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I am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed - Lauren Child

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8 Reviews

Author: Lauren Child / Format: Paperback / Date of publication: 18 October 2007 / Genre: Character Books / Subcategory: Picture Books / Publisher: Hachette Children's Books / Title: I am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed / ISBN 13: 9781846168840 / ISBN 10: 1846168840 / Alternative title: Charlie and Lola: I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed - Lauren Child / Alternative ISBN 10: 1841210781

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    8 Reviews
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      30.07.2013 22:02
      Very helpful



      Another great Charlie and Lola book

      Charlie has this little sister Lola. She is small and very funny but she also knows her own mind. If she is sleepy, she is determined that she will not go to bed. As the older brother, can Charlie use all his powers of persuasion to ensure that Lola gets a good night's sleep?

      Like many children, Lola does not particularly like going to bed. She likes staying up colouring, scribbling, sticking and most of all chattering. When she is told that it is time for bed, she always has an answer as to why she should not go: she never gets tired; she can't clean her teeth because somebody is eating her toothpaste; and the whales are swimming in the bath. The list is endless especially where the highly imaginative Lola is concerned. However, older brother Charlie knows Lola so well; if anyone can persuade her to get into bed, it's him.

      This story is totally delightful. Charlie and Lola are such loveable and engaging characters and my daughter adores them. Having read so many Charlie and Lola books, they feel like old friends. We love the relationship that they have and how patient the older and wiser Charlie is with his younger and often obstinate sister.

      The illustrations throughout the book are exquisite with a mixture of comical drawings, photographs and interesting backgrounds. Every page is a visual treat and each one is enhanced by the interesting and swirly ways that the text is set about. It often dances before your very eyes with the text sometimes getting bigger or smaller and the very important words in bold.

      Above all, it's a very funny story and one that both parents and their children will likely identify with. Bedtimes can often be stressful with small children but this book helps you to see the funny side. Everyone is bound to love this brilliant story and will enjoy reading about more of Charlie and Lola's antics. It's a book that I am sure that children will want to have read time and time again.

      The copy that I am reviewing has the added bonus of being a board book so that it is very sturdy and durable for handling by little fingers.

      Board book: 32 pages
      Publisher: Orchard Books (7 Mar 2013)

      This review has previously appeared under my name at www.thebookbag.co.uk


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      17.07.2013 11:13
      Very helpful



      Another delightful book in the Charlie and Lola range.

      Charlie and Lola are fictional brother and sister created by author Lauren Child. As well as being featured in a series of books, they are popular with young children as they are in a TV series aired on the kids channel cbeebies and also shown sometimes on BBC2.

      There are two types of books that I have noticed. Some were written before the TV show, while others are books based on episodes of the TV show, so there is a subtle difference I find between the two types of story. There is more content in the original books I feel. This is one of the original books.

      My children seem to have liked these characters for a good few years, and I think part of the attraction is that Lola is a bit naughty at times, though it is clear she is good deep down, just that she is young and learning how to behave better. Her older brother Charlie seems to have a lot of responsibility for his sister. Something that strikes me a lot when reading the book is where are their parents? They are never shown in any of the books, and if they are mentioned, it is usually quite fleetingly.

      In this particular book, it is bedtime, so Charlie has been told to tell Lola to get ready for bed. She needs to do things familiar to all children like take a bath, get into her pyjamas and clean her teeth. All relatively simple for Charlie to supervise, but Lola has an excuse why she can't do all the things such as whales are already in the bath, and two dancing dogs stole her pyjamas. Charlie has to outwit Lola to get her to do what she should be doing, which is done in a humourous way which always gets my sons giggling when I read it. I always have a little chuckle too as it just reminds me of my own two who will do anything to postpone bedtime by 5 more minutes.

      I think this is one of the better books in the series as it is so easy for kids to relate to this scenario. The illustrations are very bright and appealing to children, and in this particular book it is mostly cartoon style pictures. In some of the other books, some pictures are more photograph like which provides an interesting contrast to the flatter cartoon style images.

      The text in these books can sometimes be rather non-linear, going in curves or loop the loop, or even being printed upside down. While I can cope with this ok as an adult reader, it does make it harder for my sons to read the books themselves. Here, the author has stuck to two sentences where they curve up slightly, and this causes no issues at all for a young reader.

      I fully recommend these books to parents to read to their children. The length would be better for the slightly older toddler who can concentrate for a whole story. My boys could do this aged about three. This is also suited to young readers who are round about a reading age of eight. My eldest is heading towards seven years old, and he can read most of this book independently now.

      I think this is a very appealing book. It has a RRP of £5.99, but I bought most of our Charlie and Lola books in multi-book deals from the Book People, and I find that our local library carries some titles from the series so you can see if it appeals to your child before purchasing. For us, this has been read so many times that it has proved worth its value.


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        23.12.2011 10:45
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A fun read for fans of Charlie and Lola

        You are tired and you will go to bed!
        This book was a hand-me-down from my niece, and I must say that at first I was a little concerned about the subject matter - a book that promotes not being tired and not going to bed .... No thanks!!
        The book is available on amazon for £4.05 from new.

        Silly siblings
        For those of you that don't know, Charlie and Lola are a well-known brother and sister from a BBC series of the same name. each book and TV programme begins with Charlie saying: "I have this little sister Lola. She is small and very funny." All the books and TV programmes revolve around the pair and their friends, and the things they get up to. There are always fantasy sequences and it's quite a quirky, unusual programme, with interesting illustrations which are 2-dimensional and a bit 'scruffy'. There is also the occasional "real" picture used such as a bowl of real fruit. Although I am no expert, I have never once seen Charlie and Lola's parents, although they often refer to them, so they are quite an independent pair!

        The books carry on the theme with the same style of illustration being used. The writing is also quirky and unusual, and the style of lettering changes throughout.

        Up at 13 o'clock
        So this book involves Lola not wanting to go to bed as she isn't tired, and claims she won't be tired "even at 13 o'clock". She comes up with all sorts of excuses why she can't go to bed, and poor Charlie plays along, making pink milk for Lola's tiger friends, ringing up dancing dogs to borrow pyjamas and taking a whale out of the bath.

        Eventually, of course, we have a happy ending with Lola finally succumbing and going to bed.

        Bright and fun for C&L fans
        This is a nice story that my daughter enjoys listening to, although it isn't one of her favourites. At just under 3 I think she may be a bit too young for some of it and I think it may grow on her, and she has only recently starting watching the TV show so it may become more of a favourite in the future. It's quite a fun book to read and my daughter has learnt certain bits of it and likes to read along with me. The illustrations are bright and interesting and, as I mentioned previously, definitely a little bit unusual!

        Overall it's a nice book but it doesn't make me desperate to go out and buy more Charlie and Lola books. Of course the story is supposed to be a bit silly but I am not really that mad on it, and I think the style of illustration works better on TV than in the book. So for me, it's okay and quite enjoyable, and my daughter quite likes it, but as I say I'm not sure I'd buy more Charlie and Lola books!


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          06.02.2011 15:57
          Very helpful



          A great book, especially for children who have difficulty going to bed!

          Charlie and Lola: I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed - Lauren Child

          My little one used to love Charlie and Lola on CBeebies, though when we got more channels, she went off of it. Then a while later, we saw a couple of Charlie and Lola books and suddenly my little one liked Charlie and Lola again!

          Charlie and Lola are brother and sister and, like the television series, the book is written as though it is from Charlie's point of view.

          Each book of Charlie and Lola looks at every day problems which children may face, written from a child's perspective with fun imaginative parts in the story to help children understand and look at their problems a different way.

          This book covers bedtimes which as a parent, I know can be a difficult time for some children. Lola does not want to go to bed and Charlie tries everything to persuade her. Sound familiar?!

          The story follows the two children as they go through their bedtime routine and the reasons as to why Lola does not want to go to bed which covers many reasons I have heard from my own youngster!

          The humour in the book is great! Myself and my little one find ourselves laughing many times throughout. It also holds some wonderful images, both cartoon and also photo like additions which pop up, half hidden at times, amongst the cartoon, child-like drawings/sketches. The colour in the pictures is amazing and perfect for young children.

          The language is very simple and rather child-like. This at times can be difficult to read for an adult as Lola speaks like a very young child and so is not the natural way of speaking for an adult, yet through the eyes of a child reading or listening to it, it is a very natural, easy to understand language.

          There are also many educational parts within the book, for example, throughout the story there are number references to help teach your child in a way that they do not realise they are learning!

          In my opinion, this book is perfect for children as young as two upwards. We liked this so much that we are now looking out for more in the set.

          Fully Recommended!


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          27.08.2009 14:38
          Very helpful



          A lovely picture book for bed time.

          I am NOT Sleepy and I WILL NOT go to Bed Is a wonderful picture book by Lauren Child.

          Most people will be familiar with the Charlie and Lola series from the picture books or from the TV. To be honest, I hated these characters when I first noticed them on the TV. They were very childish and I felt that they were not particularly useful for children to watch - the characters' speech is very babyish and to be honest, I feel that this is not the correct way to model language for young children.

          So, when we studied early literacy at uni I was not particularly drawn to the Charlie and Lola series. After reading a couple of the picture books on my own, and with children, I have changed my mind entirely! I still don't like the TV version with the baby voices but the books themselves are fantastic!

          The Characters
          The two main characters in the book are, of course, Charlie and Lola. Charlie is the responsible older brother and the actual text of the story comes from his point of view.

          Lola is the little sister who does not want to go to bed. Many of the pictures in the story are actually the things that Lola is seeing in her quest to put bed time off just a little longer. Of course Charlie plays along with all of this.

          The characters are very likeable. Many younger children identify with Lola and many children who have younger siblings sympathise with Charlie and can have a laugh about Lola's silliness.

          The Story
          Lola does not want to go to bed and Charlie is trying every single trick he knows to try to persuade her. Anyone who has ever tried to get a child to go to bed at the right time will have a little giggle at this book as Lola proves to be ingenious in her stalling techniques.

          The story is simple enough and centres around the night time rituals before bed. Charlie makes Lola(and three tigers) a bed time drink, watches her brush her teeth (with a lion), puts her in a bath (after chasing a whale down the plug hole), gets her pyjamas on (after borrowing them from two dancing dogs) and gets her into bed (only to discover that there may be a hippo in his own bed).

          It is told with great humour. Lauren Child demonstrates the wonderful little fibs that children come up with and shows with humour how one small child at bed time can make you feel like you're going insane (or is that just my experience of little cousins??)

          Like all good picture books, it is a simple story which is rich in interesting words and images which do much to fill out the main themes and give non readers a great deal of access to the book.

          Language and Text
          The Language of the book is very simple and also very funny. It shows little inconsistencies in children's speech. Lola, for example, mispronounces the word hippopotamus - "hippipotimus" and when talking about the time she mentions "13 o'clock in the morning". These little idiosyncrasies can be useful to discuss with children. Very young children will have very little idea of time of day and would accept 13 o'clock easily. The adult can open up a discussion about the hours of the day and about what we do at different times of the day. These kinds of discussion are actually very important in a child's development.

          The book contains references to number. Three tigers, two dancing dogs, one lion and one whale. This can be used for very young children to bring counting into the story. Many young children love being read to and at the same time being actively involved in the experience by counting or naming shapes or colours etc. This book is fantastic for that.

          I love the text and print in this book. It is not completely linear the way most books are printed. Much of
          ........... .............. ........... ......... the book
          .... .............. ............ ............. ......... has the text
          ............ ............ .......... ................ .............. weaving
          ........ ........ ......... ........ ........ ........ ......... .......... across the page
          ............ ............ ............. .............. ............ ........ ......... ........ like this.
          There are also pages with conventional text use and text written in the milk glass or across the table. For the child, this makes the book interesting to look at. Text can be mysterious to children; they have to learn how to decode it. The different layout of text in this book makes it interesting to look at for non reader, and for readers, it reinforces the fact that text still makes sense and can still be read, no matter how it may be presented before them.

          Illustration and backgrounds
          This being a picture book, the illustrations are central to the story. The drawing style is childish and scratchy. The characters look very much like something a child would draw themselves. This helps to involve the children in the story and helps them to relate to the book and to the characters.

          There is also a collage style to the overall look of this book. Simple things like the buttons on Lola's shirt are photographs of real buttons, the glass of pink milk is a photograph set within an illustrated scene. There are also a mixture of illustrated and printed and textures backgrounds such as wallpaper and carpets. The photographs hanging from the walls are a nice touch and mix in nicely with the drawings by Lola and illustrated pictures.

          I particularly like the page representing Lola's bedroom. The combination of illustration and photograph works so well here. The beds and characters are all illustration, but most of Lola's toys are photos of the real thing. There is a book lying open with photos of a golden retriever and a tea set. There are also photos hanging from the walls which are a lovely touch.

          The very last page is completely black with just Lola and the hippo's closed eyes and "ZzZzZzZz" plus poor Charlie's wide open eyes in the dark.

          The book is very colourful and busy. Each page is full of texture and depth which makes this a very engaging picture book for children of many ages.

          I would say that this book is suitable to read to children from 3 to 6 years old. It is also an excellent book for 6 to 8 year olds to read to younger siblings - i.e. taking on the roles of Charlie and Lola, the eldest helping the youngest to get to sleep.

          I think the book is perhaps too young for most children who are 8 or over. Really it is aimed at the 3 - 6 age group. It all really depends upon the maturity of your child. I'm sure I would have been bored by this when I was 6, but many 6 year olds I have read it with have absolutely loved it.

          A great picture book about bed time. Wonderful for getting little ones to bed and a great bed time story. Also useful for discussing time of day, what we do at night time sort of thing.

          Visually I cannot fault this book, it is a pleasure to explore, and each page is full of texture and colour. Language wise, it is simple enough for younger children to understand and for slightly older children to read. It also retains a little humour for the long suffering adult who will no doubt be asked to read it again and again.

          I would definitely recommend this book for those with young children or for reading to nursery or P1 children in general. It's entertaining and opens up much opportunity for discussion. Definitely a book to buy rather than borrow.


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            26.07.2008 09:55
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            RECOMMENDED xx

            This is my daughter's favourite Charlie & Lola book and one that she associates with her own views. Although some nights she is absolutely ready to drop off asleep in my arms, her final words as she is lying in bed will still be "I'm not tired!"

            In this story, the young brother and sister team are again trying to make Lola see things in a more sensible way and Charlie is attempting to get Lola to go to bed.

            Lola comes up with all manner of excuses not to go, from whales in the bath - so no room for her, through to lions eating her toothbrush and dogs wearing her pyjamas. The excuses are really well illustrated and my daughter loves to look at the wild drawings of amazing animals doing things they shouldn't.

            Again in this book there are drawings as well as real pictures of things and this is a way of illustrating that I really like as it allows my daughter to see things in a different perspective. She may see a picture of a real telephone on one page and on the next it will be drawn in cartoon style and this is really effective at making it that bit different and more interesting to read and look at.

            I must admit this is one of my favourite stories from this set of characters as well and of course Lola does end up in bed and this is a satisfactory outcome for any parent reading a bedtime story focusing on bedtime itself. The last thing I want is for my little one to get any ideas from her books that will make things more difficult for me at bedtime!

            Charlie and Lola are an adorable pair and the books really are enjoyable to read. I got mine as part of a set from The Book People but you can buy them individually on Amazon or eBay usually have some for sale too.


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              11.12.2006 13:26
              Very helpful



              Charlie outsmarts his sister in the bedtime struggle

              There is some duplication from my I am absolutely too small for school review.

              Author:/Illustrator: Lauren Child
              Publish Date:
              Genre: Children's Picture Book
              Age Suitability: 4 - 8 (This is according to the publisher's my 2 ½ year old reads them now and I would suggest this would be of interest to kids older than 6)
              Number of Pages: 32
              Amazon Price: £4.74 RRP: £5.99

              ***About the Author*** (taken from I am absolutely too small for school)
              39 year old Lauren Child, borne to an Art teacher father grew up in Wiltshire. She studied art at both Manchester Polytechnic and City and Guilds of London Art School although she admits to learning very little during her time there. Shortly after leaving school, Child started a business making exotic lampshades.

              Child's first writing efforts resulted in the popular Clarice Bean which was published in 1999 and she hasn't looked back since. She has gone on to write over twenty children's books and win a Kate Greenaway Medal for her artwork, chosen to promote 2000's World Book Day.

              ***Who are Charlie and Lola*** (taken from I am absolutely too small for school)
              For those of you who haven't read any of the Charlie and Lola series, you may have seen the TV adaptation of the books on BBC or Nickelodeon Junior.

              Lola, is a cute little blonde girl with a wonderful imagination and a great sense of humour. Her older brother Charlie who is often left in charge of his sister (we never do meet their parents….) is possibly the most patient pre-teen ever! He is forever having to accommodate Lola and often has to call on his own equally vivid imagination in order to encourage her to do whatever it is he is trying to get her to do.

              ****Other Charlie and Lola Books***
              I've won, no I've won, no I've won
              Whoops! But it wasn't me
              We honestly can look after your dog
              I will never not ever eat a tomato
              I am absolutely too small for school

              ***What's it all about***
              Charlie is asked by his parents to put his little sister Lola to bed. This includes a bath, teeth brushing and getting into her pyjamas and proves to be a rather exciting adventure for both of them.

              Lola is a little girl with a big imagination and she has an answer ready each time Charlie asks her to do something - She can't brush her teeth because a Lion is using it. She can't put her pyjamas on because they belong to two dancing dogs. She can't have a bath because there are two whales splashing around in it already.

              Charlie meets each tale with the patience of a saint and never-mind the fact that he is a pre-teen boy and eventually after pink milk with two tigers and putting in a call to the two dogs to ask if Lola can borrow their pyjamas and endless other trials, Charlie manages to get his sister into bed.

              ***What did we think of the story***
              I love Charlie and Lola anyway, whether it is the books or the cute TV series so I knew I would be impressed with this story, as I have been with several others.

              Instead of stamping out Lola's wild imagination as simple time wasting techniques, Charlie encourages her to explore her weird little world and takes the journey with her. I love anything that advocates the use of a child's imagination so this book (and other Charlie and Lola books) is fantastic. Lola is a mischievous and creative little girl and the reader can't help but fall in love with her as she comes us with one scenario after another to avoid getting into bed.

              Lauren Child has an obvious sense of humour which flies off the page at the reader. She manages to entertain the children with a magic that crosses over to the parents. While each kid will identify with Lola and how adamant she is that she doesn't need to go to bed, each parent will identify with Charlie's frustration and even amusement to Lola's actions.

              This is a fantastic book and a fantastic series and I would recommend it to Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles, School Teachers and Nursery Workers of children who push the limits when it comes to bedtime!

              ***What did we think of the illustrations*** (parts taken from I am absolutely too small for school)
              Lauren Child uses a mixture of bold black lines, flat colours and pattered pieces to create what can best be described as a "Kaleidoscopic collage." Her characters are firstly drawn using pencils (she refuses to us ink or pen) before being cut out and transferred to the computer.

              This method results in a much layered style of illustration throughout the book giving the reader an awful lot to look at and take in. My son can spend hours dissecting all the imagery on one page of Lauren Childs work. The bright colours and busy patterns are extremely stimulating to any child and the quirky un-evenness Child uses adds to the child-like quality of her pictures.

              I also find the characters are much more prominent and recognisable in this manner of illustration as they represent a simpler, cleaner image which is in direct contrast to the messy, busy torn patterned pictures that make up the background.

              The other characters that feature in this story add a humourous quality to the book. As if they have been cut out, the characters are awkward looking and uneven. This only adds to the idea that they are out of place and unreal allowing kids to understand that they are a part of Lola's imagination and not a part of real life.

              ***Overall impression***
              Lovely book which encourages imagination and creativity! A book for all kids!


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              29.08.2006 17:46
              Very helpful



              Great book that came before the series.

              Many people will only know Charlie and Lola from the Cbeebies series on the telly or on DVD, but the characters actually originated from a book. This one was written in 2001.

              ***The Author***

              Lauren Child has written a vast amount of books and also illustrates them too. She has won quite a few literary awards including a Kate Greenaway medal for another book about Charlie and Lola, I Will Not Ever Never Eat A Tomato. Her understanding of young children is amazing and this book will leave parents, as well as children smiling and laughing at all the funny ways in which Lola puts off going to bed.

              ***The Story***

              This story is about a Charlie and Lola. As with all these stories the introduction is the same with Charlie telling the story.

              "I have this little sister Lola.
              She is small and very funny."

              Charlie is the eldest and his mum asks him to help get Lola into bed. Lola doesn't like going to bed though and makes up lots of excuses to get out of it, so she can stay up late. We see her doing lots of her favourite things including colouring, bouncing and most of all talking.

              She refuses to go to bed because she says she is not sleepy but Charlie has lots of tricks up his sleeve to try to persuade her. Lola has a vivid imagination though and always comes up with a clever answer, which usually involves a lot of make believe along the way.

              At her bedtime drink she insists that the tigers need pink milk too. When it's time to clean her teeth she says the lion has gobbled up her toothbrush. When it's time to put on her pyjamas she insists that they belong to some dancing dogs and Charlie has to pretend to phone them to ask if she can borrow them for the night.

              The story ends with Lola finally hopping her way into bed and saying goodnight to the big 'Hippipotimus', as Lola calls it, in Charlie's bed.

              ***The Illustrations***

              The pictures in this book are very funny and are made up from a collection of pencil drawings, and collages. This is a very clever idea and gives them a childlike feature as it looks like they have all been stuck on the page, something that most young children like to do when they are creating their own designs. The writing is big and bold and varies in size, making it more fun for children to read.

              ***My Thoughts***

              I love the series on the telly and we already own the first series on DVD, but I didn't realise to start with that some of the stories had come from a series of books. I feel that these characters are lovely and Lola is very much like most toddlers who seem to be able to come up with every excuse under the sun, to get out of doing something you want them to do.

              Lola is a lovable character and you feel you just want to pick her up and give her a great big hug. She reminds me of my own son who can be a little devil at nighttime too. Charlie reminds me of my daughter who is always making up little stories to try to encourage him to get ready for bed. To be fair, I don't think seeing this story has exactly helped him either, although it is a bargaining point for getting him into bed so that it can be read to him.

              One thing I have noticed with animated versions of storybooks is that they don't often stick exactly to the story, as padding out is often done and this can spoil the essence of it. Not so with this one though, as it is exactly the same and as I read it I can hear their little voices saying the words in my head too.

              My son is a big fan of these characters and I am sure to be on the lookout for more of this series soon, as he loves books. No surprise there for anyone who has read my vast amount of children's book reviews.

              ***Other Charlie & Lola Books***

              I've Won, No I've Won, No I've Won
              I Will Not Ever Never Eat A Tomato
              We Honestly Can Look After Your Dog
              Whoops It Wasn't Me
              My Wobbly Tooth Must Not Ever Never Fall Out
              Snow Is My Favourite And My Best
              But Excuse Me That Is My Book

              ***Price & Availability***

              We have an old hardback copy of this book, which retails at £10.99 but the paperback version is available at the publishing price of £5.79. You can of course get it cheaper from DVD.co.uk who are selling it with free delivery for only £4.57.

              ISBN No. 1841210781

              You can find lots of fun and games at www.charlieandlola.com


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