact that this isn't anywhere as near as good a product as it should be!

      We paid around £25 for this but there are lots of other products available at either side of the price spectrum so my advice would be to shop around and check sites such as Dooyoo or Amazon BEFORE you form an opinion. My overall thoughts are that this is okay but for £25 I wanted better than just okay and its only unique selling point is the cow-print design! Not recommended!


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      07.08.2011 22:04
      Very helpful



      Looks pretty but not very robust

      I have been spending a lot of money over the past years on buying fresh smoothies. At £1.99 for a 250 ml serving, if you have these a few times a week, it can work out expensive. I saw this smoothie/juice maker on offer for £29.99 and thought that I would give it a go. I bought one online and as soon as it arrived, I went to the shop and bought tonnes of fruit to start experimenting with.

      *Price and availability*

      I have seen this juicer on sale in a couple of high street electrical stores and was quite shocked to see it priced at around £45.00. I appeared to have picked up a bargain and was quite pleased with the saving I made. I would advise shopping around online to see if you can find one cheaper.


      The first thing you will notice about the juicer is the funky cow print design. There are three main parts to the machine: An electric base unit, a juice extractor and a liquidiser (smoothie maker.)
      The base unit contains a 450 watt motor, which is not very powerful at all.
      The liquidiser, which is a clear plastic jug, can take 1.5lt of liquid which is great for smoothies, but care should be taken with soups as the plastic gets pretty hot. I found this out the hard way. The plastic is quite thin and it has a small crack by the lid, which I think this is down to the heat of the soup. This jug clicks into place on the base unit and once on it is ready for you to throw whatever fruit you want in and turn it on, remembering to put the lid on before turning on that is!
      The juicer is made out of cow print plastic and contains a metal filter. The juicer fits on top and clicks onto the base unit too but it is a lot harder to get the two units to lock together. The juicer unit is quite cumbersome and doesn't feel that robust so you need to be quite careful when handling it. The juicer then needs the plastic lid clipping on. There is a chute at the top of the lid with a plastic pusher to help ram in the fruit or vegetables into the juicer.
      The motor has 2 speeds plus a pulse setting. At the side of the machine is a small rubber nozzle for the extracted juice to run out. You can catch the juice is any vessel you want. The juicer has a pulp capacity for 1.6L; the pulp is collected at the back of the machine.

      *My experiences*

      The juicer is really hard to fit on which is quite frustrating but once it is clicked on; it can be used quite successfully. The motor is not very powerful and disappointingly, I've noticed that pulp is a lot wetter than it should be and the juicer is not getting the most out of the fruit. Sometimes the squeezed pulp looks like there is still a lot of juice left in it which I find frustrating as I want as much juice out of the fruits as possible. My boyfriend likes this however as he doesn't like the pulp in his drinks; the juice is quite smooth when it comes out.
      It takes about 4 oranges to fill a glass of juice. The juice is delicious though and worth the wait! Other than not squeezing all the possible juice out of the fruits, I've never had a problem with the machine. I have used a variety of different fruits and it seems to be able to work with them all. Lemons and limes work perfect and I have made some delicious cocktails with them. I make a fantastic margarita with fresh lime juice. I'd recommend you experiment with it; we have just discovered pomegranate juice which is delicious and really good for you.
      The machine is quite lightweight but despite this it doesn't slip around when juicing and it also means that it is not too much of a pain when lugging it in and out of cupboards.

      The main smoothie liquidiser doesn't appear very durable though and after putting it in the dishwasher a few times (dishwasher proof) it already looks a bit scratched and foggy. It comes with a lid that has a small tube where things can be fed into the mixture while the blending is taking place. Food does need to be very small though as the blender cannot cope with much more than cubed inches of fruit. It certainly does not appreciate frozen fruit and I thought it had given up blending at one point. I guess this a draw back on the price; it is a cheap machine with a poor motor. I could not really expect it to do more.
      After all this chopping and mixing and blending the clean down commences and to be honest I find it a pain to clean. Sometimes, despite all the parts coming apart, food gets into hard to reach places and makes it a struggle to clean it up. I would recommend washing it straight away as dried fruit is such a pain to get off.

      The machine is rather noisy and my boyfriend was not impressed when I was making smoothies at 7 am on a Sunday morning and the house was filled with the whirring of the machine. He was however, suitably impressed with the finished product.


      Would I buy this product again? Probably not, I like it because it is useful in the kitchen. I think there are better models on the market at the minute and would advise people to consider these before making a purchase. I was won over by this machine because of the design and but after using it a few times I think spending more money on a better quality machine may have proved a more worthwhile investment.


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