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Book of Paper Airplanes - Doug Stillinger

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Genre: Junior Books / Author: Doug Stillinger / Edition: 1 / Spiral-bound / 56 Pages / Book is published 2004-04-01 by Klutz

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    1 Review
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      07.06.2012 20:35
      Very helpful



      Another masterpiece from Klutz.

      I am going to try something different with this review and include both my own review and my son's. I am trying to encourage him to write, so I have asked him to keep a blog with weekly entries and he reviewed this book for this week's entry. If this works out I am going to let have the amount of money this review earns. I did think to ask if he could start his own account - but I'm afraid I could not allow him to read and rate as he might end up reading something inappropriate for such a young age, but I do hope this will help him seem writing as something fun. Of course I have helped with spell check and proof reading. I realise this does make the review a bit long - but I know I would like seeing a child's perspective on children's items I buy so I do hope this OK.

      Klutz book of paper airplanes is a large spiral bound book with instructions to build 10 airplanes, and 40 sheets of wonderful high quality paper which has lovely designs printed on both sides. Klutz books all seem to be activity books - you don't just read these books you do them. They also all seem to be very well written, with clear easy to follow instructions, and this book is no exception. This book is 56 pages. In addition to the instructions for making planes, there is chart with each plane listed, it's maximum speed, whether it performs best indoors or out, how difficult it is to make, and what type of plane it is. There is information on how to correct problems on your plane, make your plane turn to one side, or fly higher or lower. Some of these things are discussed using real aeronautic terms, so the child will learn about ailerons, elevators and dihedral or wing angle ( that's one I didn't know before reading this and we read a lot of books on flight).

      I did feel a bit overwhelmed by the hardest airplane in this book, but once I got down to it, it was much easier than I thought. The instructions really do walk through every step and the result was absolutely amazing. Using the special paper provided, I made the Ninja, which is shown on the front of the book in red and white. This came out so well, my youngest thinks of it as a toy and will not be happy when it eventually wears out.

      My youngest really isn't able to make the planes yet - although he is trying, and in all honesty, my seven year old does really struggle. He has made a few, but is never entirely satisfied with them and always asks me to make him one too. But he does love flying them and we are anxiously awaiting a half way clear day to make run flight tests. We plan to make every plane in the book and fly it outdoors, comparing our results with the results Klutz has published. They even have a web page to log onto if you can beat them at anything.

      I bought this book for £4.50 under Amazon's warehouse deals. I don't know quite how this works, but have bought several books from this listed as used - good and could never tell the difference between these and new book. They have one more on offer at this price - and I'm thinking to buy it just for the paper. I do really wish we could buy the paper separately. You can in the USA, but shipping would cost more than just buying a new book :(. It really is lovely and turns a plain paper plane into a cherished toy. Full price on this new is under £7 from Amazon but rrp is 12.99.

      Needless to say - I am delighted with this book. I love anything that makes my son love reading and he does enjoy reading this. Both boys have had so much fun building the airplanes, and I feel there is a lot of educational value in this as well, especially as we have been studying aviation recently.

      My rating on this is 5 stars but I wish I could give it more.

      My son's review:

      This is one of my very favourite books. This book is about how to make paper airplanes and how to make them fly right. This book tells you how to make 10 paper airplanes. It is very big and really good pictures of the planes made with coloured papers. The instructions are easy to read and the pictures help a lot, but it is very hard to get the folds right. You have to make both sides exactly the same. Even though I try the best I can, my planes do not come out as well Mom's. But I still really like this book. I love the planes Mom made, I love the coloured paper that comes with this. It makes the best airplanes ever. I like reading this book and I like practising making the planes. I can make one of the planes well now, and I will keep practising until I can make them all.

      Another good thing about this book is that it tells you ways to fix your air plane if it isn't working right and it tells you which planes are best for inside and which planes are best for outside. It shows you the best way to throw your plane. It tells you how to make them turn and tells about parts on real airplanes.

      My favourite airplane in this book is the professional. It is for indoor and outdoor. It has triangle shaped wings. It one of the easier planes to make, and flies really well, It goes fast and makes loops. The people who make the book say it can go up to 71 feet. Mine haven't gone that far, but Mom says we can make a whole bunch of planes and test them all. We can use a measuring tape and see how far we can make them go.

      I like this book a lot. I think other kids will like it too. My brother likes it too and he is only 3, but he can not make the planes. he just likes Mom to make them. I think this would be best for kids my age or maybe bigger. I am seven. I think this would make a very good Christmas or Birthday present because you can make so many planes.

      The only bad thing about this book is you can not get more of the special paper when it runs out. You can make the planes with other paper, but this paper is really colourful with nice designs like space and bubbles. I give this 5 stars.


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