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Cookworks KP400

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    4 Reviews
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      06.02.2014 09:03


      • Reliability


      No excuse for not getting your 5 a day

      After starting on the Juice plus diet, the first step was to actually buy a juicer.
      Having never had one before I had no idea where to begin. Being a girl I literally bought the one which looked the nicest and would go best in my kitchen.
      I was a little bit scared by the number of components it came in. surely, only a NASA engineer would be able to figure this out.
      However, this turned out to be one of the best purchases I have ever made.
      I used to be put off being healthy purely because it seemed to take so much effort. But this juicer has different speed settings which allow you to take full pieces of fruit at a time regardless of what fruit it is, so there is literally no preparation needed - saving you valuable time.

      Another pet hate of mine is washing up. If you have takeaway all you need to do is throw away empty containers; another reason not to be healthy. But this juicer has removable blades which are dishwasher friendly and so easy to clean - there really is no excuse.
      Great value for money.


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        19.10.2013 18:02
        Very helpful
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        A cheap way to produce some healthy fresh fruit juice drinks

        I am a vegetarian who doesn't particularly like vegetables or fruit and so I try others ways to get some vitamins and minerals into my diet. I do like fruit juice however and after my last juicer packed up, I thought I'd better get a new one in a bid to remain healthy. I don't use them as often as I should so I chose a relatively cheap one in the form of the Cookworks KP400 Juicer.

        What does the product do?
        The product promises to provide you with a healthy and delicious fruit juice drink made from nothing but fresh fruit.

        The product has two different speed setting. One is for hard fruit like pineapple and another is for softer fruit like oranges. It can hold 0.55 litres of pulp in the container and the container is easy to remove so that you can dispose of its contents. It works using stainless steel blades and it has a removable filter which makes it easier to clean. It has an overheat protection mechanism so you can have the peace of mind of knowing that it is safe to use. It has non slip feet so it won't slide off any surfaces while its working.

        Appearance and Price
        The product is slightly bulkier than I first expected and it does take up quite a lot of room in my little kitchen. It is white is colour with plastic grey detailing. There is a clear container at the back with holds all the unwanted pulp, skin and seeds. There is a long tube at the top of the product through which you insert the fruit and a white stick to push it all down. At the front is a clear container which collects all your juice and the top panel is clear too so you can see what's happening inside.

        The product was one of the cheaper juicers that I could find. I got mine from Argos for £24.99. It is available from other electrical stores and also from a variety of online websites so the price may vary slightly if you shop around.

        My experience
        Obviously as the product was one of the cheaper ones I wasn't expecting miracles from it but I always was expecting it to work properly. The instructions that come with the product are informative and easy to follow although the machine is quite straight forward without having read them. From experience and from judging the size of the tube, I have found that it is better to have pre chopped the fruit before hand. As the tube is quite short, you can only insert a few pieces of fruit at a time before you start the machine so it does make using it quite a long process. Although this is suitable for vegetables too, I have only used it for fruit. I have used oranges, mangos, apples, kiwi and pineapple in the machine.

        The machine is quite noisy to use and it does vibrate quite strongly. The machine is sturdy and the non slip feet are secure so you know it won't tip over. The instructions advise you that you shouldn't stop the machine after ever minute to allow the system to cool down which is a bit of a pain. You also have to stop the machine when you are adding more fruit. The machine is really good at stopping any bits from getting through which is great for those with fussy children. It even stops small seeds from coming through.

        The pulp still has a considerable amount of juice in it when you check the container which is quite a waste. I tend to put the pulp back in for a second run to ensure that I have got all of the juice out. The juice tastes very fresh and it is smooth and delicious. The machine is a pain to clean and it does get really quite mucky. You can remove filters and other parts but there are some parts which you can't easily reach and it isn't suitable for washing in the dish washer.

        All in all, this machine does produce tasty and healthy drinks which are completely free of any bits. It is time consuming because you keep stopping to stop the machine from over heating and to add more fruit. It is a pain to clean and it is quite noisy. As the machine was cheap and it produces nice juice drinks, I am happy with the machine. If I had paid more, I may have felt like it was lacking in some areas but it does the job that I wanted it to. As always, you get what you pay for.


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          25.02.2013 09:20



          cheapest on the market but good value

          my motivation
          i am slightly overweight so my doctor recommended that i consume more fruits and vegetables in every meal, so after discovering the health benefits of juicing i bought this machine and was pleasantly surprised. I was happy to find that it was sold at a bargain price and fit in well with my budget.

          It takes me about 10 minutes to juice my ingredients after i have prepared them by giving them a rinse.
          the machine is very small in size so it is easy to store after use but its size does become an issue when preparing a full day 3 meal juice as this can become a chore. i was happy to see that it was easy to assemble and simple to use. Its motor is very powerful but does struggle with certain vegetables such as large carrots, so to counter this problem i make it a point to per-cut my carrots.

          The biggest problem with this machine is that it doesn't fully juice certain ingredients so it does waste. I really hate the cleaning as it does becomes a chore since it becomes so messy. while in use the pulp ends up in the top part rather than the pulp container and leaves the pulp dry. i find that it is better to find recipes to include the pulp so that the wastage is reduced


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          22.02.2013 12:51
          Very helpful



          Good product and def worth the money

          THE PRODUCT
          Today Im going to be telling you about my recent purchase of a cookworks kp400 juicer. This can be used for making a variety of juices from soft or hard, fruit or vegtables.

          These are the product details (taken from Argos.com)

          Cookworks kp400 Juicer with Stainless steel.
          *400 watts.
          *2 variable speed settings for soft and hard fruits.
          *0.55 litre juice capacity.
          *Stainless steel juice basket.
          *Removable 0.55 litre pulp container.
          *Removable filter.
          *Stainless steel blades.
          *Motor overheat protection.
          *Pusher included.
          *Easy to clean.
          *Non-slip feet.
          *Clear dust cover.

          Avaliable at electrical stores and supermarkets from around £24.99

          When we were in Spain this year visiting family we have there we were drinking fresh fruit juice everyday. They have fruit tress in the garden and make use of the freshly picked fruit everyday, and when we got home I decided I wanted to carry this on as it boosted my fuit and veg intake and made me feel more energetic, and the taste is much nicer being fresh. So when we got home I went into juicer mode, and bought one straight away. I bought this one as it was one of the cheapest and we didnt have much money spare but also because Iv used the Cookworks range before and got on well with it and fid it to be good value for money and good quality.

          The packaging for this product is very basic, it comes in a white box with a picture and a list of all included. I was quiet suprised at all the bits and peces it includes. The juicers main body it made of white plastic and is very sturdy and strong. The juicig part is made of clear plastic so you can see what is going on which is good, and also the waste compartment is clear, again making it easy to see. The instructions are great and very easy to understand.

          Using the juicer is very easy, it has a switch on the side which you turn to the speed you want. Ths one has 2 speed settings. Then you feed the fruit in through the top, and if neede you can push it down with the pusher provided. No nasty injuries for me, its a very safe juicer which is good if you have children wanting to help make the juice! cleaning it is also very easy and its not confusing to take the pieces out and in. It has good power to the juices and works very quickly, and for the power it hasnt overheated on me yet, another positive.

          MY OPINION
          I like using this juicer very much, it is small in size which is great for storage and it is very powerful making juices quickly and easily. Another nifty extra I like is that the plug cable is actually stored inside the juicer, you just pull on it to release and press a button and it gett sucked back up. This makes it easy to store and easy to use. Its very easy to clean and the instructions are great.
          The bad points for me is that it does actually create a lot of waste, which I dont like and also when removing the pulp/waste I do see more juice in there. I dont like being wasteful so I think the seperating of the waste could be better.

          But overall, for the price its a great little juicer, it does what it needs to do and is quick and convenient. Im giving it 4/5 and I have and would recommend.

          Thanks for reading and rating :0
          This can also be found on other review websites with the same username



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          Short name: Cookworks KP400

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