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Villaware Juice Extractor

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    1 Review
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      11.06.2012 21:38
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      one for anyone serious about juicing

      If you are serious about juicing, as in wanting to juice fruit and vegetables regularly then this juicer, which I was lucky enough to receive to try out recently, is sure to please. The first thing to note really, apart from the £130 price tag, is that it's really well made - everything about this item from the surprisingly quiet 1000 watt two speed motor to the fully dish-washable plastic parts screams quality and it has a number of nifty features. To incorporate the very good functions that it has you do pay with footprint - there's no getting away from the fact that this is a beast of a machine, it's 36cm long, 24cm wide and over 40 cm high - bigger if you include the chute. Due to having a diecast metal bottom it's 6.5kg heavy and it takes up a fair amount of space on the work top, especially given that you will need more depth to fit the supplied jug under the outlet at the front. It has a good lead length and rubber feet - again good little touches that you would expect with a quality item like this. Design wise it's a really good looking machine but it's certainly not something you can hide in a small corner on your counter and it's defeated even the largest of cupboards that I own, if you are looking to buy this you need to be prepared to find a place on the counter for it.

      The juicer arrived, unsurprisingly in a large box - it was well packaged with not too much needless packing. I found that once out of the box set up was easy, the manual is comprehensive and makes everything very clear. There's a degree of slotting bowls and jugs into space, but it's pretty fool proof - the silver chrome top bit you can see on the juicer is actually the security catch, you have to push it in so that everything is firmly in place ready to go. Control wise it couldn't be easier - there's one big button that you press to power off the device and turn for the two speeds.

      The juicer works by centrifugal force and has a spinning inner bowl with blades. There's a 1.5 litre capacity pulp container, basically you put peeled oranges and other fruits (you can apparently put whole apples into it but I chop mine into quarters in general. The chute is pretty wide but I'm not sure it's quite wide enough to take whole apples as billed and the less you chop the apples the bigger the waste I've found. The instructions state clearly that you should make the machine run and then push things down the chute - this doesn't ever feel intuitive to me, but it's something I've learned to do fairly successfully. I find that the machine pulps most things I can throw at it with ease, and generally without requiring use of the second speed. It deals well with apples, carrots, pineapple, oranges, strawberries and mangoes - which is what I've tried thus far, never quite reaching the suggested 2 litre per minute you can apparently produce with this machine, mainly due to the fact that I don't need that quantity of juice or have that amount of fruit at my disposal - I can fully believe though that this machine could cope with far greater quantities of fruit than I produce on an average use - I usually manage to fill the 1 litre jug about 3/4 full. It should be noted that you can't juice wheat grass with it - which may be pertinent if you are wanting to be more adventurous than me in your juicing. The amount you get from each fruit obviously will vary on how juicy they are - I find the orange juice I've made best diluted - the supplied jug has a clever froth remover and lid - the froth remover is pretty essential as due to the high speeds this is produced at the juice does get quite frothy. The jug is perfect for storing in the fridge for later use.

      I've been using this machine fairly regularly for a while and have made some interesting concoctions - it deals less well with banana than it does with apple and orange but it makes short work of anything you put down the chute. I do find, however, that once I've finished juicing there is an awful lot of cleaning to do. This is to be expected I suppose, but still time consuming given that there about 5 splattered with pulp bits to tackle. It's good that a combined brush and spatula is supplied to scrape out the pulp; you will need it as the pulp flies out with a good degree of force, is contained, but certainly seems to get into the nooks and crannies of the lid. It's this that stops me from using it more often than I'd like - even though the parts can all pop in the dishwasher ( and emerge clean and unscathed from the experience every time) cleaning is still a bit of a chore, and also pretty dangerous when it comes to cleaning the inner bowl - essentially like a very fine grater - a degree of healthy caution is required. That said, the juice that you can produce with this machine is generally delicious and no doubt laden with vitamins so maybe worth the bother.

      Like other Villaware items (I'm lucky enough to have a kettle in this range too) what you are getting here is quality and has nice touches that make you feel like it has been designed with cooks in mind. I like the way the cover clicks into place and that you can see exactly what you are doing, and as I've already said it's quiet on the scale of appliances. Overall then a recommendation from me - I'm glad that I own it and it juices far better than my magimix juicer attachment - just be aware that this is a big item that isn't quick to clean, but as I said at the start if you are into juicing then it's a great machine. I really like Villaware items and though this American brand is not very well known - I'd never heard of it before - it's certainly one that I think is a bit classier than the norm. The fact that this juicer comes with a three year manufacturer's guarantee speaks volumes to me. This appliance is definitely one for the serious juicer and for anyone else it's possibly likely to fall into disuse fairly quickly, but if you want to make juice you could do far worse than invest in this machine.


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    • Product Details

      The Villaware Juice Extractor is the perfect kitchen accessory to have if you love your fruits and fruit juices. This beautiful silver juicer has a robust die-cast metal body, made to deal with all kinds of fruits and vegetables. The luxurious Villaware Juice Extractor has two speeds for hard and soft fruits, and its 1000W motor is powerful but quiet. The extra-large opening accepts whole fruits, for a quick and easy glass of fresh juice! The 1-litre jug and the 1.5 litre pulp container is also ideal to make juices for the entire family! This juicer is not only efficient, but also easy to clean and maintain.

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