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Baby Duck and the New Eyeglasses - Amy Hest

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Genre: Junior Books / Author: Amy Hest / Paperback / 32 Pages / Book is published 1998-02-02 by Walker Books Ltd

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    1 Review
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      07.07.2007 20:19
      Very helpful



      Great book to get if your child need glasses


      Amy Hest has written many books in her career as a children’s author but this Baby Duck series is one of her best in my opinion. This book is also known as Baby Duck and the Bad Eyeglasses in certain bookstores.

      Jill Barton has won awards for her fantastic illustrations and it is clear to see why when looking at this particular book.

      ***The Story***

      Baby Duck is sad because she doesn’t like her new glasses.

      “They were too big on her baby face.
      They pushed against her baby cheeks.
      And she did not look like Baby.”

      Everyone in her family tries to make her feel good about them, saying how sweet she looks and how much better she must be able to see with them, but she insists that she doesn’t like them one bit.

      Baby Duck is frightened to hop or dance or play in case her glasses fall off. Instead she sits quietly behind a tree feeling sorry for herself until Grandpa starts to ask her questions about the colour of her new glasses. When he finally sees them he tells her they look very fine because they are the same colour as his glasses.

      This cheers Baby up and Grandpa asks her if she can still splash in the lake and twirl around. She tries and finds that her glasses stay where they should. Grandpa then shows Baby a surprise boat and gets her to read out the very clear letters. Baby is pleased to read that they spell ‘Baby’ and she gets in the boat to sail alongside the rest of her family.

      ***The Illustrations***

      These pictures are just lovely in this book and you really get the emotion coming through when they show how sad and lonely Baby feels and then how happy she is to realise that things are not that bad after all. The colours are delicate but there are lots of details in the background, which show lots of other ducks having fun.

      ***My Thoughts***

      This is the second Baby Duck book we have seen in our house and they are quite simply delightful to read. The wording is big and black on the pastel coloured backgrounds and the story reminds children that a change in appearance doesn’t have to be bad.

      There has recently been a little girl at nursery who has started wearing glasses and my son has been saying how cool they look and how he wants some too. I’ve had to explain to him that luckily he doesn’t actually need glasses and that they are to help her see things more clearly. It is nice to know that there isn’t the same teasing going on as when I started wearing glasses in primary school. Maybe that’s also because they look a lot nicer than they used to and more children seem to be getting them these days.

      This book would be a great help for any youngster who finds themselves being told that they have to wear glasses. It shows them that it’s much nicer to be able to see things properly and that they can actually still do all the things they love doing. They can of course be quite the fashion accessory too and this book shows that people can still think that you look good in them.

      I’m really pleased to see a book like this being available in a nursery library, which is where my son found it. I think it also shows other children that someone may be feeling a bit sad at having to start wearing glasses and by showing a bit of compassion, they can help that person feel good about them self again.

      ***Other Baby Duck Books***

      In The Rain With Baby Duck
      You’re The Boss, Baby Duck
      Make The Team, Baby Duck
      Off To School, Baby Duck
      You Can Swim, Baby Duck
      Guess Who, Baby Duck
      Baby Duck & The Cosy Blanket

      ***Price & Availability***

      This paperback is available at the publishing price of £4.99 from Amazon.

      ISBN No. 0744552206


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    • Product Details

      Baby duck does not like her new eyeglasses. She thinks they're too big. When she goes to the park with Mr and Mrs Duck, she hides behind a tree and sings a sad song about poor baby. Then Grandpa arrives and, as ever, he is able to win over Baby Duck and reassure her.

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