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Bear Snores On - Karma Wilson

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2 Reviews

Author: Karma Wilson / Format: Board book / Date of publication: 03 October 2005 / Genre: Baby Books / Subcategory: Picture & Activity Books / Category: Picture Books / Publisher: Simon & Schuster / Title: Bear Snores On / ISBN 13: 9781416904885 / ISBN 10: 1416904885

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    2 Reviews
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      19.10.2013 23:10
      Very helpful



      A nice book for little ones

      My Son Jayden despite only being 18 months old already has a large collection of books, a lot I have bought from a local Pound Shop, however I have also bought a lot through The Book people that bring books round to the office where I work every few weeks.  A while ago I bought a pack of 4 books about a bear and his friends, they had cute pictures and were reasonably priced.  One of the books I bought was Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson.  

      The books Bear Snores On is a large rectangle paperback book, not ideal for an 18 month old, however this is not a book I would leave him along with.  The front cover is made from a  glossy card, the whole thing is taken up with a picture of Bear (a large brown bear) asleep in the middle of it surrounded by his friends.

      The Story
      The story Bear Snores On is basically a bear asleep in his cave during a cold wintry night when his friends nip in one by one and have fun around him without him knowing.  The friends accidentally wake bear up and when he realised what has been going on without him he gets upset, however his friends continue the party with bear and he soon cheers up.  Bears friends are all other woodland creatures including Mouse, Hare, Badger, Gopher, Mole, Wren and Mole.  The story is written in rhyme throughout, this is a simple rhyme that children will easily be able to follow, the story is also written in large black writing so that it both stands out clearly against the pictures and also so that it is easy for young children to follow.  

      The Pictures
      The pictures in the book Bear Snores On are very well done, they are detailed and give children a lot to look at.  The pictures take up the whole page and in some places are spread over 2 pages.  Although the pictures are detailed they are not too complicated for younger children, also the pictures on each page follow what is being said in the story.  The pictures are colourful and will definitely capture your child's attention.  

      Price and Availability
      As I have mentioned I bought Jayden's copy of Bear Snores On through The Book people at work and with the other books I bought at the same time it worked out as costing me about £1.00 which personally I thought was excellent value for money.  This book is also available from places such as Amazon and Play.com and is sold for between £3.00 and £5.00, the price really seems to vary a lot depending on where you purchase it from.  

      My Opinion
      Since buying this book I have read it to Jayden several times and he really seems to enjoy it, the rhyme of the story seems to get his attention and he loves looking at the pictures and will point to all the different animals, sometimes we don't actually read the story but will just look at and talk about the different pictures in the book and he seems to love doing this as well.  Whilst Jayden is too young to read the book himself this book is also ideal for slightly older children who are learning to read, the story is split up into just a couple of lines per page so there is not too much per page for your child to read, the words are also written in large letters again making it easy for children to read themselves.

       I particularly like the pictures in this book as they are well drawn, simple yet detailed.  I would definitely recommend this book as it is ideal for children of all ages whether they read it themselves or your read it to them.  


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        11.02.2013 10:14
        Very helpful



        Bear Snores on

        In a cave in the woods,
        in his deep dark lair,
        through the long cold winter
        sleeps a great brown bear.

        This is one of our favourite books at bedtime and a story that we know off by heart. The main character in the book is a great brown bear and he is hibernating in his cave. However, while he sleeps he has lots of little creatures come into the cave. There is a mouse that light a fire as he finds it too dark, a hare who comes in and makes some tea and corn with the mouse so they can catch up on their chatter and also a badger, mole and a gopher. They all start to have a great time prompting one of my favourite lines in the book, "In a cave, in the woods, a slumbering bear sleeps through the party in his very own lair."

        Then, a pepper fleck from the stew that Hare is making makes the bear sneeze and he wakes up. The animals are a bit scared as they know that waking a sleeping bear is not the best thing in the world you can do but they soon all become firm friends but bear finds that in the morning after the party he's wide awake and all his friends snore on!

        The story is told in rhyming form with sort two or three lines on each page. What I also find clever in this book is that after each animal comes in, the author reiterates that The Bear snores on! This is my daughters favourite part and the part we can always recite that part over and over again.

        The illustrations are great, you can actually feel the coldness outside the cave and can see why all the animals have come in to seek shelter and can feel the warmth once they are all inside having fun. The pages show a dark, snowy scene outside and then inside it is warm and red coloured. All the animals are drawn really well and look very life-like which I like as I think its great for my kids to see pictures of real life animals so they know what they are.

        We have the book is large paperback form. It is written by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Jane Chapman. The ISBN is 978-0-74346-209-9 and it costs £5.99 from Simon and Schuster.


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