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Bear's New Friend - Karma Wilson

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2 Reviews

Paperback: 40 pages / Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's / Published: 7 Aug 2006 / Language: English

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    2 Reviews
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      07.11.2013 12:52



      Upon purchasing this book for my 6 year old grand-daughter, I decided to give it a bit of a proof read before hand. To tell the truth I'm really glad I did. The content of this book on surface value may seem innocent and fun, however after a couple of reads I started to detect a couple of unsavoury vibes. If I were to describe this book in one sentence it would be, a cheap Gruffullo rip-off with quite obvious dogging references which I find to be very inappropriate and offensive. They say never trust a book by it's cover, but believe me you should trust this one. Just look at the animals suspiciously beady eyes, giving away the whole seedy tale.Many thanks, Keithie x


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      26.08.2013 22:07
      Very helpful



      A lovely book for little ones

      At work we have The Book People come round, drop off a load of books and other items for us to look at and when they come back a week later we can buy something if we want it.  I often get Jayden a few books this way.  A couple of months ago they had a lovely set of children's books in which I had to buy, one book in this set is Bear's New Friend by Karma Wilson, it is a lovely book ideal for sharing with your child.  

      Bear's New Friend by Karma Wilson is a paperback book, it is rectangle shaped and has a glossy shiny front and back cover.  The front cover has the book title written along the bottom of it in large white writing so that it stands out, above this is the name of the author Karma Wilson and the name of the illustrator Jane Chapman, again these are written in white writing.
      The whole of the front cover is taken up with a picture of Bear and his friends peering over a log, the picture is bright and colourful so will easily draw your child's attention.

       The back cover has very little information on it other than a small extract from the book, the back cover is actually taken up entirely with a picture of a grassy area with trees and flowers.  As I have mentioned this is a paperback book, this isn't ideal for Jayden to look at on his own as the struggles with paper pages and tears them easily, however this is not a problem if I sit and read the book to him.  

      The Story
      Bears New Friend is basically about a large brown bear who goes out in the forest to play, when he hears a noise in the trees he decides to find out what is making the noise.  Along the way he meets up with his other forest friends including Mouse, Hare, Badger, Gopher, Mole, Raven and Wren, they join him in his hunt to find out who is making the noise, at the end of the story they find out who is in the forest and end up making a new friend.

       The story is written so that it rhymes all the way through helping to capture and keep your child attention with the sing song style pattern.  There are a few lines of the story written on each page, the writing is quite large and black making it stand out against the pictures and also the size of the writing makes it ideal for children who are just learning to read by themselves.  

      The Pictures
      Each picture in the book Bears New Friend takes up a double page, the pictures are bright and colourful to help capture your child's attention and they are also very detailed, there is a lot to look at in each picture, again helping to keep your child's interest.  The main focal point of each picture are the different animals and as the story progresses there are even more animals for your child to spot and name.  The pictures follow the story well and illustrate exactly what is being read of each page.
      Price and Availability
      As I have mentioned I purchased our copy of Bear's New Friend by Karma Wilson from The Book People through work, however you can also purchase this book from a range of places online including Play.com, the price for this book varies depending on where you purchase it from, the recommended retail price is £5.99, however if you search around the book is sold between the price of just over £2.00 to £5.99.  I purchased this book in a set of 4 and they set cost me £4.00 so this book worked out at just £1.00 which personally I think is excellent value for money, I think £5.99 is a little expensive for this book, however I would be happy for pay a bit more than £1.00 for it, but overall I think I got a bargain.  

      My Opinion
      Since we have had the book Bear's New Friend I have read this several times to Jayden and he loves looking at the bright colourful pictures.  The writing is nice and big making it easy for slightly older children who are starting to learn to read and the rhyming sound of the story will help to keep you child's attention.

       There are a range of animals in the pictures which your child and spot and name helping your child to learn the different names of animals.  This book can be purchased for a very reasonable price if you hunt around.

       This is definitely a book I would recommend and one that Jayden really enjoys, although he cannot actually read as yet being just over a year old, however he does love to sit and listen to the story and look at the pictures.  This is an ideal book for children of all ages and one I would recommend to anyone with small children.


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