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      27.09.2011 22:18
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      A good bit of kit but not right for me

      Armed with some Debenhams vouchers one Christmas I bought the Kenwood juicer/smoothies maker. I was so happy with my purchase thinking of the lovely things I could make and how perfectly this machine would fit into a corner of the kitchen and not take over what little space I have. I ripped it out of the box within minutes of arriving home. All new and shiny I was a happy woman. It's not overly large which is great and very stylish.

      I had a few bits in the fridge and thought I'd make myself a first drink to test out the new gadget. I pulled out some strawberries, yogurt, a banana and some ice. I dumped it all in and started the blending I did only a little bit at a time because I always fear that ice is too hard. According to the instruction booklet the specially formed blades can handle ice so I didn't need to worry but I did anyway. Kenwood make things rather simple as the buttons are clearly labelled mix, smooth and pulse. After a few blends I used the stirring stick to push bits down off the sides so that they would get blended in. With everything blended in I put my cup under the spout. Stupidly we have tall glasses and I had to perch it a bit precariously. The glass kept sliding and I so I pulled the Kenwood over to the edge of the counter and held the glass there whilst using my other hand to push the leaver. The juice mixture wasn't flowing out like the advert had led my to belive but most of it came out when I lifted machine and held it over the glass whilst using a spoon to push it down.

      My mixture was nice. Nothing amazing but I didn't have much else in the house. I bought some more bits over the next few days and made some things. A kiwi one I found on the internet was by far my favourite:

      2 kiwi's peeled and sliced
      2 apples cored, peeled and sliced
      Juice of 1/2 a lime
      1 cup of orange juice

      Another nice one is using peaches and strawberries, Yum!

      There's quite a bit of clean up when using this machine which is something I try to avoid where possible. It's because of the cleaning that I stopped using it as much as I did at the start. After not using it for a good few months and winter settling in I thought for the colder months when I'd be less inclined to have a cold drink I would put it away under the sink and take it out again in the summer. Summer came and went but the Kenwood didn't see any of it. I opted instead to use my hand blender. It's not quite as strong when blending ice but after a minute or two it gets the job done (using ice cream is good instead of ice sometimes). Plus the hand blender is very easy and quick to clean so you can understand why I have allowed the Kenwood to gather dust.

      The last time I saw one of these in a store it was priced at just short of £40 and if you have a large kitchen to accommodate having something like this out and don't mind the cleaning then it is a great bit of kit but if like me you'd rather do less cleaning and have a small kitchen you're better off with a hand blender. Sad because it's great thing but just not right for me. I think I'm a bit too lazy for this sort of thing too because I will buy fruits and stuff and make something and then a few days later fancy another one and the fruits gone off or the yogurts been open too long.

      This is a hard one to give a rating to because it is good but not right for me. I think I'm going to give it 4 stars because as a machine is does what it says on the box but is just annoying to clean.

      © Oioiyou 2011


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