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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Coyote Moon - John Vornholt

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Genre: Junior Books / Author: John Vornholt / 164 pages / Book published 1998-10-05 by Pocket Books

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    1 Review
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      27.06.2011 17:07
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      a Buffy The Vampire Slayer book

      Ever since I was young I've been secretly interested in Buffy the Vampire Slayer; however I never tuned into any of the episodes as my parents thought it was a scary show and that I shouldn't watch it. So I came across the books, and realised that there is many different series (along with some comics) and even Fantasticfiction.com doesn't have a clue on the correct order. So I just chose a series and started reading,

      So far the books I've read:
      1) The Harvest
      2) Halloween Rain
      3) Coyote Moon (this book)

      All of the above books I've read all have a review added to it, which was posted before I received the 1st series of the TV programme, and so the information may not be as correct as this review will be.

      As I have already mentioned, I was banned from watching Buffy, however I made my parents sit and watch the first series and they are totally gripped with it, and although I haven't had a sorry, I know that they mean it somewhere. Buffy, for those of you who don't know, was a major big TV series between 1997 and 2003 (which sort of explains the ban since I'd only been 4 when it started and 10 when it ended.) It had span lots of major merchandise, from novels (like this one) to comics and even games (that are still being released). There are a lot of rumours that it is going to return, Anthony Head (who played Buffy's Watcher) mentioned a bit in an interview with Digital Spy, but it sounded as if he was hiding something big. Furthermore Sarah Michelle Geller (who played Buffy) said "You show me a script; you show me that it works, and you show me that [the] audience can accept that, [and] I'd probably be there. Those are what my hesitations are." Suggesting that scripts may have already been done, but not to the satisfaction of some people. I hope it returns as I'd love to actually watch it on live TV, however, I will have to buy all the box sets and watch them all the way through before it starts, which will be a nightmare!

      Anyway, the author of this book is John Vornholt. I hear you say who? Well that's what I'm wondering, so just going to check the internet and the description in the book to see if it will shed some light. He has had many different careers, from being a stuntman to writing animated cartoons, but he enjoys writing books most of all. John Vornholt has written over a dozen "Star Trek" books, plus novels set in such diverse universes as "Babylon 5" and "Alex Mack". He lives in Arizona with his wife, and their two kids. He used to see a lot of coyotes in the hills of Hollywood, where he lived for seventeen years, and he often sees them now in the Sonoran Desert. Hence, why the book is about coyotes. He has written four "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" books and also a "Salem's Tails" book, which explains why I recognise the last name, as those books are on my shelf hiding somewhere, waiting to be read. I was gripped when I read this book, but I don't think he'll ever become a famous author, since he has no new books out anytime soon, and I do not think he'll be able to compete against the bestsellers of today. But maybe I'll be wrong, we'll just have to wait and see.

      So here's what the book is about:
      As longs as there have been vampires, there has been the Slayer. One girl in all the world, to find them where they gather and to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their number.

      The carnival looks like just the thing to give Buffy and Xander and Willow, a break from staking vampires. Some food, a few thrills, what more could Buffy want? But then Buggy senses something evil behind this carnival. Xander and Willow aren't so sure. They don't buy what Buffy's saying that the carneys are somehow connected to the corpses turning up around Sunnydale. It doesn't help that her two best friends are each interested in someone at the carnival. Which puts the burden of proof on Buffy. Can she find out what's going on in time to save her friends? Or has the Slayer become the prey?

      I fully enjoyed this book. It has little connection with the series, it has the sae setting and the same characters but totally different storyline, which makes it gripping and therefore, because there is no episode that has the same storyline as the book should interest you more, as this is a never-before-seen episode, but it's in book format.

      The book is pocket size (although I don't think it would fit into a pocket, I'm not too sure), which makes it an easy-read. It doesn't take you long, and you can finish it within a day easily given the time. It doesn't feel like a chore at all, if you have a gripping book reading is enjoyable. And what better way than to use your free time, than delving into a Buffy novel and catching up on all those lost years without Buffy.

      I like how this was a sequel, the fact that I could get into the book within seconds without having to bother with the introductions of which character is which and what their role is. (In the first book: The Harvest. That book was EXACTLY the same as the first episode of Series 1 of Buffy TV Series). So In my opinion, all pocket books (or in this case "Archway paperback" which I always mistake for pocket books) are easy to get into, and you don't have to worry about knowing the characters as they presume you watched the TV Programme.

      I also liked the plot outline, it was well constructed that you could actually imagine this being an episode of Buffy, furthermore it seemed more like the episodes than "Halloween Rain" did, and it wasn't too over the top. I really like how I'm watching the TV series while I'm in the middle of the books, it makes it more interesting and I have to keep up, so that I know which characters are which and what they are like.

      My favourite character will have to be Willow, she is such a vulnerable character, and she is just like that in these books. But then that is to be expected as the books are based on the TV series. DO NOT mix that up; the books are different because the series was made first, so it's not the TV series fault that it doesn't follow the books. Many people get this confused, since there are films and TV series being created now that are based on books (such as Twilight and the Vampire Diaries). Whereas Buffy, Charmed and Sabrina the Teenage Witch books were created after or during the TV programme (This has all started up again, as Glee have started creating their own books).

      Overall, I have given this book 4.5 stars, but it won't allow me to do that so I've put 5 stars. For a truly gripping tale that spun me here there and everywhere and I had no clue how this was going to end up. For imaginative ideas, since the characters HAD to be the same, however John Vornholt took them out of character, with a specific meaning which worked really well. I also think that it is quick to read and doesn't take that long is always a great factor. My only problem was that some bits were predictable, but don't people expect that from a pocket book?

      Thank you for reading and I hope I have interested some of you at least, into reading this book.


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