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Angry Birds: Side-Splitting Joke Book

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Paperback: 64 pages / Publisher: Egmont Books Ltd / Published: 1 Oct 2012

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    1 Review
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      23.01.2013 18:39
      Very helpful



      3 1/2 would be better rate - Not bad - but could be better.

      ... To get to the other slide".

      This joke is fairly typical of the better jokes in this collection. Most are simple plays on words or variations of older jokes - such as the chicken crossing the road jokes. The book is divided into two section and so has two front covers - helpfully labeled this way up just in case you can't tell by the picture or the text. The first half features a red Angry Bird, and while many of these jokes have nothing to do with birds, there is a real effort made to include as many bird jokes as possible on this side. They are not jokes about Angry Birds though, they just have black and white cartoon drawings of the birds telling the jokes. Chickens feature in a number of jokes. There are also parrots, penguins, ducks and a wide variety of other animals. If you are expecting jokes about the Angry Birds themselves though, you will find this very dissapointing.

      Halfway through the book the pages reverse and you meant to turn to the back cover, which features a pig and start over working toward the middle of the book. Again, this side has quite a lot of jokes that do not have pigs or birds, but there are a lot of jokes about pigs in this section. These jokes are told by cartoon drawings of the bad pigs. Some of these were mildly funny - such as: What do you call a pig learning Karate? - A pork chop". Some were quite boring and didn't make much sense such as : "What did the pig call his pet tiger? - Spotty. What did the pig call his pet cheetah? - Stripey". Neither my son nor I see what is meant to be funny about that - as he puts it - it is just stupid.

      I did read this myself before reviewing - an adult can read the whole book in less than 10 minutes very easily. I found the worst joke to be "What kind of cans do you find in South America? Answer: Mexicans". A shame the author knows so little about geography not to notice that Mexico is in North not South America. People tend to think of North America as the USA but in fact 23 countries are listed as being geographically located on the continent or islands of North America - including Mexico. Some argument could be made for its inclusion with central America - but not South America. Don't editors go to school or know how to look up facts ? Some one should tell them about Wikipedia. Besides the fact that this is teaching children incorrect geography - I wasn't entirely comfortable with the Mexican joke for other reasons as well - but I may have been reading too much into it and comparing it with another more offensive joke. Still - If they wanted to crack a joke about cans - why not North America and Ameri - cans?

      My sons do love Angry Birds and my son had this on his Christmas Wish list. Since I do always give the children a few books to read Christmas night after all the fuss is over, this seemed a good addition to my sons book parcel. I do like to have a lot of reading material which they choose themselves available any way - so it makes a small extra present , but is basically something I would buy anyway.

      My son was quite excited to get this and immediately started reading. He did read the whole book - and he did like a number of the jokes - including many I found very stupid - but then kids jokes usually are not going to crack an adult up. There were too many jokes he just didn't get - such as "What language do birds speak ? - Pigeon English" and I would not expect most children under 10 to get this - but I really couldn't see any over ten being that excited by "What has a bottom at the top? - Your legs" which he seemed to find the funniest joke in the book. There were a number of jokes he enjoyed which he came running in to share but also a number he had to ask questions about. And there were also far too many jokes that were just groaners - yes it's easy to see what they meant but they just really are not funny. I'd say about half of the jokes are something a child would find at least mildly amusing.

      On the plus side - this is very easy to read perhaps five very short jokes per page - the vocabulary is quite easy and suits a reader of age 6-8, which fits in pretty well with what I consider the ideal audience for this book which is ages 5 -10. The jokes are in clear bold print - all capitols and very easy to read. The answers are smaller and more stylised writing which may not be ideal for really struggling readers, but overall this may be a good for a child who doesn't really like to read, to pick up and read a few easy jokes. Still because this is just the thing to entice a reluctant reader into reading a few short jokes, I would have preferred standard text throughout. The pictures are also nice and can be used as inspiration for children to draw as well, copying the cartoon characters. There are plenty of pictures, which is also a plus. My son did say he would have preferred colour printing - but of course that would have upped the prices. This is reasonably priced at only £2.80 new and including delivery from Amazon.

      I asked my son to give this a rating and he said 3 1/2 stars. I feel this is quite fair and would normally round up, which would give this 4, but he did feel 4 was a bit too high, I wouldn't have knocked of a full star for the geography issue - but as my son was closer to 3 anyway, I allowed this to tip the scales. I do feel that my 4 year old is really a bit too young for this book, but he did enjoy a few jokes. I think he'll get more out of this in another year, but as this is for older children, I have not really taken his opinion into consideration for the rating. He did listen to it when his brother read it and have a few laughs but he has no interest in hearing it again at this time.

      But even at 3 stars - I will still recommend this if you have a child the right age to appreciate silly playground jokes who also loves Angry Birds. It may not be the most educational of books - but as far as I am concerned anything that gets them reading is a good thing. It is very inexpensive and my son did get enough out of this to justify the purchase price in my opinion. I really would not consider this for an adult Angry Birds fan. I honestly can't imagine any adult or teen getting much from these jokes. I do believe this was intended for a very young audience - which means there is no bad language and absolutely no sexual jokes - but there also is not really anything an adult is going to find very amusing.


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