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Bunny My Honey - Anita Jeram

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3 Reviews

Genre: Junior Books / Author: Anita Jeram / Edition: New Ed / Board book / 24 Pages / Book is published 2004-03-01 by Walker Books Ltd

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    3 Reviews
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      24.04.2013 17:18
      Very helpful
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      A lovely picture book

      My daughter has gone up to the next stage of books, she's not really as interested in her character books as she previously was. Luckily, she received a huge number of new books for her third birthday that are more at her level of enjoyment. One of these books is Bunny My Honey.

      Bunny My Honey is written and illustrated by Anita Jeram. It has 24 pages and is a paperback book. It's one of my daughter's smaller books, it measures approximately 15cm x 12xm.

      The book tells the story of Bunny, Mummy Rabbit likes to call him 'Bunny, my honey'. Mummy Rabbit teaches him how to do rabbity type things and he likes to play with his best friends Little Duckling and Miss Mouse. One day he gets lost in the woods, the more he looked for his friends and his mummy the more lost he got, he cried out for his mummy then he heard something 'Bunny, my honey'. It was Mummy Rabbit shouting for him, when she found him she picked him up and reassured him, Bunny loved his mum. On the way home they found Miss Mouse and Little Duckling and sang their song. The book ends with Bunny telling us he's a happy rabbit.

      The story is quite nice as it describes the background of Bunny and Mummy Rabbit with how she taught him lots of different things so it gets you involved with Bunny. The writing style is quite basic and it captivates my daughter's attention well. There isn't a lot of text so it doesn't get too boring for younger children. I've quickly grown to love Anita Jeram's illustrations; they are soft on the eye with lovely pale watercolours. The illustrations run along with the story well and help to tell the story. The majority of the pictures are small and follow the story but there are a couple of double page spreads that set the scene, mainly when Bunny is lost, these pages look magical and really set the scene.

      There is a special song that Bunny, Mummy Rabbit, Little Duckling and Miss Mouse all sing together near the start and end of the book. My daughter knows the words to this and reads along with me when we get to it. It is the same song that is featured in another of my daughters books 'All Together Now' that also features the same characters.

      I'd definitely recommend this book for younger children, it captivates my daughter's attention well and she likes to join in with the lovely song they all sing together. It's a nice story and I like the beginning as it really draws you into Bunny's life.

      ISBN-10: 0744575834
      RRP: £5.99


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        30.01.2010 14:51
        Very helpful
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        A Charming story with lovable characters

        My older daughter was given this book as a gift when she was one by her Nanny and Grandad. They purchased it for her as at the time we had a giant house bunny called Florrie and the Mummy Bunny in this story looks a bit like a giant breed of Rabbit.

        This book is by Anita Jeram who has written and illustrated quite a few children's books including the very popular 'Guess How Much I Love You'.

        ~ The Story ~

        'Bunny my Honey' is a story book for younger children. It tells the story of Mummy Rabbit, Bunny and their little friends.

        Mummy Rabbit likes to call her Baby Bunny ''Bunny, my Honey''.

        Bunny has two best friends, Little Duckling and Miss Mouse and they enjoy playing games and singing.

        They sing a little song as they play

        ''We're the little Honeys.
        A little Honey is sweet.
        Quack, quack, squeak, squeak,
        Thump your great big feet!''

        One day when the friends are playing Bunny goes a bit too far and gets lost so he starts trying to find his Friends and Mummy Rabbit but he gets even more lost. Bunny gives up and starts to cry for his Mummy then all of a sudden he hears her calling ''Bunny my Honey'' and they are re-united. Mummy Rabbit gives Bunny a big cuddle, strokes his ears, kisses him. Bunny tells his Mummy he loves her and she does the same to him, they then return to Little Duckling and Miss Mouse.

        ~ My Summary ~

        This is a delightful, charming, simple story which captures the love Mummy Rabbit and Bunny have for each other so well and is backed up with the most beautiful artwork which is full of detail and expression. If you look on each page you will see tiny little snails, spiders, toadstools and other little things all hidden amongst the larger drawings.

        I also like the way it teaches your child that they should never wander off alone which is something I remind my daughter every time I read this to her. Of course Mummy finds her Bunny and all is well so it is not upsetting for the child in any way!

        My daughter loves this book and it is still one of her favourite bedtime stories now she is nearly 4 years old.
        She knows most of the story and reads along with me and sings the little song but her favourite part of the story is when you see Mummy Rabbits ears poking out from behind a tree trunk when she is about to find Bunny.

        The copy we have of this book is the board style. I would recommend this style rather than paper as our copy has been read hundreds of times and it is still in great condition plus you can wipe it clean if it gets dirty.

        ~ Price and Where to Purchase ~

        Bunny my Honey is published by Walker Books and has an RRP of £7.99.

        It is available new from £4.99 in paperback on Amazon.

        ~Other Books Illustrated by Anita Jerams ~

        Bill's Belly Button (1991)
        It Was Jake (1991)
        The Most Obedient Dog in the World (1993)
        All Pigs are Beautiful (1993)
        My Hen is Dancing (1993)
        I Love Guinea Pigs (1994)
        Guess How Much I Love You (1994)
        Contrary Mary (1995)
        Daisy Dare (1995)
        Puppy Love (1997)
        Animal Friends (1997)
        Birthday Happy Contrary Mary (1998)
        Bunny, My Honey (1999)
        All Together Now (1999)
        Kiss Goodnight, Sam (2001)
        Don't You Feel Well, Sam (2001)
        I Love My Little Storybook (2002)
        You Can Do It, Sam (2003)
        You're All My Favourites (2004)

        See www.anitajeram.com for more information on her work


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          11.06.2006 21:24
          Very helpful



          good story of the love between a mummy and baby

          This is another of my son's favourite books about bunnies. He was very lucky to have been given this large board book as a gift from his great-grandma who knows his favourite toy is a floppy grey rabbit that goes everywhere with him.


          Anita Jeram is not a name that I immediately recognised until I started to do some research and found she was also the illustrator of Guess How Much I Love You. She has written and illustrated many other books but this was the one that I instantly recognised as one I had read to my son a while ago when we borrowed it from the library. Her illustrations can also be found in the way of many posters and framed prints available at lots of online stores.

          ***The Story***

          Quite simply Bunny My Honey is a story of a small bunny who is very much loved by his mother. It starts:-

          "Mummy Rabbit had a baby.
          His name was Bunny.
          He looked just like his mummy, only smaller.
          He had long ears, a twitchy nose and great big feet.
          'Bunny, My Honey,' Mummy Rabbit liked to call him."

          He loves to play each day with his friends Little Duckling and Miss Mouse and they all play quack-quacky, squeaky and thump-thump-thumpy games together.

          Then one day Bunny gets lost after chasing a dragonfly into the woods and no matter how hard he tries he can't find his way home. He starts to shout for his mother and soon hears her shout back 'Bunny My Honey'. It's not long before they are reunited and they make their way home.

          "And Bunny was a happy rabbit."

          ***The Illustrations***

          These drawings are beautifully done in watercolour style with lots of soft pastels that just make you want to be able to pick up the rabbits and give them a cuddle as they look so fluffy and soft. The attention to detail is amazing with small flowers, bees and even toadstools shown in the background.

          ***My Thoughts***

          When my son first saw this book he was really excited - as I said he loves rabbits. I'm pleased to say that almost two years on he still loves this book as much, if not more than when he first got it and now knows all the words off by heart. It's rarely a week that goes by that he doesn't get it down from the bookshelf and sit and go through it by himself or ask to be read it at bedtime.

          As for me, well I think it's a lovely, sweet story and it's nice to see the tale of a mother and son's close relationship told in such a lovely way with fantastic pictures to go with it. As well as all this of course it teaches children the invaluable lesson of not wandering off on their own without telling someone where they are going. The expressions, first of sadness and fear of being lost and then the wonderment and elation of hearing his mother's voice and seeing her appear through the trees are portrayed in such a realistic way that it's hard not to feel a bit relieved when the happy ending occurs.

          Despite the fact that this book has been read and re-read literally hundreds of times does not show on this board book and it still looks like new thanks to the wipe clean surface. Just as well as I think this one would be one to replace otherwise.

          ***Other Books Illustrated By Anita Jeram***

          I Love Guinea Pigs
          All Pigs Are Beautiful
          Puppy Love

          By Dick King Smith

          You Can Do It Sam
          Kiss Goodnight Sam

          By Amy Hest

          ***Price and Availability***

          The price on the back on this board book is £7.99, however, as with most books these days, you can get it much cheaper than that from Tesco who sell it for only £5.99. It is also available in hardback and paperback forms.

          IBSN 0744596971


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