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Cuisinart CJE1000U

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    1 Review
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      16.07.2013 10:37
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      A perfect juicer for both beginners and converts

      I have been a juice convert for about two years now, my friend was throwing away her juicer as she never used it, so I thought I would rescue it from the tip and give it a go. I loved it and have been juicing ever since. Sadly the rescued juicer gave up just before Christmas and so with some Christmas money I treated myself to this Cuisinart one. Here is what I think of it......

      The look - Well I think this is the Johnny Depp of juicers, it is sleek with a stainless steel finish. It looks good on the worktop, which is by the way one of my golden rules of juicing - keep it on the worktop. As soon as it goes in the cupboard it will become a chore to lug it in and out and you will stop juicing.
      Whilst the machine is a bit of a chunkster, it doesn't take up to much room which is absolutely essential in my teeny tiny kitchen. It just sits neatly in the corner waiting for me to use it.

      The machine comes with three main sections.

      The body - this is where all the action happens, it has a 850 watt motor set in a die cast stainless steel casing. It has a stainless steel mesh disk which the motor spins at speed to separate the juice from the pulp. The juice is pushed one way and the pulp the other.
      It comes with a large wide spout of 3"diameter this means that you won't have to chop your vegetables and fruit before hand. It can take the biggest of apples, pears, beetroot, oranges etc. The only things you will need to chop would be things like grapefruit, melon or cauliflower. It comes with a pusher to push the food down the tube onto the spinning disk (sorry for my lack of technical words).
      The machine has a five speed setting which is just a dial on the front. For most hard veg and fruit I have it on four or five, I only turn it down for soft fruit like berries and tomatoes.
      At one end of the machine is a little spout, this is where the juice pours out from. An amazing feature of this spout is that it can turn on and off, so you can stop the flow and no drips will splash on the worktop. The lid is see through plastic so you can see the fruit and veg turning into juice right before your eyes. It clips into place with a pull down lever that locks and unlocks it.

      The Jug - a one litre little jug that fits perfectly under the spout, it has a lid that manages the foam and also avoid spillages when pouring. It is made of clear durable plastic with a grey lid. It also has a lovely big handle which makes it easy to grip and even big man hands can handle it with ease.

      The pulp container - this is made of black plastic, it can hold up to two litres of pulp. I would highly recommend placing a food bag into the pulp container before juicing, this makes it so much easier when cleaning the machine (more on this in a minute). Some people I know use the pulp to add to cake mixture or soups and stews however I have never tried this and just put mine in the compost bin.

      Using the machine - This is so easy you would be hard pushed to go wrong. All the three sections slot in together. The machine lid clips into place with the lever, if this is not locked the machine will not work which is a fabulous safety feature.
      You simply push your fruit and veg through the chute, the machine will work it's magic and delicious juice will pour out from the spout, the rest of the pulp will go into the pulp container.
      The machine is about ten times quieter than my old juicer which sounded like an air raid siren, having said that it is not that quiet and can still be heard in other rooms of the house. However you only need it on for a few seconds so it doesn't really matter.
      I find the juice in this machine is also far superior than my other juicer, the flavors are more intense, the juice is thicker and the pulp is so much dryer. This shows that it is extracting far more juice out of the fruit and veg than my other one.

      Cleaning the machine - This is what puts a lot of people off juicing, I am always trying to make people buy juicers and this is what they always say "but it's awful to clean", " I haven't got time to spend ages cleaning". Well for those of you with a dishwasher all the removable bits so the jug, pulp container, mesh disk, lid and pushing tube can be put through the dishwasher, the main unit doesn't get that dirty anyway and just needs a wipe over. For those of you who do not own a dishwasher like me I find this really simple and easy to clean. My top tip along with the bag in the pulp container would be wash it as soon as you have finished juicing, run it under the tap and all the debris will just fall off, if you leave it then it will stick to it and this is when it is a chore to clean. The trickiest part to clean is the mesh as the pulp gets ground into it, the juicer comes with a little scrubbing brush to combat this, again run it under the hot tap and give it a scrub and the pulp will easily fall off. Yes it does take a few minutes to clean, but I whole heartily say it is worth every second of cleaning time to be able to have the delicious fresh incredibly healthy juice to drink.

      Few words on juicing and how it has helped me - Juicing I would go as far as cliche 'has changed my life' ! Since juicing I have reaped so many benefits, firstly I have lost over three stone in weight, this is not by going on a juice diet but I have a juice in the morning as my breakfast and then the rest of the day normal food, I was pre diabetic and had high cholesterol - I am 32 !! I had a blood test in May and both were within normal range. My energy levels are absolutely through the roof I feel energetic and grab life with both hands. My skin is better although that is partly due to my Elemis cream. I just feel alive.
      I mainly juice vegetables but really whatever I have in the fridge. This morning I had broccoli, cucumber, celery, apple, spinach, watercress and carrot. Sounds awful, tastes delicious.
      The kids love it too, I can give them a glass of juice that has their five a day in one shot. You can really experiment and go to town there are loads of recipes online.
      If you want to find out more about juicing I would recommend looking at the Jason vale or Jay Kordich websites they have lots of information on the benefits and tips etc.

      Top tips
      1) Keep it on the work top
      2) Get all your fruit and veggies ready before you start
      3) Put a bag in the pulp container before juicing
      4) Clean as soon as you have finished juicing
      5) Drink as soon as you have made it, fresh juice starts to loose it's nutrients straight away so the sooner you drink it the more benefits you will get.

      This machine currently costs £118 on Amazon which is £30 less than I paid at Christmas. At this price it offers amazing value for excellent quality.

      Whether you are thinking about starting juicing for the first time or are already a convert this machine will be perfect for you, easy to use, easy to clean and makes delicious juice in seconds.


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    • Product Details

      It's never been easier to create fresh nutritious fruit and vegetables juices at home / This professional grade juicer from Cuisinart features a 3" feed tube that easily handles whole fruits and vegetables / The adjustable flow spout eliminates drips and spills for clean counter tops and the 5-speed control dial is easy to operate / Its sturdy heavy gauge die cast stainless steel construction also means this juicer is built for the busiest of kitchens and will give many years of use and when you are done with it its so easy to dismantle thanks to the unique Cuisinart Easy unlock and lift system / The specially designed filter basket reduces foam and the units is so quiet you won't wake the family while you're making juice for breakfast! Die-cast and stainless steel housing Easy unlock and lift system Foam management filter Anti-drip adjustable flow spout 2 Litre pulp capacity 1 Litre juice capacity Easily juices hard and soft fruit and vegetablesDishwasher safe partsExclusive easy unlock and lift system5-speed dial control with blue LED light ringPower: 850W / Short name: Cuisinart CJE1000U

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