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Amazing Colours - Miriam Stoppard

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2 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Author: Miriam Stoppard / Board book / 16 Pages / Book is published 2006-01-26 by Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd

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    2 Reviews
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      06.03.2008 22:56
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      a very good book to teach children with

      Amazing colours is a brilliant learning aid for pre school children.

      This book cost me £4.99 from morrisons which i think was realy good for a book like this.

      There are parental notes in this book for the parents telling them how to best use this book, what stage a child should begin to learn things and lots of other realy interesting things.

      RED has a picture of a toddler holding a red umbarella, opposit this you have a page divided into squares each containing something red.
      A red fork, red car, strawberries, red shoes and a tomato. each square tells you a little bit about the item. on this page there is a pull tab on the side which asks you what colour are apples and you have to pull the tab to find out.

      Yellow picture is more detailed and is realy looking at tones of colours, in the big picture you have a little girl sitting on a yellow deck chair, on yellow sand, wearing a yellow dress and yellow sunglasses with a yellow towel, a yellow drink with a yellow umbarella in the drink and once again on the opposite page you have lots of squares with yellow objects in them, a flower,sun, tea pot, duck who goes quack and a banana. This page asks about the colours of budgies and has another tab to pull.

      Well you get the general idea anyway, this continues in the same way for other colours, it asks you to count some of the items aswell.

      This book is made of thin cardboard not paper so will take a child being a bit more rough with it and is a very good book, i brought this for my youngest last year for her birthday.


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        02.08.2007 15:56
        Very helpful



        Fantastic book for toddlers

        Not a teletubbies book review at last! Lol, well this (and another Miriam Stoppard book I shall review shortly) is the latest addition to my son's bookshelf, but I decided to go for something a little more educational this time, so when I saw these advertised at a cut-down price on the Red House website, I put in an order quick sharpish. The title of this book kind of explains its content, "Amazing Colours", the book takes you through lots of colours for your little one, and is written by the well known Dr. Miriam Stoppard.

        *The Author*
        Dr Miriam Stoppard writes for the health column in the newspaper The Mirror, and has been a doctor for over 40 years, and has written many books on parenting, women's health and now educational books for children. She also writes for the magazine Top Santé and in the Tesco magazine too.

        *The Book*
        Well, I must say that this book really stands out on bookshelves! It is a large sized book, I will mention dimensions later on, and has bright bold photography on the front. The title is written in multi-colours along the top middle of the front cover, and is very eye-catching, you can't miss the subject of the book! There is a big picture of a bright yellow sunflower on the front, with a green circle in the bottom right saying "With Colour changing Sliders". The author's name is across the very top of the cover with Dr Miriam in yellow text, and her surname in white writing. Overall a very attractive front cover.

        The back cover is mainy blue in colour, with a small picture of Miriam at the top alongside her name. There is a quote from her about the book, and a small blurb about the inside of the book as well. It also pictures the other books for children written by Miriam Stoppard, as well as the publishers logo, which is Dorling Kindersley.

        The first thing that is different about this book compared to other children's book my son has on his bookshelf is that the book is in the form on a ringbinder type book. It has metal rings all down the spine, which are covered on the outside by the cardboard cover, but which is visible when you open the book. This allows the pages to be opened flat which is fantastic, and the pages turn very easily too, I really love the design of the book!

        The first page is bright yellow, and is a page of text for the parent/carer of the child to read about the book, and how it will help your child in their learning and understanding of the subject of the book. This is a nice introduction for the adult to read to get an idea of how to use the book properly to help your child get the most of the book.

        The book then goes onto the 4 main colours which children learn first of all. They are red, yellow, blue and green. Each colour has a double paged spread and each colour pages follow the same format which is very eye-catching and attractive, even for me! The left hand page has a full page size picture with the colour that the pages are describing. For example, and the red features a baby holding a huge red umbrella, with the word RED in the top left corner of the page. Opposite, the page is divided into 9 squares, all about the colour red. I will run through the red page, just to give you an idea.

        The top left square reads "Which of these red things do we eat" and there are pictures of an apple and a tomato and strawberries in 3 other squares on the page, together with the name of the food. There is a picture of a red car with the text "This red car goes brumm!", there is a red fork taking up 2 squares, and a picture of red shoes. The sliding element is the best part of this book in my opinion though. In the ccentre square, there is a picture of a red apple. In the square to the right of this, the text on a white background reads "What other colour can an apple be? Let's pull the slider and see!". This encourages your child to grab the pull tab on the right hand of the square and pull, which pulls the picture of the red apple across to reveal a green apple. The pulled out square reads "An apple can also be green!". My son loves this part, and it is so educational as well!

        All of the pages follow this format, until you get to the page entitled "Lots of colours", which shows 9 different colours which you can teach your child, perhaps after they have mastered the 4 basic colours we have already discussed. The colours on these pages are Orange, Purple, Brown, Grey, White, Black and Pink. 7 squares each have a picture of each of the colours, a pink flower, grey pebbles etc, and the colours are very bright, and fantastic photography is used. Instead of a pull out slider on this page, we have a wheel. The middle square invites us to "...turn the wheel and match the colours". Then you turn the wheel which has little handles on it to make it easy for your toddler to turn on their own, and they fill the circle in the square with the colour, which they should then match to a picture on the page. Fab!

        The page after this features a song for you to sing about colours which is the "Sing a Rainbow" song, with a lovely bright picture of a rainbow above a river with some gorgeous trees in the midst of Autumn! I sing this to my son now, and I am sure he will learn it eventually! It is nice though to end the book with something that sums up everything he has learnt.

        Another addition to the book is the Open-Out guide for parents. It is an open out page with advice for parents about the book, stages of development for children and gives you;
        * Ideas of activities at home
        * An open-out guide as you read this book with your child, which you can leave open as you read the book, very helpful!
        * What your child can do when
        These pages are fantastic, and a must-read for parents/carers. They helped me realise more things to help Harry learn quicker, and ask questions which would encourage him to answer instead of me all the time!

        The book retails at £4.99 but I got this one, together with I Love Shapes also by Miriam Stoppard for just £3.99 on the Red House wabsite, what a bargain! ISBN: 978-1405313766, and it is published by Dorling Kindersley ltd. The book contains 16 pages, and are made of a strong cardboard. Dimensions of the book: 21.8 x 21 x 1.8 cm.

        I would thouroughly recommend getting yourself a copy of this book, especially if you have a young toddler who is learning their colours. It is educational but extremely fun, and lets your child get involved with the book themself. The notes for parents are also fantastic, and helpful for parents, regardless of how experiences with children you are! Definitely a 5 star book for me and Harry!

        Find out more about Miriam Stoppard and her other books at her website, www.miriamstoppard.com


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        Red, yellow, blue, green - what's your favourite colour? Look inside and pull the sliding windows to find out more about colours. Learn and discover with your child as you read together. It is packed with fun things to see and do, colourful photography on every page and magical colour-changing sliders. It also includes fold out parents' notes and developmental milestones to help you understand and encourage your child's skills.

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