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Charmed: Whispers from the Past - Constance M. Burge

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Genre: Junior Books / Author: Constance M. Burge / 192 pages / Book published 2000-10-02 by Simon & Schuster Ltd

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    1 Review
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      07.07.2011 19:59
      Very helpful



      the fourth book in the Charmed book series

      I have been reading these Charmed books for quite some time, as you can tell by the reviews. I do not believe in reading a complete series together, and prefer to space a series out, by reading numerous books in between before reading the next one in line, and although that builds up my sequels (which are all under my bed), that's just me as I know that if I read a whole series all at once I'm going to get bored with it.

      This book is the FOURTH book in the series, it was a strong follow up, and I totally enjoyed it! This series, all have different authors for each of the books, so they don't exactly link up, and one could read them in whatever order one would like, but I'm the sort of person who can't read a book unless I've read the previous ones in the series.

      The previous books (Just in case you want to read them before hand):
      1) The Power of Three - Eliza Willard (5 Stars)
      2) Kiss of Darkness - Brandon Alexander (5 Stars)
      3) The Crimson Spell - F. Goldsborough (5 Stars)
      4) Whispers From the Past - Rosalind Noonan (5 Stars) (this book)

      All of the above books I've read all have a review added to it, which was posted before I received the 1st series of the TV programme, and so the information may not be as correct as this review will be. The reviews are also not very good, and since then my reviews have improved.

      Charmed has recently become a big part in my life, when I was young, my best friend (back then, not so much now), wouldn't stop talking about this show called Charmed, and after a while I decided to start watching it, but I never got into it as it was always on at the wrong time and no one else in the household was interested in it. Besides I had missed the first few seasons and that could be the reason why I never got into it. So I decided to read the books (again it was my best friend back then, who got me into the books). And from that day on I was gripped.

      Nowadays, I have bought the complete box sets and I'm slowly going through the DVDs, I would write a review on them, but I'm obsessed with writing book reviews at the moment, but I'm sure you'll find reviews from other members quite easily. Anyhow, I learned quickly that apart from the first book, the stories don't follow the episodes and have totally different storylines. The first book however is totally the same as the first episode of the first series. For people who loved Charmed back in the day, you'll get to read never before seen episodes in these exciting pocket books, who can resist?

      The books are published by Pocket Books (whereas, with Buffy and other series, they are published by Archway paperbacks, which I recently learned is a subsidiary of Pocket books, so I've been right all along by calling the books pocket books!). However where they got the name from, I'm not sure, the books really are small and are easy to carry around, but you'll have to have quite big pockets to fit these books into, but they're also light which means you'll finish them in no time.

      Rosalind Noonan is a new author I've never heard of and she has two new books on their way out, which looks interesting. And if they're as good as this book is then who knows where they would take her. She has led an interesting life, growing up in America, and then went travelling through Europe, where she attended a high school in Germany. She now lives in America again, and it looks like she's ready to become an author, I just hope she isn't another author we're going to have to leave behind, like so many Point Horror authors. I get upset that a really good author can disappear because they never got popular. I hope Rosalind Noonan has her chance. After this review, her books will appear on my wish list, I definitely want to read more from her.

      Now about the book. On the back there is a little "spell", well it's a rhyme, but witches in films and TV series usually chant something like this, and I especially like this one:
      "A shard of mirror for a broken reflection
      A pocket watch with a cracked face
      A cache of herbs to burn for protection
      All will send me to another time and place."

      The rhyme goes well with the story which mainly focuses on Phoebe Halliwell. She is having a VERY bad day. A demon has pulled her centuries into the past. She has no way to tell her sisters she's alive, no way to get back to her own time and the demon is trying to kill her. Back in the present, Prue and Piper are devastated at losing their sister. But that isn't their only problem. Something is wrong with them, too. Somehow, they're turning evil... But why? And how can they stop it - without the Power of Three?

      The first few books in the series feature PRUE. I haven't quite watched Season 3 of Charmed the TV Series, just yet, but I am aware that Prue dies. This is reflected in the books to come as Prue is no longer on the covers and therefore I presume the new girl and half-sister "Paige", will appear in the books instead of Prue. This will definitely be interesting as we get a whole new character.

      I fully loved this book, I really did enjoy it. I was fascinated at the unexpected things that arise in this book, and I really didn't expect what happened to Phoebe to actually happen, and I was interested in knowing more about what she was going to do in the past. And how she was going to defeat the demon. I also liked how it kept us up-to-date with Prue and Piper, so we were aware of what was happening to them and we wouldn't get too attached to Phoebe in the past.

      For anyone who has never watched Charmed and has no clue what I'm talking about, here's a quick run-down. Prue, Piper and Phoebe are all sisters of different ages Prue being the oldest and Phoebe being the youngest. They are all witches, but they are new at it as their grandmother locked away their powers to protect them, when they were young. After they all start living in their old house, they discover their powers and that also allowed demons and warlocks to be aware that they are witches. So they are always getting in to tricky situations. (This is shown in the first episode of the first TV Season, and in the first book: "The Power of Three")

      I like how I was always kept in surprise, and I'm surprised at the cover of my book, as it's been creased; I think I got into it a bit too much, and ended up gripping the book a little too hard, as the suspense built up and up and up. I loved the whole story as well, it definitely sounds as if it could be a Charmed episode, and as you read it you can definitely imagine watching it on TV. But Pocket Books are famous for publishing these sorts of books. And so it really is like sitting back and watching an episode you've never before seen, but instead you're reading it.

      I think this book took me about a day to read, if that. There are only 179 pages, and since the book is "pocket-size" or small compared to other books, you could finish it in no time. If you took a week to read this I literally would die from surprise, because no matter how slow your reading speed is, and no matter how much time you have, I'm sure you would finish this in less than a week.

      This series, and this book is definitely for fans of the TV series, people who have enjoyed the episodes will definitely love this book, and since Charmed was unfortunately cancelled in 2006, and the re-runs are rarely shown, and are more common on the not-much watched channels, these books will definitely get you're mind rolling, you'd want to buy the box sets just to remember what the episodes were like. And this really is how the books make you feel, which kind of makes me eager to read more Charmed books.

      If you've never ever watched a Charmed episode, but like the idea, and don't really want to spend a lot of money buying the box sets, I severely suggest you buy the first book in the series. I read the first two books before my friend bought me the first season box set for Christmas a few years ago. I am obsessed with Charmed, and I'm really upset that there is only eight seasons, although I will take my time getting through them all. I shall also take my time in reading the books, I want to collect them all and read them right now, however, I want to experience Charmed for the rest of my life, so the slower I get through the book series, the happier I'll be. Also there are spin-offs, from the seasons, which are comic books and graphic novels, which are released as "Charmed Season 9", apparently they have been a big hit, and I definitely cannot wait until I finish the TV series, as I want to explore these comics. I definitely hope that they release a "Charmed Season 10" by the time I get around to them, and if there's more than that, I will be filled with glee.

      I can't recommend this book enough, along with the rest of the series. I love Charmed, and I think I always will do. And if they ever do more spin-offs, I will be there, and if it gets remade or a new season is created, I will be well over the moon!

      With the last book being written in 2008 (which I haven't got yet, and don't think I will for a number of years), it looks like Pocket Books has stopped publishing new Charmed books, and although there are rumours that there are more books on their way, I very much doubt Pocket Books will release any more, since there has been a gap of three years so far. However "Charmed Season 9", which are the comic books, have really picked up and have become really popular, will Pocket Books attempt to jump onto the bandwagon and release more Charmed books? Well we can only hope.

      I hope I have interest a number of you into this book, and I sure hope I've helped many of you decide if this book is right for you. Thank you all for reading. And I hope I see there are new Charmed reviews popping up.


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